Consuming media

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Consuming media

Postby tylersr » 09 Jan 2017, 15:28

Hi everybody~

Sorry if this question is a little unclear (let me know if you need clarification) but was wondering if anyone had experienced something similar (and, if so, how you have handled it). So, basically since I started walking process, I find it difficult to enjoy movies, TV shows, or books.

As I no longer choose to consume media for the purpose of becoming possessed by emotions or feelings, I find that there is a dearth of options out there. I mean, romantic comedies, horror movies, story arcs that promote a feeling of triumph or defeat, I mean they are designed to create a polarized energetic experience and that's not something in which I am interested.

But, I've also found that I am unable to enjoy nonfiction works, as well, whether the subject is psychology or economics. I guess what I am saying is that learning what I have about the Mind and the Money/World System has given me a bit of jadedness when it comes to consuming media. While I am grateful in that I am now more discerning when it comes to consuming said media, it also means that I have hardly any sources to engage me. Even the so-called sciences are tainted by people who don't know/aren't willing to accept that they don't know the whole story.

An additional point, and I'm not sure if this is related or not, is that when it comes to watching something educational (nonfiction) I am aware that consuming certain information may lead me down a certain path that would require action on the topic being discussed such that I am unable to 'just' watch a documentary or read a book on something in a detached way. Thus, learning for learning's sake has been mostly ruined as such directionless consumption of information is no longer really acceptable.

The one exception to this rule seems to be comedy: I am still able to sit down and watch something funny.

My question is: does anyone else find it difficult to find media to consume?

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Re: Consuming media

Postby Lauri » 09 Jan 2017, 19:34


I've gone through a similar process. I can share what I went through in the hopes that it helps.

At the start of my process I became very resistant towards most information around me. I started to see the half-truths, misinformation and opinionated presentations for what they were and I felt betrayed to an extent. The part where I felt like a victim almost, was what I had to go through initially.

The point that I faced after that was basically the same point but through other people. I was no longer "offended" at the information because I was "being deceived", but I felt betrayed because I felt that other people would fall into the same trap that I used to, and thus the fact that "I saw" wouldn't have any impact. Here I started to face the world and develop my trust towards other people. The fact that much of the world is chaos, misunderstanding and belief is still something that I am working with, in which I must remind myself each step of the way is that all I can really do is within who I am -- I cannot be for example judgmental just because the world is broken because I allow that brokenness to enter me, and then I am one reason less for it to ever change for real.

Working with this second point really also made me re-evaluate my values and the way I approach things. I.e. university turned from "a place where I am prepared for my future" into a place that is "the best we have now, and something that I am preparing myself to work with and advance".

The biggest challenge in this was forgiving the world for being the mess that it is after starting to really see it, WHILE having the trust and the humility to only focus on myself: who am I in the middle of everything (still very much in this process). The "not enjoying", for me, was a resistance towards looking at everything directly and really seeing what the state of affairs is without then using that "sight" to only judge and react; and then really looking at who I am in relation to it and, in that, deciding what do I want to do about it.

It is not the easiest of things to face who I am with everything, because there are many reactions to walk through and many relationships to correct (i.e. what is my relationship to things I see as "unjust"?). For me movies were easier than for example faults in the education system or the greed in the global markets (i.e. few hundred million pushed deliberately below the poverty line for profit in Asian Crisis of '97).

In the end, however, loosing interest in something that perhaps wasn't worth my time, has given me that time back to invest in something else. No book out there will be perfect probably, but it doesn't matter because I am here for me to filter through the information and deciding what to do with it. I don't believe that information has an automatic effect on a person, and even if an effect has become automated, it can be corrected and directed by me. So I wouldn't be afraid to research anything and everything that I'd find relevant, but rather develop my own self-responsibility in truly questioning and testing out what I learn to keep that which is real. This also made me see "the authorities/authors" in the world as people just like me, and that made me question "why I am so strict with these guys, where I am willing to stop listening after the first point they got wrong in my eyes?". Did I perhaps expect everything to be handed to me by some guru or mentor (?), yes, and I was annoyed that I'd have to do the leg-work, lol!


P.S: there is a lot of good stuff out there! However, they rarely make their way to the mainstream. As said previously, probably no piece of media is perfect, but this is not a reason to write off everything. This is the book I read last, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, very expansive:

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Re: Consuming media

Postby tormod » 09 Jan 2017, 21:07

Hi Tyler

first of all : cool question ! totally on point. I do believe this is a point shared between many walking process as well as more and more others, not walking specifically with desteni but that see more fragments of truth.

I have for along time used you tube as my source of info. and really avoiding movies and a lot of the services out there that i would judge as trying to get me hooked. the type of videos i was watching on you tube was also playing on my consciousness/doomsday/conspiracy

But i realize this even though there is maybe lots of sublime messages and you see through that.. and it just is (nothing)..... lot's of stuff that i could imagine should have been done differently, there is still lots of cool things out there - like to watch a ordinary movie or documentary - can also be used to test yourself for what you can cope with - without going into reactions/energies within mind.

so to me, i just now this january signed up fro netflix. one month test... and it is good. there is lots of cool documentaries and simply well made movies. so to me it is something that i allow myself to do. to sit with a cup of tea, breathing in my awareness - and watching a movie of netflix ! and to lett myself know that i deserve this i can take these minutes to my own time. recently i had a very good cry release from watching a drama!

so.... test it out ! watch a movie or two and see how you react....

enjoy / Tormod

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Re: Consuming media

Postby Marlen » 09 Jan 2017, 22:10

Great topic and I was writing a response here but decided to make it a whole blog so here's the link to it 473. Redefining Entertainment because I realized how relevant this point has been in the past year in my life, so check it out and I agree it very much relates to who we are in watching something, but a lot more is covered in the blog.

Thanks Tyler for sharing this

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Re: Consuming media

Postby YoganBarrientos » 10 Jan 2017, 00:49

=Does anyone else find it difficult to find media to consume?

I find it difficult to consume media that I have already learned everything I could from. So i have fully exhausted its use. Then I go on to some other media to learn from it. I use media as entertainment yes. Though entertainment I have defined as me being active and here within that. So for example, if I play a competitive game, I am here and active within that, which means observing myself, and moving myself in the moment. I have actually been developing the word Competition as an expression that is now becoming stable after a whole life time of competition.

So here's my advice. To participate in everything as much as possible. And only leave something once you have took what you needed from that. Be Here as much as possible. Observe yourself as much as possible. Learn as much as possible. In everything in every moment.

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