Marleys Journey To Life

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 16 Jun 2015, 20:39

http://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot. ... is-it.html

So recently there is some people I have had to spend some time around in relation to work, and these people are pretty ignorant to making beneficial changes in the world. And what I have noticed within myself is that i am really not stable around people that are blatantly ignorant to exposing all levels of corruption and making a better world where there is no corruption.

I have found that when they are talking about one bullshit topic to another, I am very often experiencing annoyance towards these people, annoyance that they have no care to discuss a wider variety of topics, and whenever I make a statement that is "outside of the box" in anyway, they all tend to shut up, and while occasionally I will strike up an interesting conversation with these people, or one in the group which is cool, on the whole after I have shut them all up, a few minutes later they just carry on talking about bullshit. Iv'e noticed that when I'm making these "outside the box" statements with these people, its more like I'm purposely trying to offend some of these people because I'm reacting to their ignorance - so its like I'm not trying to assist these people in anyway, but rather just highlight their stupidity and my "bigger knowledge", by verbally abusing them with words full of masses of sarcasm and subtle spite -- its like I'm literally blaming them for existing in blissful ignorance, which is unacceptable and completely ignorant in itself.

And while I was looking at my internal experience around these people, I noticed a few points - first off me getting annoyed by other peoples brainwashed bullshit speaking, is showing me that I have a problem which needs to be dealt with, not anyone else, because nothing anyone says should be annoying me, just because they are not speaking about what I want them to speak about -- secondly I was looking at some random quotes, and a quote from Malcolm X really summed up what I need to realise, change and live within myself in relation to this point in all moments - "Don't be in such a hurry to condemn a person because he doesn't do what you do, or think as you think, there was a time when you didn't know what you know today."

That quote really says it all - I mean its all educationally related why anyone does or doesn't know anything, so there is no reason that I should be reacting to anyone's stupidity no matter who they are, or what situation am in with these people. Most of the time I know this, but I'm not living this realisation in all moments - iv'e noticed that this point comes through mainly when I am around younger English people around my age that seem ignorant to world issues -- in my mind its like I am baffled and annoyed by the fact they are from a country with such high living standards, the same country as me, with access to so much knowledge and information, but yet in my mind they seem to know nothing of worth based on what I am hearing them say.

I realise that everyone is in an energetic state of bliss when they are ignoring the real issues that need to be dealt with in this world, and that I have existed as this point before myself, so again it makes no sense to be reacting to something that I already know all about from my own personal experience -
it is much easier to ignore problems in our world, because it means we can focus on our own individual selfish fun right now, but the more we continue to do this as a species will mean that eventually there will be no more bliss from being ignorant, because the consequences of our collective ignorance to deal with the problems in the world will mean that nobody will be able to have bliss, and the human species will cease to exist.
So Ignorance may seem like bliss in the short term, but in the long term it is anything but, it is more like agreeing on a death sentence of our species -- so I'm not going to allow these points to manipulate and control me, so join me next week as I walk self-forgiveness and self-corrective application, so that I am able to assist myself and others in living what is best for all and not allowing ignorance to exist in anyway in the world.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 23 Jun 2015, 22:04

http://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot. ... is-it.html

So continuing from my blast blog -

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react as annoyance and frustration when I am surrounded by people that seem blissfully ignorant to the state of the world. I have had many realisations in relation to this point and why it makes no sense - for instance the ignorance that is displayed in certain groups is understandable because I have been exactly where these people are - unaware of the levels of abuse happening in the world and completely uncaring to find out and do something about it -- this is how we have all been conditioned growing up, to comply and not question - to fall in line and ignore the fuckedupness in exchange for some money, multiple tools of entertainment and relationship happiness.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realise in all moments that everybody is only where they are, that just because a person doesn't want to talk about "outside the box" topics, it does not mean they are less then me or anyone else in anyway, because we all have varying degrees of education and experience in this world, so I commit myself to not taking this personally if a person is not ready to discuss a wider variety of subjects.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feed into and exist as ego as the mind, when I am in this reactive state, where I am only looking to compete and offend a person that doesn't want to discuss "deeper subjects". I realise that my knowledge or life experience does not give me any more value then anyone else, and so it is unacceptable to attempt to offend a person just because they don't know what I know, or are not willing to discuss what I want to discuss. So I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to compete with others in relation to the "level of knowledge" they know.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to blame a person that is existing in a state of "blissful ignorance". I realise that their ignorance is not responsible for my experience of blame towards them, it is me accepting and allowing myself to react to these people that is causing this blame experience - and within this I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realise in all moments that blaming another person for not knowing what I know, or blaming them for being ignorant to world matters is actually in itself incredibly ignorant, so I take responsibility to change this about myself now.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself as "all knowing" when it comes to world matters, I realise that this definition is actually keeping me in separation from physical reality which again is ignorance and thus unacceptable, so I stop here.

I forgive myself that I have not realised in all moments that whenever I am reacting about something that other people are doing or saying - it never means that these people have a problem, it is actually indicating that I have a problem within myself that needs to be resolved -- reacting to others is always indicative of me requiring to take self-responsibility to change myself, not the other way around, I realise that I must lead by example in all moments of what is best for all life.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to live the common sense realisation within a malcolm x quote I read in all moments of my life -- "don't be in such a hurry to condemn a person just because they don't do what you do, or think what you think, there was a time when you didn't know what you know today."
so within this I forgive myself that I have not realised in all moments that education is at varying degrees in this world, and so there was a time where I didn't know what I know today -- so if a person does not know what I know, or do what I do, then in time with a few seeds planted here and there, as well as some self-realisations, this person one day may know what I do and do what I do, so there is no reason for me to react and judge a person because they are not knowing and doing what I do, because I was exactly where they are once upon a time.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feed into this reacting to ignorance point when I am around young English people of my age, through believing that they should know what I know because they are from the same country, a country of luxury, where so much knowledge is available to everyone -- So within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Believe that all English people my age should know what I know, because it really makes no sense, and my life story is certainly not a life story that most young English people have experienced -- I forgive myself that that I have accepted and allowed myself to justify reacting to ignorance when it is coming from young English people, when I have since realised that in reality there is never an excuse for reacting to anyone's ignorance no matter where they are from.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realise when I am around people making ignorant statements, that their ignorance is not really bliss - because this blissful seeming ignorance is what is allowing the variety of abuses in the world to go on unnoticed, and also this blissful seeming ignorance on a mass scale is what will cause the extinction of humanity -- which would obviously be a scenario where there is no bliss for anyone. So understanding and attempted directive action is the key when surrounded by ignorance, not reaction, because that only creates a world of further ignorance, which is one step closer to human extinction.

I commit myself to not allowing myself to react to other peoples ignorance, I realise that this reaction is only feeding into worldwide ignorance, and does not assist me in anyway. So when and as I see thoughts coming up of annoyance towards ignorance around me, I stop and breathe, I realise that while this ignorance is unacceptable - that accepting these thoughts and offending the people creating this ignorance -- will only create more ignorance as conflict in the world which does not assist anybody, so I continue to breathe until these thoughts are no longer existent.

I commit myself to looking for opportunities to plant seeds and provide direction when I am surrounded by ignorance, rather then reacting, as that is a much more beneficial and supportive way of dealing with ignorance. I commit myself to living the common sense realisation in all moments within the Malcolm x quote I read the other day

I commit myself to not allowing any thoughts that I am "all knowing" and that a person is stupid that doesn't know what I know. I realise that this is just ego and really is only showing that I am not all knowing, because if I was I would know in all moments that everyone has varying degrees of education in a capitalist system, so rather then judging, assisting is much better for everyone. So when and as I see myself having thoughts that I am "all knowing" or that this person is stupid, I stop and breathe and continue to do so, until these thoughts are not existing any more, which is best for all.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 01 Jul 2015, 19:45

http://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot. ... amous.html

There was a TV show in England called "I'm a celebrity get me out of here!", where struggling celebrities would be put into compromising situations that they didn't want to be in to get money. Very ironic name actually, because although there is obvious benefits to being a celebrity, there is a dark side to the celebrity industry which I am going to open up in this blog - Now have a look at these links: ... on-3392666 ... likes.html

So Celebrities are something that we have all been brought up to praise and idolise in every way. In the daily life of every member of the elite, we have attempted to replicate celebrities in everything we do, we attempt to copy their clothing style, their performances, their mannerisms, catchphrases and general successes in our own lives. So we literally allow the image of the celebrity to permeate and posses us on so many levels.

Now certain celebrities lives and untimely deaths is becoming a very long list, heres a few you may or may not have heard of - Sage Moonblood Stallone, Robin Williams, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, David Carradine, River Phoenix, Whitney Houston, Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Aliyah, Bernie Mac, Corey Haim, Wayne Static, Heath Ledger, Amy Winehouse, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit along with his family - and this list really could go on and on at this point. Now many of these deaths have caused more and more people to realise that there is some very, very strange and abusive stuff happening behind the scenes in the celebrity industry, because all of these celebrity deaths were highly suspicious.

Yes some very dark shit indeed, but what have we been taught growing up - it must be so amazing being a celebrity! - have you thought that to yourself before? I have thought that before many times growing up, as have most people. And now consider that the Hollywood dream is actually a nightmare - pagan beliefs, violence, greed and sexual debauchery mixed with the abuse of advanced technology, yet much of this is hidden by being wrapped in pretty packaging to be sold to the unsuspecting public -- now while its obviously awesome having millions in the bank, it is definitely not awesome to have your funds essentially stolen from you which has happened to so many celebrities and can happen to any celebrity if a powerful person is jealous of them in someway, or they have one disagreement with the wrong person. Also is it really that awesome if you have to literally sell yourself continually in various depraved forms to make this money? -

As the Corey Feldman interview at the top of this blog mentions, many child celebrities are forced into sexual slavery from a very young age before they are famous, and there is further evidence to suggest that the child's compliance with this sexual slavery often determines the child's monetary success now and in the future. So the problem of child abuse in the celebrity industry is becoming more widely understood, as many good people within the journalist communities, intelligence communities, and governments around the world have worked hard to get information released in mainstream media about the Disney - Hollywood paedophile connections and the general problems of child exploitation in the celebrity industry and upper echelons of the elite. ... nline.html ... -York.html

Attention - we have all experienced enjoying the attention of others in a moment, and also we have all been annoyed about getting attention in another situation where we didn't want the attention. Celebrities are the peak of the attention construct in the world one could say - now imagine that you cannot go anywhere without someone following you, filming you, taking pictures, a barrage of flashes in your face everywhere, constant abusive comments from paparazzi, death threats from others.
Does that sound like the kind of attention you would like? No, and their are many cases of celebrities going to extreme measures behind a car wheel or some form of transport in an attempt to escape the people following them, which many times has resulted in bad accidents for example like what Justin Bieber and Chris Brown both did.

It has been described as being on edge all day, always paranoid that someone is watching you, a life of hiding all the time, like everyday tactically attempting to misdirect the people following you, thinking about security and escape routes all the time.

Now there is a famous saying in Hollywood - "If you want to make it big, you have to sell your soul to the devil". This statement has confused many people in the past as to what it is really implying, so I am telling you now that this statement has nothing to do with the Devil or religion in anyway, but is actually a subliminal message for - if you want to make it big in Hollywood, then you have to agree to depraved old rich people cloning you, then using and selling these clones for sex. The celebrity industry has not been based on actual talent for a long time, it is all based on if you are attractive and compliant enough to get the biggest pay checks. Some statements from other small celebrities like Tila Tequila are worth note regarding the topic of celebrity cloning and child abuse.

There is also plenty of other people in the alternative media, that have all made interesting statements regarding the celebrity cloning problems. Alex Jones, Donald Marshall and George Green have all made some interesting statements regarding celebrity cloning. However, some of these people are paid by upper elite people, and some are just unstable characters with extensive mental issues, so take their information with a pinch of salt - Donald Marshall for instance is a very unstable character - we used to be friends on Facebook, but I unfriended him, when his acceptance of animal abuse, racism, justification of violence against others, and constant self-glorification became more apparent to me.

Now consider how many celebrities in the past have directly or indirectly talked about having difficulty sleeping, fearing going to sleep, having strange dreams that seem real involving world leaders, believing they are going to another dimension when they sleep, loss of memory, extreme paranoia, strange heart beat rhythms and other physical dysfunctions. Now consider how many celebrities say they don't want to be famous any more, become addicted to drugs, attempting to deal with what they are experiencing, getting confused about what is real and what is not, having lots of private parties, to distract themselves and almost try to avoid sleeping altogether.

Or some celebrities that look identical to past celebrities or historical characters, in some cases these people are re-animates of the originals. Or some celebrities might be transferred to a drug rehabilitation center, or some obscure facility and then come out a few weeks later looking/and or acting completely different to their original self. In this scenario a permanent replacement of the original may have occurred, for instance if we look at Dr. Dre and Eminem, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests that both have been permanently replaced as have many other celebrities - now this part of the celebrity problems is not being talked about in mainstream media currently because these problems celebrities have is being done through the use of cloning and consciousness transfer technology. So being as the paedophilia problems in Hollywood and the reality of cloning/consciousness transfer technology have both only recently become more mainstream - in future years do not be surprised to hear in the mainstream media about how this paedophilia and the abuse of this technology has affected celebrities, politicians and others in the world, as well as who has been behind these crimes. For the time being though, there is many films and music tracks that have directly or indirectly explained some of these problems that are happening.

So on an individual basis what we can do about all this is - If we allow ourselves to get caught up in the mind, then this problem will seem "too big" to solve for "little people" like us. But what we can do is realise that nothing in this world is "too big" to come up with an effective solution for. We can realise that being a celebrity is nothing to aspire to in this world currently, this world is in no need of any more celebrities -- we need new Real world leaders.
so we need to remove all desires to be celebrities, all glorification of celebrities from our minds, commit ourselves to realising that celebrities are just people on Earth like all the rest of us, they are not special in anyway, we are all one and equal. We must take Self-Responsibility to change ourselves to live what's best for all, where we learn in every moment how to create a world where nobody will be abused in these ways ever again - we walk until we have created a world where anyone can be a famous musician or an actor, where people will accel based purely on talent not on sex, and where anyone can enjoy the music and films that are made without any nasty shit happening behind the scenes. Please research the important website links at the top of this blog to understand more about how we can practically make a world that is best for all.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 08 Jul 2015, 22:27

http://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot. ... eople.html

So recently my partner and I mutually decided to not be partners any more and to instead just be friends as it is more practical for both of us at the moment. We had been together for around 8 months, we have been friends for about 5 years before that, and we are still friends now.

We agreed that both of us have a lot of stress points at the moment, as my mum is very ill and she is dealing with lots of legal problems from her ex partner. And while I wanted to find ways to assist her with her problems as much as possible, and I did as much as I can, she was finding it difficult with my problems, and actually was blaming herself sometimes for my mothers heart attack and increases of stress. Our relationship was also long distance, we lived around 35 miles away from each other, which although I didn't see as a major problem because my son lives 143 miles away and I'm used to travelling, and although we had spoken a lot about living together, we were finding it difficult to see each other when we wanted too.

There was also other points that were causing friction, for Instance with her children, I mean if I would see them doing something that didn't make sense, then I would give them direction in the moment the same way that I would do with my son. But obviously these aren't my children, so this was occasionally causing friction, because if I would give them direction on something that their dad wouldn't, or that she slightly didn't agree with, then my direction would really only cause difficulty between me and her, because if her son reacted to my direction, then the focus was more that I had "done something wrong", rather then the reality of the situation, which was that her son strategically uses emotional manipulation to get what he wants from her.

Having said that, I do have a habit of being overly forceful to get my point understood by another person sometimes, so this came out sometimes with her and her kids - when I could see that something made no sense, I would occasionally be too forceful in trying to make it better, or over analysing the point. I found that giving someone else's child a "fatherly direction" word can sometimes be difficult, and I noticed that I was putting pressure on myself to be some kind of "super dad", doing as much activities and learning with her kids as possible, which was sometimes strange for her kids as they were not fully used to my type of parenting, mixing playtime with learning all day -- because from mine and her perspective, her children's fathers' were not providing any form of beneficial education or important fatherly responsibilities. However with my own son it is easy, because obviously he is used to my direction, used to my parenting, and I don't have to "tread carefully" with the direction, or experience a feeling of wanting be a better parent then someone else.

Also there was a friction in our sleep patterns, because she is used to sleeping early, and I am used to sleeping late, and although I did my best to sleep as early as possible when I was with her, I could tell that she was straining herself sometimes to stay up with me, even when I would tell her to sleep if she is tired.

Also at the start of our relationship months ago, I got her pregnant, even though she was on the pill. At the time we both mutually agreed to get an abortion done, which we did. But after the abortion there were physical health consequences to her body, and she kept mentioning after the abortion that she thought the abortion was a mistake and we should have kept the baby - so there seemed to be some subtle ongoing blame towards me for that also.

However despite all these points, we had many moments of supporting each other, having fun together, travelling, learning together and also we had a very cool sexual communication, so we both enjoyed sex a lot. But within all of these points, and during the whole time we spent together there was a thought that kept spinning around in my head - "So when is she going to leave me? That's what people do in my life, so its just a matter of time".

So literally for the whole duration of my relationship I was always waiting and expecting our relationship to come to end in my mind, right up until the point of discussing ending the relationship. And since we ended the relationship, I have been questioning myself more regarding this point - Why do I always expect people to leave me? Why can I not be fully content with another person? -- Enjoying every moment with them, rather then waiting for them to leave. I mean going into any relationship expecting the person to leave you really indicates that you should not be in a relationship currently, until you are able to transcend this point.

Iv'e realised a lot of things recently regarding this point, and I realise that it is a point I have been existing as for a long time - its like this concept in my head that I always have to do things myself, that I am this ronin like lone wolf character that is "better" on his own, and that nobody really wants to be around - therefore in my mind sub-consciously I have been seeing relationships with a partner as something "negative" because a relationship does not provide energy to this "ronin lone wolf" character -- I mean I literally would sometimes say to her in moments where we had a disagreement of some kind, or even sometimes if we didn't have a disagreement, that she can leave me any time she wants to if she's not satisfied with me or doesn't see development in the relationship - which in hindsight now I can see was actually me allowing this character in my mind to try and get the energy that it wants and is obviously not supportive for a partner to hear.

Also the point of commitment is interesting here - because although I know that I can commit to a point and see it through, I have this belief in my head that most people, or anyone that is not a Destonian cannot be trusted to commit to a point - cannot see something through to the end for the sake of beneficial improvement, therefore I should always expect people to give up in the face of adversity or difficulty. Now while this world is full of people that give up easily, because humans are used to taking the easy way out and giving up is easy -- this world has many people that are able to commit to beneficial improvement on a point, so really this makes no sense that I have had this shit in my mind.

Now while there is factors in my life that do make it difficult to have a relationship with a person, all this stuff I have been blogging about today, is really highlighting how much more difficult I have made it for myself. So there is multiple points here that I must walk out as well as redesigning my understanding of words like: Alone, Relationship etc - in order to be able to live what's best for all and actually one day be a fully supportive partner to a person, so join me next week for that.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 15 Jul 2015, 21:30

http://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot. ... eople.html

Continuing from my last blog - I realise that this "Ronin Lone Wolf" character originated a long time ago in my youth -- I remember multiple moments growing up where my mum was in hospital for weeks and months at a time in some cases, which on top of having a father that I have never known, and a grandfather that was a reclusive ex-scientist that praised Nazi ideologies, these points culminated in me experiencing myself very often as being alone growing up.

I essentially have seen it as something "unchangable" in my mind, something that is just a part of me, and I have never truly dealt with the point, and at times even found a sort of melancholic enjoyment from feeding into this Ronin Lone Wolf character in my mind. Almost at times looking forward to not being around people whenever I am with people in social settings or in a relationship for instance. Kind of seeing life as a journey that I must walk alone, that I must get things done by myself, never ask for help, and while there will be people I interact with along the way, I must always accept there will be a day that they will walk away, so I must always be ready to walk on my own in all moments to avoid getting too attached to things -- Of course I have proven to myself many times with the Desteni tools that we can change anything about ourself if we are dedicated enough.

So obviously I have been realising recently that this character in my mind is complete bullshit, because although it is true that only I can take responsibility to change myself internally and in my interaction in this world -- it is only through unifying and enjoying working together with others where this world as a whole for everyone can change for the better. Co-operation instead of isolation - cooperation breeds beneficial movement for the species -- isolation breeds separation as only self-interest can come from isolating oneself.

I have believed that being alone is something enjoyable, peaceful and tranquil for most of my life. Now I mean there is nothing wrong with enjoying ones own company, in fact its a cool point because it indicates that a person is comfortable in their own skin, and does not require acknowledgement from others to be stable. But not at the expense of living what's best for all, because spending too much time on our own is not something that is supportive for us as living beings.
But there is much evidence for example that a person that is always trying to socialise, make jokes with people, and generally always trying to avoid being on their own, can sometimes be a very depressed person in reality, that is simply trying to avoid being on their own at all costs, so they don't have to face any of the depressed thoughts in their mind. However allowing myself to feed into this "Ronin Lone Wolf" character, literally directly causes the breakdown of communication or effective partnerships with another being - where developing dialogue with a person consistently is seen as something negative in my mind.

Also another point that I have allowed to charge this character in my mind, is that when I am on my own, it is easier to slow down and analyse each step I take, each thought I have, each movement I make with my body. Where as I have found that when I am with other people, I can sometimes find it more challenging to slow down and see clearly what I'm doing - so its a point of desiring to always move at my own speed, and fearing the fact that when I am with other people for a prolonged period of time, that I will have to compensate, change my movement schedule and possibly sacrifice something that I enjoy for the other persons benefit.

If we look at words like Alone and Relationship for instance - the word Alone is a really cool word, because it explains the point so perfectly within the construct of the word itself -- so when we are Alone, we are still All-One. Now I am taking responsibility to redefine this word within and as myself, so that in every moment I realise and live the point that while we are all alone to sort out our mind and re-design ourself to live what's best, it is only through everyone working together, assisting each other to live this realisation and make a better world with our hands in unity, that will result in a world where nobody feels Alone again. So one could say that humanities misunderstanding of the word Alone in tandem with Capitalism, is actually why so many people do feel alone in this world

The word Relationship also explains the point within the construct of the word - so a relationship is essentially a firm ship that is built between two people through a process of relating to each other consistently, assisting each other in every way, with no back doors. Interesting to note then that many people do experience feeling alone even when they are in a relationship, which is obviously because a meaning of the word Relationship that is best for all, is not being lived by both parties in each moment.

It really is fascinating when we look at the world as a whole as well, and how so many problems exist because of people not working together and wanting to be alone - how many problems in the world could be solved if we stopped "walking our own path" and started walking a path together? I mean just look at the religious and particularly spiritual beliefs that exist in the world, where it is believed that by "sitting in silence" on our own, holding our body in a certain position, and speaking certain words with our eyes closed, and or believing certain things with our eyes closed, will have some sort of powerful effect to make beneficial changes in our life and in the world, which is complete bullshit in reality.

So its clear to me when I look at this one point for instance, that inside myself I have seen the point of "walking my own path" as something "spiritually deep", that I have defined myself as -- like a lifelong romanticised samurai style cleansing experience, that I have allowed myself to exist as for too long, and which is complete self-deception.

So here I stand and I am taking Self-Responsibility to end this "Ronin Lone Wolf" pre-program, because it does not assist me in living what is best for all, but rather keeps me in complete separation from physical reality, so join me next week as I investigate further, and walk self-forgiveness and commitment statements.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Bella » 15 Jul 2015, 23:43

awesome Marley! very cool points/process - thanks for sharing!

while we are all alone to sort out our mind and re-design ourself to live what's best, it is only through everyone working together, assisting each other to live this realisation and make a better world with our hands in unity
absolutely - that would be 'humanity' redefined / explored / discovered and lived for real

and looking at the world system/condition as well - we need interdisciplinary collaboration and an approach that will direct the already manifested consequences to best-for-all solutions/change, while building on sustainability and honoring our interconnectedness as life on earth

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 23 Jul 2015, 00:04

Thanks Bella :)

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 23 Jul 2015, 00:05

http://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot. ... eople.html

So continuing from my last blog -

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as this "Ronin Lone Wolf" character in my mind, where I always expect and almost hope that people will leave me. I realise that while comfortability with being alone is cool, accepting this character which compromises relationships with other humans is not cool, so I'm taking self-responsibility to end this character now.

I forgive myself that I have not realised in all moments, that through allowing this character I am existing in complete separation from the physical, regardless of how "silent" things can feel as this "Ronin Lone Wolf" character. So within this I forgive myself that I have not realised that this "silence" I experience within and as this "ronin lone wolf" character is not a real silence, because it is a self-created, fabricated isolation, which is not real silence, which is proven by the amount of noise existing on the planet currently. I have realised that no matter how long we attempt to hide away in our "isolated silence", the longer we accept the point, then the more deluded we become, and the more difficult we make it for ourselves to interact with people.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define samurai's as being cool in my mind. I realise that through defining samurai as cool, and growing up seeing loads of samurai and martial arts films, where it is always portrayed that the samurai enjoys being on their own, and a ronin is a samurai that enjoys the silence more then anyone because he is a master less samurai and cannot be bought. Lone wolf was one of my favourite samurais in films, and obviously the animals wolves are known for howling when they feel alone. It all equals - its cool to be alone -- so I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be affected by films and wolves to be part of creating this "ronin lone wolf" character within me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself as a person that is "supposed to be alone". I realise that this is complete self-deception, which has been born from this "Ronin Lone Wolf" character - where I believe that my life experiences, family and knowledge is enough to scare anyone away from me.I realise that while I cannot change my experiences, my life or my family, there is no validation of existing as any character from the mind -- because as this character I'm existing in complete separation from physical reality, so within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that my life experiences, family and knowledge will automatically mean that people don't want to communicate with me for prolonged periods of time.

I forgive myself that I have not realised, that it is through this belief that people will automatically not want to be around me, that has created a justification of this "ronin lone wolf" character in my mind, I realise that there is not justification for such an allowance, so I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to justify existing as a character in separation from the physical.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to allow the thought "So when is she going to leave me? Thats what people do in my life, so its just a matter of time". I realise that this thought was created through my allowance of a "Ronin Lone Wolf" character in my mind, where I see myself as being "better off" on my own.

I forgive myself that I have not taken action sooner to delete this "Ronin Lone Wolf" character, as I realise that this character was a contributing factor to breaking up with my partner - So within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to walk into a relationship with another while this character is still existing within and as me, because this kind of character is detrimental to developing any effective long lasting relationships with people.

I forgive myself for not discussing this with my partner at the time and rather suppress the point. Now while I did share my backchat with her, this point was a back door that I didn't open up too much, which I regret now, so I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to experience regret about not highlighting my problems with this character with my ex partner, I realise that this regret does not assist me now in living what's bets for all, so rather then regret, I will learn instead.

I forgive myself that while I was in this relationship, that existing as this "ronin lone wolf" character was keeping me in separation from myself and my partner, where it was always inevitable that the relationship would end because I wasn't walking it one and equal physically as myself. And within this I forgive myself that I did not realise earlier, that while I am allowing this character to exist, then it verifies that I should not be in a relationship, until I am able to transcend this character in my mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to often tell my ex partner that she could leave me if she wanted, which was manifesting from my acceptance of this character always wanting to be alone.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to connect a negative connotation to relationships in my mind through existing as this "ronin lone wolf" character, where I sub-consciously see the point of a relationship as being a "nuisance" to my "silence" -- so I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to to see relationships as a nuisance. I realise that relationships with people is not negative or a nuisance in reality, these ideas only exist in my mind, because in actual fact the ability to create relationships with other beings, is one of the most important points in creating a world that's best for all.

I forgive myself that I have not realised in all moments, that a relationship only means exactly what it means, nothing more - the way in which two or more people are connected, connection between other beings essentially. Also within the construct of the word there is a hidden message - a relationship, is actually a reliable ship which is sailing along no matter the weather, and which was created through two people consistently and openly relating to each other - relationship.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I always must do things on my own, I have realised that this belief is being generated in my mind through this "ronin lone wolf" character. I forgive myself that I have not realised in all moments, that while re-creating ourselves as caring and efficient beings is our own responsibility, in terms of moving things in the world around us, there is only so much we can do in this world on our own -- everybody requires assistance with a point at some time, and if a person requires the assistance or not, any problem in our mind or in the world around us, is much simpler to solve with other people involved.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to sub-consciously believe that anyone that is not a Destonian, is automatically not going to be able to commit to working together with me on any point, so I should therefore expect them to leave. I have since realised that commitment has nothing to do with whether one is a Destonian or not, but is purely a matter of whether a person is really pushing to make or change something - anyone can be committed to walk a point for a lifetime, if one is determined and dedicated to see something through to the end no matter what.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to connect the word Alone with the words positivity and peaceful in my mind, where I constantly see being on my own as something good and relaxing. I realise that Alone only means exactly what it means, to be on ones own, there is nothing more to it then that, so anything else I have connected to the word is just in my mind and thus not real.

I forgive myself that I have not realised in all moments that the word alone, actually explains a hidden meaning within it - even when we are alone we are all-one, because in reality it is impossible to really ever be on ones own, because we are connected to all things.

I forgive myself that I have defined myself growing up as being alone, based on my family that I felt very disconnected from growing up. It was all accumulating and adding layers on top of this "Ronin Lone Wolf" that I have accepted as myself for a long time, for most of my life it seems I have been believing that I am alone and I always will be. Within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that this "ronin lone wolf" character is something "unchangeable" within me, when I have proven to myself so many times that anything can be changed about myself.

I forgive myself that I have not realised in all moments, that while this character was developing and maturing within me at a young age, it was three points in my youth that is really where I see I created this "ronin lone wolf " character. -
when I was 8, I had the realisation that my father does not want to be with me. After I realised this I remember being at school and feeling left out in a conversation with friends as they spoke about having fun with their dads, I felt really alone for the first time. Then soon after in my life, my mother was rushed to hospital as she started bleeding uncontrollably, and at the time inexplicably, I remember standing in the reception of the hospital, blood everywhere and people rushing my mum into an operating room while I was standing there. I remember thinking that she will die and without my dad I will have no parents - I am alone. Then after this, while my mother survived, she became severely disabled having to stay in hospital for weeks at a time, and during this time I would stay round my grandads house, he was a reclusive ex scientist, and the more time I spent with him, I noticed his enjoyment of his own space, of privacy and secrecy. It was at this point where I first started to see being alone as something good, something to be proud of, because he did and he was the most father like figure I had growing up. He only married once and never had another relationship since, he generally seemed to speak of relationships negatively and they almost seemed like a sign of weakness to him sometimes - and the layers in my mind just kept building onto this character from this point in my life.

So I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hold onto, charge and connect specific family memories with thoughts feeling and emotions, which is stupid, because as long as I have allowed this, then this "ronin lone wolf" character has existed keeping me in separation from whats here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be proud of existing as this "Ronin Lone Wolf" because of the fact that much of this character was developed and matured through copying my grandfathers perspective on being alone growing up.

I forgive myself that I have not realised in all moments, that cooperation within my interaction in this world equals beneficial movement for all, while isolation within my interaction equals separation and self-interest.

I forgive myself that I have not realised that while it is easier to slow down and analyse each step I take, each thought I have, each movement I make with my body, when I am on my own, that does not justify feeding into the "ronin lone wolf" character. Also I have realised that the more used to It I get at having clear self-introspection in all moments whether I am with people or not, then the easier it will be in all moments to not be affected by my surroundings and be able to see what is happening inside my mind no matter the scenario.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to always go at my own speed in everything that I do, to never want to move at anyone else's speed, because the "ronin lone wolf" in my mind slows down or speeds up for nobody. Which when it comes to working with others is not a beneficial point to allow inside myself, because it is selfish and makes development of the relationship difficult.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear that when I am with other people, then I will have to compensate, change something about my schedule, sacrifice something I'm enjoying doing to benefit this person in some way. In my mind the "ronin lone wolf" never changes his schedule for others, so I can see the separation here and I'm not going to be allowing it to continue.

I forgive myself that I have believed that this "ronin lone wolf" character is something noble, brave and almost spiritual, where I believe that I am at my "highest point" of peace when I am on my own, and that "walking my own path" is an honourable and spiritual thing to do, which I have defined myself as in the past, and which is complete bullshit actually. So within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to romanticize this "ronin lone wolf" character as as samurai style cleansing experience in my mind, when really there is nothing special about this character, it is just separation like any pattern of the mind that is not creating a beneficial outcome of participation in the world.

Join me next week as I continue -

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 04 Aug 2015, 23:40

http://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot. ... -gods.html

War - if there is one thing humanity has excelled at better then any other undertaking throughout time, it is the acts of conflict manifested as wars in our own personal lives and in every nations history since the earliest humans have existed on the planet.

And for as long as we have been fighting, we have been finding more effective ways to destroy each other through the years. Anything to get an edge on our opponents in combat has always been a primary focus for humanities past and present kingdoms, no matter how much suffering is done to ourselves, to our children, to other species and our planet.

For instance if we go back thousands of years and look at the Spartan empire in ancient Greece, it is common knowledge among Historians, that the Spartans routinely would conduct practices to enhance their soldiers fighting potential. In Sparta as soon as a child was born, it would be discarded and killed if it was deformed or physically weak in some way. As soon as a male child was 7 until the age of 21, they would endure intensive physical training repeatedly being forced to fight other children. They were taught strenuous exercise regimes, Spear and Sword training, strategy and tactics, as well as being taught to endure pain, hunger, thirst, fatigue, cold and lack of sleep.

These children were also taught to steal, they would be punished for being caught, and their graduation included living in the wild for a week and killing an aggressive wild animal. So in short all Spartan boys were thrust into warfare from a very young age, and all of these points created soldiers that were known for their physical strength, stamina, ferocity and discipline. Also there is evidence to suggest that the Spartans were genetically descended from Heracles directly, who as the story goes was a half god son of Zeus, known for his incredible physical strength, which may also explain some of the Spartans famous exploits on the battlefield. The film 300 highlights the activities of the Spartan empire regarding their concepts and education in relation to War very well. The Spartan empire was a very short lived empire, which considering how violent and bloodthirsty they were in War, its not surprising.

Then when we look at enhancing soldiers through the use of drugs, you might think that is a recent undertaking in the world. However if we look at countries like China, Pakistan, India, and the Americas, there is much evidence to suggest that soldiers have been given particular plants called Ephedra, as well as other natural chemicals before battles for thousands of years. Ephedra was known to assist a soldier with increasing his breathing capacity, treating asthma, congestions, coughs and generally assisting a soldier to fight longer. In 1887 the first Amphetamine was created from the plant called Ephedrine, which then was used to create the first meth-amphetamine a few years later. In Nazi Germany meth-amphetamine in tablet form called Pervitin was routinely given to millions of soldiers, sailors, airmen, and was even sold over the counter to the public. Now please have a look at these links - ... rfare.html ... 63279.html ... ealed.html ... serum.html ... hours.html

So these and thousands of other links on line should help you to understand that using drugs to enhance soldiers fighting potential is only a part of the story in the modern world, and it really has been since around the WW2 period were the creation of super soldiers has been taken to much more drastic levels then anything I have discussed so far in this blog.

Now this may come as a surprise to some people, however many people are becoming more aware that in Nazi Germany, there was huge amount of super soldier experiments that were conducted involving a variety of experimental chemicals, cloning techniques, genetic recombination, reanimating dead tissue, and cybernetics. The scientists involved in these experiments, were brought to various countries at the end of WW2 through project paperclip to continue their research and experiments.

In 1939 Timely comics was set up in New York, but later in 1961, it renamed itself Marvel studios, and in the same year began launching many of their famous superhero characters like the Fantastic Four, Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, The Hulk, Wolverine, X-men etc. Now what needs to be considered here, is that there is evidence to suggest that Stan Lee was sold CIA/MI6 and Military black ops documents and was told to set up Marvel studios as a cover for the real similar projects that were happening in underground facilities around the world. This evidence will be common public knowledge in years to come.

This may be difficult for some to understand, and while Marvel studios has always exaggerated the extents of super soldier abilities, the reality of what has happened is becoming clearer to more people. After WW2 the American and UK governments had so many Scientists on the payroll working on so many super soldier and advanced technology projects, that the people funding these experiments were concerned about brave Scientists informing the public about some of these projects.
They wanted a piece of cover for these experiments, which is what Marvel studios was and always has been designed to do. So with Marvel studios and all the "superheroes" they speak about becoming a household name, on top of the fact that it was decided to keep advanced Science out of most school curriculum's, the cover has been well placed.

So now any brave Scientist that goes to a newspaper saying that the government is paying them to make soldiers with metal bones, or with the genes of a Spider, or with incredible strength etc, these brave Scientists would now be laughed out of the building, and would then have their name blacklisted by the Government so they couldn't get any more work on any advanced projects. Also if you look at the amount of Scientists that have been institutionalised in mental hospitals since WW2 then its easy to understand why.

Also there is suggestions that DC comics was set up as an opposite counter point to Marvel, where majority of Marvel characters are based on real projects, the majority of the DC characters are based on pure Fantasy, so DC has essentially been a cover for Marvel.

Now if you look at most of Marvels characters, there is a Scientific process that can explain each characters abilities. Many of the most famous Marvel characters are created in underground bases, or while working on something for the government. Every character usually has a weakness that can be exposed if the person they are fighting is aware of it. But if anyone is thinking of a character that you think is invincible, I can assure you that the people who fund real projects like this are not stupid, because they never create a weapon without a fail safe that can destroy the weapon if needed.

What must be understood is that not only was all these "superhero" comics and films created as cover for real projects, they were also designed to brainwash us into accepting war to a further degree inside ourselves, and glamorise these "superheroes".
What is not shown in most of these comics and films, is the truly dark and gruesome face of these projects - I assure you there is nothing glamorous or heroic going on here, so get all that shit out of your head. I mean the amount of children and animals that have gone missing throughout history, and then have been brutally experimented on all in the name of war and profit is mind boggling and has been going on for a long time.
In the UK alone it has been reported by Britains largest missing children organization, that over 175,000 children a year are reported missing, and while many of these children are found, many of these children are never found again. Out of the children that are not found, a large percentage will have willingly or unwillingly gotten involved in crime, prostitution, possibly becoming addicted to hard drugs living on the streets etc. There is also a percentage of these missing children that will be taken by sophisticated paedophile networks, and in some cases be brutally experimented on in underground facilities.

There is two books I suggest you read when you have time, because both are favourites in the Science communities for obvious reasons, and my Grandfather showed me both books at a young age. Friedrich Nietzsche's 1883 book "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" highlights mankind's search to become "supermen" through Science, and the philosophy of immortality, it was a favourite book of Adolf Hitler and many Nazis.
Also the 1953 book "Children of the Atom" by Wilmar H. Shiras is one of the most read books by Scientists in the world. In this book children that were affected by atomic radiation struggle to deal with their advanced intellect from this radiation in normal society, and go to study in a school "for the gifted" where they can develop their abilities, which was then used as the basis for Charles Xaviers school for mutants in X-men.

There are many other good books that also detail points in relation to creating enhanced beings, as well as a huge amount of films at this point, here's a few I suggest: Watchmen, Soldier, Universal Soldier, Terminator, Robocop, Pacific Rim, Serenity, The Machine, Unbreakable, anything from Marvel/DC, and the list really could go on and on at this point. At the rate of our current devolution as a species, do not be surprised to see "superheroes" become more and more mainstream in the near future, and even adverts on TV selling "superhero" enhancements.

Now within all this we need to understand that its all being done to profit from war, and create war from profit. As a species it is clear that we have become true masters or gods of war, but where will this pursuit take us in the end? It will take us to extinction - Constantly feeding into war in our minds, trying to enhance our fighting abilities to destroy "our enemies" with new weaponry, when the only enemy within this all is ourself. Each elite group in the world constantly trying to "one up" each other with weaponry will result in a "war of the gods" where every "god of war" will exterminate each other until nothing is left.

This is not a future I want to have in my world - so I will never accept the age old belief that humanities war like behaviour is just something in our nature that "cant be changed". Destonians and other people in the world prove everyday that we can change anything about ourselves, and redesign ourselves to live as self-directive, caring, compassionate beings that co-exists in peace with all life. The future of our species truly depends on how soon we all collectively realise what's happening inside ourselves and in this world and take action to change.

We must realise that we only have one planet Earth to live on - we must individually take Self-Responsibility to purge the acceptance and allowance of War inside our minds and our participation in the world -- then rebuild ourselves as Gods of whats best for all, where the future of our children and this world will be in safe in hands, where we will never again abuse Science, or create a Profit-War cycle, and where as a species we will blossom our evolutionary capacity in ways that have never been seen before.

Please research the important website links at the top of this blog to learn more about creating a world that is truly best for all.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 16 Aug 2015, 03:23

http://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot. ... -self.html

Its something that only we can be honest with ourselves about in any moment, and know within any endeavour we do in this world - Am I really directing myself? Or am I being directed by what's in my pre-programmed mind?

Today I was explaining this point to my son, we were walking in the forest with the dogs, and at one point we decided to play on a tree. After a few minutes of playing, I said "we are up high enough now lets get down, but I'm going to get down first so I can guide you down", so I jumped off the tree which my son was amazed by. Now bearing in mind that it was only about a 10 foot drop, which for me was easy to do due to my athleticism and experience in climbing, but the next moment my son said, "That was so cool dad, I want to do that!" enthusiastically. I said to him that "well you just need to come down to a practical height for you then you can try it if you like".

Once he climbed down to about a 4 foot height I said "Ok you can try it now if you want". Then as he went to jump he looked at me with fear in his eyes and said "actually I'm a bit scared now, will you catch me?". Now I knew that the height he was at would be an easy jump for him to land on his own two feet safely, so I said "if you were up higher I would catch you, but from that height you can land that jump by yourself easily son".
The fear had frozen his body as he was half crouched on the branch, I could see him debating with his back chat about if the jump was really a good idea. I said to him "The fear your feeling right now is trying to control your actions, now you can decide to let that fear direct you and climb the rest of the way down, or you can breathe, let the fear go and direct yourself to jump, because its a safe height for you". I watched the change in him as he took a few deep breathes, then jumped, landed on his feet and had a big smile on his face as he gleefully stood and said "your right dad that was an easy jump actually, I just breathed and released the fear!" we both cheered and started laughing, bumped fists, then carried on our walk.

There has been many other situations in my sons life where I have walked him through the process of stopping his mind and making self-directive decisions of what's best for all in a moment, and in every situation he has understood what I'm saying, then tested the point and seen the results for himself in the moment, and from this he is beginning to develop a good understanding of assessing himself internally in moments, and taking action to change when he sees something is not assisting him to improve himself.

As I was driving us home later I smiled while thinking about the fact that children can understand the principles of equality and oneness so easily, yet many times in my life when I have attempted to explain the exact same point to an adult, the adult has not been able to actually understand and apply what I suggested - this clearly shows that through the years of accepting and allowing ourselves to be directed by our own internal thoughts and conversations -- we have conditioned ourselves to only move ourselves in our lives based on what's in our mind, in our own interest, with "free" will, and our Capitalist money system world wide reflects this accumulated inner mental distortion we have -- rather then taking Self-Responsibility, moving ourselves from the starting point of breathe to create an interest that's beneficial for all life in all moments - a sustainable practical living system that allows all to excel to the maximum, and where as a species we will see true human evolution the likes of which we have never seen before - so I commit myself to direct myself in every moment to do all I can to live what's best for all.

The state of our planet is completely unacceptable currently, and the clocks always ticking for humanity to change, so lets all open our eyes, and direct ourselves to make a better world in every way asap shall we.

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