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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 19 Mar 2017, 21:06

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So impatience seeing projects in our lives come to fruition, is something that we all have dealt with, its not a cool curse to put upon oneself, and if you have faced this issue yourself or are dealing with it now, then maybe this blog will assist you.

So lets walk -

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be consistently impatient about a project that benefits all life coming to fruition - I realise that this impatience does not support me in "speeding up" the process as I have believed it does in my mind, and actually goes against how physical reality works.

I forgive myself that I have not realised in all moments that making beneficial changes to anything in physical reality is based on muscle memory, on developing this muscle through the living of the knowledge, breathe by breathe, that can only move as quickly as our individual and collective natural learning ability speed allows.

I forgive myself that I have not realised in every breathe, that just like building Rome which took over 300 years - current systems take decades, centuries, aeons of time to be changed, just as new systems, new principles, civilisations and ways of living take decades, centuries, aeons of time to develop.

I forgive myself that I have not realised in every here moment of breathe, that this impatience I experience is actually limiting my progression, limiting the development, literally elongating the process, because when one is trying to rush, one only ends up missing points, making mistakes, not aligning the foundation of things, and the project has to be started again and thus takes longer to be made reality through impatience and rushing. Just like an petulant child having a tantrum with an experienced and stable parent - this impatience will not get you what you want any sooner, and will in fact prolong what you want.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to desire to see these beneficial changes come to fruition so much, that this desire possess me and I obsess and will make self-interested and selfish manipulative means to try and "cut corners" to get to seeing the fruits -

I realise that this desire possession will only end up tainting the fruits of the labour, which is not acceptable, so I take self-responsibility to make sure that the desire for a better world does not consume me, does not become me, and thus will not drive my decision making - my decision making must be based on practicality and common sense, which can only be achieved through consistently breathing and interacting here in self-honesty.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to belief that because the path I walk is noble, because the projects I work on in my life are to the benefit of all life, that I must see the end results of my efforts on a global scale before I die - I realise that this belief is not based on physical reality, because as Rome shows, the original creators of that civilisation did not live to see the end results of the peak of the power of Rome.

So I must walk regardless, not thinking about seeing the end results, but simply keep moving, living the blueprint, setting the example that empowers the next generation to complete the first waves work so to speak, because the end result will come to fruition when it is ready to come to fruition, whether that is in my lifetime, my sons lifetime, or his children's lifetime I cannot control that, because as I mentioned earlier muscle memory only develops as quickly as our learning ability allows.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to expect more from myself all the time, which while this can be a motivator to keep pushing, which is important, however this can also be detrimental if the ego is expecting too much, which is anything more then what is practically achievable physiologically breathe by breathe. I must make sure that what I expect of myself moment to moment in any project, is within the laws of practicality and common sense.

I forgive myself that i accept and allow myself to exist as the ego within being impatient to see the end results of a project. I realise that this ego selfishly wants results in an instant, the same way the ego can imagine, desire or fear anything in an instant - as we have exposed over and over again, physical reality is based of building brick by brick, there is no instantaneous beneficial outcomes that can be made to anything - a beneficial outcome is always a process of common sense based decisions.

I commit myself to not allowing myself to exist as and feed into impatience within myself, so as and when I see this impatience coming up in any moment in relation to completing a project, I stop and breathe - I do not allow myself to engage this impatience, I realise that this impatience is a trap of the ego that limits me, and makes the blooming of the fruits of my labour more difficult to achieve, which is not acceptable, so I breathe and continue to breathe until there is no more impatience that exists, and the solidifying trustworthy foundation of a project in myself will be certain.

I commit myself to living the realisation that there is no shortcut cheat to creating the best outcome of anything - shortcuts create unsustainable outcomes - sustainable change only happens according to developing our muscle memory practically, step by step here.

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