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Re: Andrew's Journey To Life

Postby Andrew » 24 Feb 2017, 08:21

PROGRESSION: Feedback on Living a Word – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 791
https://anartistsjourneytolife.wordpres ... e-day-791/

In this blog I thought I would do an update on my progress of Living the word ‘Progression’. So updating my Progress on Progress.

So when I first started opening up this word ‘Progression’ I started with looking at it more externally from the perspective of completing more tasks and projects and just overall being more consistent with moving the projects I have going on.

Then after a day of practicing this, I ended up experiencing some late night anxiety in relation to “not getting everything done” that I wanted to. Although what I see about this is that this experience was also in part to the consequence I created within my own life where I didn’t effectively LIVE this word “Progression” in the past and so all the tasks and projects just started building up. However I did have this late night anxiety experience come up in relation to “not having enough time to do everything, and so I thought “okay I maybe re-defined this word incorrectly” And so from there I more started looking at some internal aspects of how I could go about Living the word ‘Progression’ where I can also include this process of being able to “Let Go” when the evening is over, knowing I did what I could and now time is simply up until the next day.

I have now realized also that my initial Re-Definition of this word “Progression” was valid and still something I can work on which I have been doing.

So I have been practicing Living this word in simply by cutting back on “time wasted” and pushing myself to be more Directive with my Time in actually moving myself to work on the projects and tasks I have to do at the moment instead of allowing myself to linger on the computer in between tasks where that lingering actually turns into an entire event that ends up wasting time.

Another word which came up as I have been walking ‘Progression’ is the word ‘Consistency’ where these 2 make a nice marriage of sorts.

So I have just been focusing on moving myself throughout my day and cutting back on down/linger time. So this initial approach to each day has been a newerish placement for myself where before I began Living this word progression, I didn’t have as much purpose within my day where at the end of the evening I would be more likely to just trail off into the abyss of distraction. So that is one dimension I can note within walking this process of re-defining and living this word progression, that within myself there is a slight-bit-more Purpose within me throughout my day!

I have also been reading and enjoying this book called 10x by entrepreneur Grant Cardone. I came across Grant Cardone a few years back and initially I resisted his approach to things, because he was quite aggressive and ‘over the top’ and I though to myself “this guy is running off of energy and is going to crash” but through the years I would keep checking in on this guy and he is seemingly still functioning on the ‘Level’ of intensity that initially was abrasive to me. And so now as I have followed him through the years, his INTENSITY is actually something that I find intriguing. So I have been enjoying his book and I find reading it makes me want to get off my ass and push myself.

So with reading his book, my aim is to develop my own intensity from the perspective of “Living with Passion” you could say. So yes, reading this book and seeing how another approaches “getting projects done” is another way that I have been assisting myself in developing and Living my own Expression of the word ‘Progression’. Essentially here using the book to ‘learn from others’

Okay so I see that there is still a lot I can explore with this word so that it becomes something that is more A PART OF ME and A Part of WHO I AM.

Going to end tonights blog with a bit of word deconstruction

Pro Gression














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Re: Andrew's Journey To Life

Postby Andrew » 27 Feb 2017, 08:49

Prying into my Priorities – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 792
https://anartistsjourneytolife.wordpres ... e-day-792/

In this blog I am going to begin opening up the word of ‘Postponement’ as a way to support myself to start seeing how and where I am accepting and allowing myself to Live this word of Postponement in my life and myself.

I do see that this is a word that I do accept and allow myself to participate in and exist as at the moment within my life.

I see this word existing in different areas of my life.

My work, where I put off projects I am working on and think “I don’t have time”

My normal household duties where I allow a resistance towards doing them influence my decision of when I will do them, where I will put them off until after and sometimes to the last minute where then finally I have no choice but to do them. That is a common point with postponement where I will put things off until the last minute where I will experience a resistance or negative energy towards doing things and so then instead of being Self Directive, I will allow myself to be moved and directed by that energy where until I will for instance have piles of laundry that need to get done because I didn’t Direct myself to keep up a flow with doing things regularly. This process of allowing myself to be directed by ENERGY or RESISTANCE towards tasks is what I am seeing as one of the primary reasons for Postponement.

I also find that there is a pattern to my postponement where I will go through ebbs and flows where I will be more directive when things are going well and I am supporting myself and more ‘on top of things’ but then I will start stumbling a bit and kind of getting sucked into energy or emotional experiences where then I allow myself to be directed by my resistance towards doing things and then I start avoiding my daily responsibilities. Ultimately, all this is nothing new. And the Solution is nothing new either. And so then my question is, why then is it existing?

In a way I see that I postpone very important things in my life. Like for instance me pushing through ‘problem patterns’ and changing particular behaviors that I see I am in fact limiting myself through.

So I am seeing here that it is necessary to work with postponement on both an inner as well as outer level. So what does this mean and How can I go about doing this.

Well I am going to do a test run of this where I Deliberately practice stopping my postponement of things in both my inner and outer reality and so here I can utilize Writing and Self Forgiveness to Support in Clearing my INNER SELF so that I am not postponing any inner points that I see are bothering me or occupying me on the within.

And actually this is where I am going to focus initially with Living the correction in relation to the Word Postponement where I actually end up Postponing my SELF SUPPORT. So I can begin with changing this through taking the time each day or each week to really be with myself and work through points in Writing and Self Forgiveness that is HERE and coming up within me. Like for instance establishing a routine where I do some daily writing or more active self support and this even means identifying and working with those RESISTANCES that I see existing in relation to outer tasks and responsibilities as well.

So the Correction Word to Live here I see is the word PRIORITIZING! Because man that is something I really don’t like doing because if I really do that, I can not longer shift those really important things that I am totally resisting down to the bottom of my list. So to LIVE the word PRIORITIZING is to actually WORK on those High Priority Points instead of allowing myself to shift them down the list. And so I can actually LIVE this word PRIORITIZING by directing myself to begin PRYING open those tasks that I resist doing by making sure to keep them at the TOP of my List if they are a Priority and directing myself to even do a some work on them instead of avoiding them all together whcih I see I have done with many things where I will just resist them completely and not even give myself a chance to Get in there.

Okay so will test this and see how it goes. PRYING into my Priorities.

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Re: Andrew's Journey To Life

Postby Andrew » 01 Mar 2017, 09:29

Staying the Course to Completion – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 793
https://anartistsjourneytolife.wordpres ... e-day-793/

Today my overall presence of myself was “Okay” Today was my ‘Monday’ as the first day of the work week and I split my time between carving and painting. I had a busy weekend with some responsibilities to take care of and I did direct those responsibilities and so it did “lift some weight off my shoulders”

Sometimes I have noticed when facing certain responsibilities that I will kind of build everything up into a kind of pressure bubble, and then afterwards its like the bubble pops and I go into the opposite polarity experience, so if things are busy, then I will go into a lull of sorts and I find for this weekend in facing a ‘busy weekend’ that I wanted to practice just walking through the points without polarizing the whole thing which for me often leads to unsupportive habits/patterns. So what Id like to work on is actually walking through points, sorting them out, directing them, processing them, and being Constant within this. And within this Breathing and just continuing to DIRECT the point and all the dimensions involved until its DIRECTED AND CLEAR. Sometimes I will get half way through points and crash. Or sometimes I will get half way through a day, or a week, and then crash.

So this application and process of being more ‘even’ if something that I at times struggle with. Especially with “busy days” when I have ‘more than usual’ responsibilities. So in the past I have lived out this polarity point where things become pressurized and I just try to get through it to the otherside where then I go into extreme relaxation mode, which I see actually isn’t even enjoyable and is more just an energy playout.

So the correction for this point is to focus rather on just taking it one day at a time and moving myself to embrace the tasks, events, and responsibilities of my day rather than fight with them. So within this, I can see I can support myself by not “looking at the other side” which I often do where I will project and imagine into the future when “I will be free” and have “spare time” and then I will end up focusing on that instead of just walking day by day and moment by moment and utilizing my time effectively and seeing tasks, projects, and responsibilities through into completion.

I often look at how I can take on more in my reality and have struggled with this. I often desire free-time where I can relax and just enjoy myself and there are times where I try and seek out free time but I can see how this is more of me just wanting to escape my reality and my responsibilities.

So in my last blog – https://anartistsjourneytolife.wordpres ... e-day-792/ I wrote about living the word ‘prioritizing’.

This what I am writing about today applies to this word ‘prioritizing’ as well because here I am looking at ways and creating ways to Face and Direct my Responsibilities of my life more FULLY and DIRECTIVE through into Completion, so Here I am I reminding myself also again of the commitment I made to Live this word “Prioritizing” where not only am I creating a more structured order of what needs to be done, but the KEY is I am actually doing it!

When I end up in a polarizing experience of being really busy and then going into extreme relax mode, I just Stop Everything, So here I see what Id like to develop and create is a way to just be more Consistent and Directive and ACTIVE within my day because that “extreme relaxation” is really not a supportive experience and also not actually relaxing either. So I do have to practice being “Active” and Engaged more fully with my day where I am Here, Clear, and Present through an ENTIRE day instead of sneaking off into or indulging in my mind or some experience. Can I make it through an entire Month without crashing? How about a week? “How about a day? So this point of consistency is really the word for todays blog as a way to apply myself instead of going into “extreme relax mode” or that point of where I don’t walk my responsibilities or my day or week through into completion but just only go half way and then give up.

Correction Words To Live

Prioritizing – Even – Engaging – Embracing – Constant – Completion – Patience – Pace

Okay so I have pulled out a few words in this blog but the ones that ring the truest for tonight is the words CONSTANT, COMPLETION, as well as the word PATIENCE as words I can Develop in my Living to support me in developing my effectiveness at being Directive each day and walking all the points in my life through into completion instead of just giving up half way and retreating into my mind or experiences or comfort zones. Patience and Constancy.

Okay going to leave it here for tonight.

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Re: Andrew's Journey To Life

Postby Andrew » 19 Mar 2017, 03:34

From FIGHTING to EMBRACING our WORLD SYSTEM (A Decade with Desteni)- An Artists Journey To Life: Day 794
https://anartistsjourneytolife.wordpres ... e-day-794/

In this blog I am going to share one of the major points that has impacted and shaped my life that has come from and within Walking the Desteni Process.

I first found Desteni 10 years ago when the website first came online, so I have been walking the Desteni Process for 10 years.

One of the most impactful points that walking this process has had on me has to do with EMBRACING THE SYSTEM instead of fighting or rebelling against it.

What does this mean?

Before Desteni I very much saw money as the root of all evil and I hated everything to do with Responsibility when it came to functioning and living in the world system. I believed that this was all just a waste of my time and I told myself that I don’t want to spend my life filling out paper work. I never paid my taxes on time, my student loans were overdue with numerous late payments, I had never had a 9 to 5 type job, only seasonal work and odd jobs. I just didn’t care about ‘that stuff’ I overall resisted the system and how it functioned and I essentially was trying to escape, run and hide from it. I wanted to be an Artist and I wanted to be free from what I perceived to be the restrictions of our corporate world that in my eyes was sucking the life and creativity out of the human being.

As a result of my approach and beliefs, I was living on the fringes of this world, making just enough money to get by.

Then I began walking my process with Desteni and Everything Changed.

I was introduced to a new way of looking at the world and through the years I have continued to expand my understanding of how things work and how to approach this world in a way that is more Practical and Supportive. Not just for me, but for ALL!

And so now instead of rebelling against, ignoring and fighting against the world system, I rather EMBRACE it! Get to know it, understand it, become effective within it and from this vantage point, I can have a VOICE, and I can work to change it. This also becomes more possible when ones life is STABLE and FUNCTIONAL within this world, instead of where one is totally on the fringes struggling for survival in which case it makes it much more difficult to have any kind of voice what so ever.

What I have come to understand through walking the Desteni Process these last 10 years is that This World, THIS SYSTEM, IS ME! Everything that is HERE is LIFE, and so it makes no sense to JUDGE any part of it. The outer world System is simply a reflection of the inner world system, and so to judge it is to judge a part of myself, and so rather my approach is to embrace it, get to know it, understand it, correct it where it requires correction. Working WITH the System is the Same as working WITH Myself.

I have come to realize that when I face personal challenges in my life, that I make things more difficult when I react, when I fight, when I JUDGE Myself instead of moving into a point of SELF FORGIVENESS and rather than fighting against myself through judging myself, I rather EMBRACE myself, Embrace the parts of myself that are not yet what I would like them to be. Don’t fight with them, Embrace them, practice understanding them in detail so that I can learn how to change. And so the same goes for the world system. Yes it may not be ideal, but if we shun it, and dismiss it, its like we are counting ourselves out of it and so have absolutely no power what so ever.

And so a shift occurred within me and within my life.

I made a decision within myself which was to EMBRACE this world system Completely and Absolutely. Embrace the laws, rules, regulations, codes ect and work WITH them in a way to support me in my life so that I am as a starting point, EMPOWERED within this system of codes and rules.

Embracing the system does not mean accepting it how it is and just ‘making due’ Nope. It means Embracing it so that I can function effectively within it and then from within this starting point work to change it. If I completely disengage, then I have no power to do anything about all the injustices that are cause through it. Not to mention I completely disempower Myself in my practical daily life to live to support myself and those around me which is also necessary and valuable.

For the past 4 years I have been creating a Fine Art Business. I have had to learn how to file and pay all the different levels of taxes. I have a business number. I pay all my bills on time, I am in essence, getting to know and understand this whole process of what it means to integrate into this system as an individual and as a business. It has been quite a process because I never considered this my strong suit and still to this day it is something that I still have to push myself to develop and learn to do.

I just finished filing my taxes recently and learning about a completely new layer of taxes – Sounds exciting doesn’t it! Lol.

To me, learning to EMBRACE the System through the process that I have walked with Desteni has had a massive impact on my life.

It has been a complete shift for me from Fighting This World to Embracing This World and how it is currently functioning and then to become Effective within this.

I am definitely still learning and developing this point for myself but I am on my way. And if I had not been introduced to this way of looking at and living in this world through walking the Desteni Process, who knows where I’d be right now. I was so determined to tell this world to Fuck Off. I was in total conflict with it, Not realizing how it was and is essentially just an extension or externalization of Myself and so really nothing to judge or fight with at all.

This process of realizing that everything that is HERE is ME, including the world system, has also supported me in embracing the differences of others as well which has in turn allowed me to develop relationships in my personal and business life that perhaps would have been very difficult to forge if I was thinking that I didn’t want to work with someone because they had different beliefs as me.

Now I am much more willing to engage with People of ALL different beliefs and simply work to find common ground and support each other from here.

So I am truly grateful for the process I have walked so far with Desteni and I look forward to continuing to walk this process to see what we can create in this world and see what kind of impact all of us walking the desteni process can have on this world to support ourselves and all here to reach our utmost potentials.

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