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Re: Anthony Field's Journey to Life

Postby AnthonyF » 19 Mar 2017, 09:38

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Day 658 - Facing opposition

What does one do when faced with opposition...of any kind, opposition to how one sees something, well, that’s the main one I’d like to focus on. Because generally, we fight. Not necessarily physical and ACTUAL fighting, but I mean fighting for our point, our word, our opinion. I’ve faced a lot of opposition over the years. I used to take offense, I used to defend what I thought/my opinion. I used to get angry, annoyed. I used to hate the opposition, simply for not agreeing with what I had to say. But NONE of these are of benefit to myself or another, they just keep us in this vicious cycle of abuse, of emotions/feelings, judgments and so on, so none are assisted here as I mentioned.

A big change for me thus is being able to hear out another, when it is obvious that they’re opposing me and have opposing views to mine, and simply listening. To me this is amazing, this change. To be able to listen unconditionally, despite how completely opposite for example one’s views are in relation to mine. And in relation to this it can go further or perhaps even into more apparent ‘difficult’ territory where I am getting verbally abused for example, and the same occurs whereas I just hear them out and/or don’t allow it to direct me AT ALL – which means to not fight back, raise my voice, swear, judge, inflict what they’re inflicting to me. This is powerful stuff without a doubt, but extremely effective/helpful, because what I’ve realised is there is so much that I myself disagree with in what people do/how they do it/their views on things, but I can just sit calmly whilst they are speaking these or doing these, and then respond how best I see fit if wanted.

And I see the difference between opinion and perspective, whereas opinion is something not necessarily related to facts, whereas perspective is related to facts. I enjoy sharing perspectives. Perspectives whereas I am sharing exactly what I see in the world, what I’ve seen works for me and others, these are fact because I’ve proven them for myself and/or so have others. It works, so it is fact. It’s actually quite easy to tell, well for me anyway, when one is speaking as opinion or perspective/fact. I can for example hear the aggression, or the defence in one’s voice or see it in their body movements when this is happening, and for example also when I then say my perspective and how they reply to that, for example jumping in/saying something before I’ve finished speaking lol, that’s a good sign of an opinion where one is holding it and defending it so stoutly, that they will not even give me the time of day to speak my own perspective/let alone hearing it/me out.

And MY PERSPECTIVE is that Desteni and the tools that are provided, as well as the wealth of resources/assistance/support is genuine, is legitimate, is life-changing, is world-changing, is system changing, is backed up by evidence, proof, so I strongly suggest that you check it out for yourself, because all that are walking this process will say the exact same as I’ve just said, because each knows it works as advertised, and I know that each can see the self-change that they’ve had through using the tools, resources etc. Simple as that, really!

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Re: Anthony Field's Journey to Life

Postby AnthonyF » 25 Mar 2017, 07:55

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There are times when I do see, realise and understand that I am moving much too fast, and I know this and this manifested thus as mistakes, as errors, which shows that I am not in proper alignment within and as my physical body, I am exiting it/as separation, instead of moving as ONE unit.

I commit myself to SLOW RIGHT DOWN.

Within this, I see, realise and understand that to slow down does NOT mean to be ‘not in the race’ or to be ‘behind’ – within this I see, realise and understand that I have added these negative judgments towards/of being slow and the opposite polarity of being fast as the best way because it gets things done ‘faster’ and ‘speedier’ – but within this failing to see, realise and understand the COST of going so fast as mistakes and then having to fix those mistakes which I understand now ends up taking much longer than it’d be to just be slow at start and thus as chain reaction in all that I do to avoid and/or hugely minimise mistakes/potential mistakes.

I commit myself to rather live the saying of “Slow and steady wins the race” because in how I see this statement in my own interpretation as what is best for all, it is to always move slowly because it’ll mean the most efficiency in my daily life and all that I do as me here.

Thus within this I commit myself to live patience, because slowing down cannot exist without PATIENCE. I commit myself to live patience through using my breath, through self-forgiveness within and as the moment, through being at one with my physical body so that I move effectively at ALL TIMES.

//Note: I spoke these words as another point came up within me, so I wrote this out, then went back to my original writing afterwards.

“It’s not easy.”

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think this/speak this to myself when struggles occur in my daily life/moment and I feel like it’s just too much for me to handle and I cannot face/overcome this resistance and I desire to instead quit.

I commit myself to understand that the ‘ease’ of process/my life is purely upon and up to ME.

Within this I commit myself to be patient, gentle, kind to myself as I overcome these resistances, and to for example not be hard on myself if I make a fuck up or if it is taking me a long time to overcome resistances/get over resistances as ‘I’d like to’ – I realise this ‘as I’d like to’ is not of reality, it’s only of desires/fantasies, when in reality I know programming of years, many years takes much diligence, patience, gentleness, stability to in actuality overcome.//

I commit myself to live gentleness through the same living words, slowing down and patience, I see, realise and understand these and more living words go hand in hand to be the most efficient I can be, I commit myself to live gentleness through being soft with myself, gentle as the touch, as the feeling, as not to be rough, because my physical body is my vessel as life, and so I thus commit myself to be at peace within and as myself as one vessel – me, here, as breath, as the physical.

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