This happened to me as a child, any perspective?

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This happened to me as a child, any perspective?

Postby jazzybeard » 09 May 2017, 02:35

I would say it is a paranormal thing, when i was around 5-8 years old, being in bed, before sleeping, and in darkness but with a liiitle bit of light, i could look at the door of my room and see shadows of people, with no faces no anything, just the lines of the shadows of bodies of human forms coming to my bed, some of them were tall other short, and they would come next to my bed to stare at me and then dissapear, i could see them so clearly, and they just as i described, i wasn't really afraid, i mean i was, but like the normal afraid of... im child... im alone in darkness... sometimes i wanted a glass of water and i had the courage to stand up and walk through them, and i knew there was no danger even if i had fear, it kind of felt like if they were not real... but they were absolutely real, also my brother was in another bed, behind me, in a upper level, and he could see the shadows appearing and dissapearing, when i grew up and started getting addicted to shit and lost my conection and my soul was divided i stopped seeing them, have you ever heard about shadows like this??? :lol: what were them?

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