the cure to fear and anxiety mp3

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Re: the cure to fear and anxiety mp3

Postby Marlen » 03 May 2013, 01:40

Yes, many reacted to the presentation instead of listening to the message, which is then another layer of our current culture where we tend to react or form judgments based on how someone looks, acts, speaks instead of actually Listening to what is being said. Nonetheless, you can hear the words without images and still get the same message.

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Re: the cure to fear and anxiety mp3

Postby Michaell » 03 May 2013, 16:42

Thank you Marlen ! I am aware of the message as i had listened to the anu , marduk ,enki , enlil youtube interviews in the past . Beside the insights i enjoyed the way they expressed themselves in the interviews . I should keep in mind though , as you mentioned , to listen to the message and not being carried away by pictures and beliefs/judgements etc.

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