Cerise Journey To Life

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Re: Cerise Journey To Life

Postby kimtwilliams » 03 Oct 2012, 21:45

Thank you for all these posts, they are so true and filled with such commonsense as to how we as a human race have subjected ourselves to this that we have allowed all this to go on. I myself was sold by my mother and that one article really speaks to me. Where I live, in my circle of so call friends, the idea of child slavery, trafficking, abuse....are talked about in terms of it being so far out of our relm of reality. I often thought to myself during these conversations that what would they say if they knew what happened to me. The idea of lets pray for so and so in where ever always made me sick to my stomach and I was screaming inside, as I always felt all this christianity stuff was just a pile of shit. If I was starving to dealth, I want food not fucking prayers. No more sitting with the group and accept what is going on because of fear that they will no longer be my friends. My voice has been suppressed long enough. Thank you for helping me to hain my voice.

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Re: Cerise Journey To Life

Postby Leila » 03 Oct 2012, 23:06

Cool Kim! Would be cool if you could share your story with us on the forum

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