Digital Apps That Improves Our Practical Living

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Digital Apps That Improves Our Practical Living

Postby Anna » 21 Oct 2014, 19:20

Hi everyone.

I am a fan of apps that assist us to improve and optimize our practical living, especially in simple commonsensical ways that supports what is best for all.

So I'm starting this thread to share apps and other digital tools that works interwoven with our practical lives to optimize and support our practical (and digital) living.

As an example, I can share the following app. It's called f.lux

Basically it changes the color of our computer screens at night (just type in your coordinates and it will automatically adjust to your timezone) so that we don't stare all night and day at those harsh blue computer screens. I started using it after I began having issues with my eyes and I like it a lot. It works for virtually all platforms, whether Android, iOS, Mac, Windows or Linux, What it does is explained in more detail here:

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Re: Digital Apps That Improves Our Practical Living

Postby Leila » 22 Oct 2014, 19:05

Here an App for your (android) phone which guides you through Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This is one of the techniques Bernard has recommended over the years to develop awareness and intimacy with one's body, and helps with releasing tension, stress and anxiety

You can ignore the spiritual talk/visualizations and simply follow the physical instructions

Relax Me

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