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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 28 May 2017, 18:08

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It's a strange thing when certain people don't like you isn't it? If you have not been in a situation like this before, then maybe you will not understand what I am saying. But majority of people have been in a situation at least once in their lives, where you are seen as an enemy by a certain person or group.

Perhaps you have a family member that really dislikes you, or a person you think is a friend that is actually not a friend at all, or maybe a work colleague really despises you, or a former partner is causing you issues - where all of these people are thinking their life will be better when you are removed from the equation.

You likely will not have done anything to physically or mentally harm these people, but still they go on the attack. If you are a forward thinking being like me, or you are successful in anything you do, then likely it will just be your very principles and achievements that offend these people. Then they begin to gossip, plotting ways to try attacking you and destroy you and everything you stand for.

These type of people will for example try, one or a variety of attacks such as - deceiving you,

physically harming you or your family/friends, stealing from you, trolling/hacking you, demonising you to others, blackmailing you, embarrassing you, getting you locked up or worse.

This is what a group of people have been trying to do to me recently, where just my principles are enough for these people to try and cause some sort of chaos in my life, mainly in the form of legal/police attacks.

These people try fabricating stories in order for me to sound like some kind of monster, thinking that these techniques are effective.

The problem for these people has been providing any evidence to show I am this monster that they have been trying to paint to others. The Police and Intelligence agencies around the world know my story, it is on the internet for anyone to see within this very blog, or the masses of content in a variety of fields -
I have no "dark secrets", yes there is confidentiality involved in some of my work, but people who know me, know I am not a dangerous person and that I am a supportive being for others to know, some people even think I am someone that is very important to keep in the equation in terms of creating a beneficial future for this planet.

This is why the "good guys" in the police and the intelligence communities like me - but this is also the same reason why the bad guys in the police and intelligence communities don't like me.

I am "used to" these attacks at this point, and even though they have failed every time thus far, I still react in these moments. I will get angry that these people are trying to create disturbances in my life through fabrications and basically talking shit.

Then from this anger reaction, I will be in a foul mood and may say hurtful words to someone close
to me, or a work colleague which is of course detrimental to relationships and completing projects, and then I will be sad about reacting like that to my friend or work colleague, sad about the attacks on me, and that I'm allowing the weight of these attacks to effect me.

I mean It's understandable to react when a group of people are trying to remove you in some way, but that doesn't mean I have to react, or that I have to move from this reaction, or allow this reaction pattern to define me.

But as my friends, family and work colleagues have reminded me, when you are getting attacked by people, when certain people want you removed, it shows that what you have been doing is effective in routing out the real bad guys.

So I cannot control the actions of others, if they don't like that I am a voice for life, then fuck them this is their own judgements that they must deal with now, or after death - but what I require to do now, is make sure that I do not allow these attacks to effect me, that I change this pattern of reaction. Because just like anything else I can learn to not react, only I can reprogram my own psychology in relation to this.

I must walk a process of self-forgiveness and self corrective application of breathing in relation to

this point, just like any other psychological issues that comes up in my life, in order to remain stable in the face of and army of haters -

when I remain stable as breathe I am able to apply common sense to my actions, instead of actions based in emotions, then when this is done consistently -- this is where I can do what is best for all life in every moment in relation to this point.

There will be more attacks in the future, because some of "the enemies" of life, still need to learn what equality really means, and how to take care of life - so until they learn, I must make sure I stand strong fully prepared for these attacks, to take action instead of reaction.

So walk with me in my net blog as I continue my journey to life no matter what.

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Marley Dawkins
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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 04 Jun 2017, 20:06

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So we continue and the attacks against me by a certain group have intensified, resulting in some physical confrontations. If it were not for my ability to defend myself and some assistance from friends and police, the situation could have gotten out of hand quickly.

This confrontation happened as a result of people from this group attempting to gang up on me at a place I was staying on my own - using racial remarks, threats, throwing bottles at the house I was staying in, to try and cause a reaction in me, which worked. As I have explained before I have issues with people using racial slurs against any group in general, but particularly against people from China/Asia, the Caribbean/Africa and Germany.

The China/Asia point I have explained in previous blogs, the Caribbean/African point is based in friends and family I have from those countries and some of my own heritage, but the German point I have yet to explain -

So first off I have German blood in me, secondly my grandfather was 1/4 German, and he always

taught me to respect Germany, that the British Royal family comes from German descent, which is true. He taught me that some of the best scientists he ever worked with were from Germany, and that the country is full of highly intelligent people in a variety of fields.

This group that has been attacking know who my grandfather was, and they used that to psychologically attack me. So I reacted, I started throwing my own slurs at these people, mainly attacking the point of their ignorance with passion.

Police were on the scene already in this scenario, as according to the information they had, they knew something could happen, so as the shouting and arguing escalated, the police were struggling to contain the situation, one person from this group felt extra brave and found a way to charge at me, swinging a punch at me.

Thanks to my life long martial arts training, and my natural athleticism, I evaded this punch, then I utilised a technique to put the person on the ground. The police then pulled me away from this guy, but they could see that my response was purely in self defence.

Me putting this attacker down angered the horde even more and a lot of police were struggling to contain them - then in the next moment friends of mine arrived at the scene, and with police help we began diffusing the situation.

Now it is a strange scenario, because I have to decide whether to press charges on these people or not. Some of my friends, family and work colleagues want me to press charges, but I am still in two minds about this point, as in my experience, taking legal action against someone can cause the hate they have for you to be further entrenched.

But as everyone close to me keeps reminding me, this group have been systematically trying to take legal action against me purely for my own views and accomplishments - because taht has failed teh attacks seem to be getting more direct.

I know that no matter what I do, there will be more attacks, but I have to create stability within myself and my participation within all this. Because I know that these reactions in these situations are not assisting me, they are causing me to intensify the conflict in these situations, and through the very act of reacting, I am giving my attackers what they want.

I will not change my principles to satisfy anybody, and if I am to be removed by these people in whatever way they try, I will do so as an example of what I would like to see in the world.

So I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react emotionally as annoyance and personal offence when people try to attack me in a variety of ways. I realise that these reactions are not supporting in living what is best for all life, as they derive from the ego which is trying to defend
itself in these situations of being under fire from haters.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel personally offended when people attack my principles aggressively just because they don't like them. I have to realise that the principles of equality and oneness will offend certain people, because they prefer a life of subservience to a "higher power" and while I have accepted this point, I now have to learn that my principles will potentially cause some to be more offended then usual, then they will want to cause me harm and remove me, me being offended about that will not help the situation at all.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to be moved by the racial statements of another, I realise that I cannot change what someone else wants to think or say about me. I have to remain as myself regardless, I can only breathe and not let myself be moved into reaction by these type of attacks.

I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to hold onto memories of my grandfather explaining the importance of Germany to me growing up, which is where i have then added value to the country of Germany in my mind, believing I must "defend" Germany -

so within this I forgive myself for allowing myself to place value on Germany as if it is more important then any other country which it is not, and I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to believe that I must "defend" Germany, when this defence is really just my ego talking, which will not assist me to live whats best for all in my life.

I forgive myself that I have not realised that through stating that I am "used to" these kind of attacks,
that is really my ego confirming that I am allowing myself to be defined by these attacks and my reaction as a result of it, not that I am remaining stable.

I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to be defined by these reactions, I see and understand that this self-definition I have created, is completely limiting because it is based in separation from psychical reality, so it only serves to hinder my expression instead of empowering it when I remain stable as breathe.

I commit myself to not allowing myself to react to the strategic attacks of others who want to remove me. I realise that whether these people can successfully remove me or not is irrelevant, I can only remain stable as breathe where I can apply common sense decision making to my actions. So as and when I see myself reacting to the attacks of another, I stop and breathe, I do not allow myself to engage with the thoughts that come up, as there will only be a cycling of events if I do that, so I breathe and continue to do so until there are no more thoughts that come up, and I can truly remain stable in the face of these attacks.

I commit myself to living the realisation that I can never change what another thinks or believes about me. All i can do is make sure that I am as stable as I can possibly be so that regardless of what attacks may occur, I remain stable as breathe, living my words, being an example of my principles and thus what I wish to see in the world.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 11 Jun 2017, 18:44

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We are the creators of this world - but maybe sometimes we forget who we really are, we forget our capabilities - we have moments of thoughts, feelings and emotions that we become entrenched within, which facilitates our ability to forget who we really are.

So we have successes and failures in everyday life, in our jobs, in our relationships, in our various interactions and activities.

Within our success we rightfully enjoy the fruits of our labour, but as our light "shines brighter" as money and attention grows in this world, we can become entrapped within the ego as a belief that "we are special" above "normal people".

We can become lethargic, trying to live in a self-interested bubble reality, believing our that our success is some kind of "higher purpose" some "god given" right and all of that shit.

Within our failures, it can be a sad, bitter taste, and when failures occur consistently, we can become despondent, blaming the world, judging ourselves and others, lashing out in annoyance, and becoming a self-doubting cycle of depression as ourselves.

Within both scenarios we only exist as polarity, limiting ourselves through the very nature of living "higher or lower" in day to day life, where we miss the point of who we really are, as all of existence as life, so by focusing on the positive or the negative we create fucked up consequences as the world we see around us.

One cannot create according to whats best for all through living through this higher or lower state of mind, because ultimately we become addicted to these energies, where our actions are based on self-interest, where our focus is to sustain these energies and make decision based on what can get more of the energy we desire - can you see why the world is so fucked up now?

For example a colleague of mine who is going through a tough relationship break up, has been doubting himself continually, and entrapping himself within the emotional depressing, self sabotaging thoughts that have been coming up for him.

I assisted him, by explaining that this cycle of negativity he is accepting in relation to this issues is understandable, but to continue will only create consequences of abuse, which will benefit nobody.

If this relationship cannot be physically revitalised, then allow yourself to let it go, because you are god, so you must familiarise yourself with the cycle of life and death of all things -

because within an act of destroying a part of my ego for instance, I give myself the opportunity to create a new more effective version of myself, which in turn will produce more effective relationships in this moment and the future because your relationship with yourself is clear - so in short there is no death, only a process of rebirth.

So remember that who we really are has been hidden from ourselves, by this capitalist system we have designed, as the pre-programmed mind.

The truth is we are all equal as life, as eternity, as all of existence, as every cell in our body works
together to ensure the best for the whole, so to we must exist in the same co-habitation with ourselves and all life around us.

I have found that self-forgiveness and the self-corrective application of breathing to be more effective then anything else in bringing myself here consistently, existing within and as breathe, where I can make decisions as the sound of life, which are thus bets for all life.

This breathe that has been here, since my first and will remain till my last - the image and likeness of me is this world, so before we take our last breathes, we must create ourselves as the world we want to see, a world of equality and oneness intrinsically.

We are the gods of all existence, this fact will remain till our last breathe and beyond, so join me next time as I continue my journey to life.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 18 Jun 2017, 21:25

http://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot. ... u-are.html

Judgement is a tricky thing, it creeps up on us in various moments of our lives, and it always indicates unresolved issues that we have inside of ourselves that we need to fix. Initially in our minds we will believe that the person or thing we are judging is responsible for this reaction.

But in reality when you look in the mirror in this moment, you can see that this person or thing your are judging is actually just reflecting yourself back to you.

Now i was raised in a family of Science, so anything that cannot be measured, cross referenced or quantified is something that I was taught is ignorance, which from a direct understanding of physical reality it is.

But I noticed recently that I have been getting very reactive and judgemental towards certain religions, and I know this started from when I was a young boy growing up with my mother and grandfather.

My granddad would often repeated phrases to me whenever we would see a religion in a film or when it would come up in discussions -

He would say things like "religions are peoples vain attempts to have an understanding of something

in the afterlife that they cannot possibly fathom." or "saying the world is only 5,000, or 100,000 years old is limitation, because Science proves that this world has existed for aeons of time before any religion was even conjured up" or "History proves that Alien interaction has far more to do with humanity then some single god in the sky" or "There's a million books in our history - what makes these religious books so special?"

So these statements he made while true, these are moments I have held onto in my mind, and then through the years I have added many layers on top of this judgement towards religions.

Is like my ego views someone as automatically inferior, in terms of their understanding of reality. So I will have thoughts like - "Oh ok, this person hasn't figured out the game yet, they haven't connected all the dots of our history on this planet, so they believe they are inferior to god. So I must be careful what I say about their religion so as not to offend them, but then maybe they will need to hear what I have to say to them about their religion"

Then a type of sarcastic type of chauvinism comes into my speech with this person, where my ego has taken over the situation, and I will essentially pull their religion apart in front of them, dissecting it, and showing them that I know more about their religion then they do.

This inevitably cause people to feel embarrassed and offended, and thus while what i will be saying to someone about their religion is true, I am doing it in a way which is confrontational, and bound to cause a defensive response in that person.

Its like my mind seems to forget that nobody can choose the family they are brought up in, nobody can choose what they will be taught to accept growing up, and there was a time when I didn't know what I know now, so how can I judge other so easily for following something that I do not understand?

On top of this, its like my mind almost feels personally offended that while the rise of Science has

given us so much in this world, I feel offended that people still follow religious texts from the dark ages - texts that are proven to only cause segregation, subjugation and war in people - so my mind literally sees religion as a threat to life on earth - I see myself as a custodian of this planet, as someone who stands for nature, the animal kingdom and this planet itself - and I do not see, animals, plants or this planet having any religions - but the destructive humans do.

Yes this is true, and it can definitely said that if all religion in this world was removed and we started from scratch with uplifting life as our only spiritual pursuit, then the world would be better. However, there are some valid points in many religions, and its almost like I have inadvertently turned having no religion, into a religion of its own so to speak.

Honestly I have offended so many religious people in my life, and like I say, it makes no difference if the knowledge I am speaking about is true, I have to learn more effective ways of conducting myself around religion, more effective ways of communicating to religious people, so that I can actually effectively plant seeds, instead of creating some sort of enemy who is offended by me.

We are all where we are in our lives, and we cannot improve each others lives through any form of judgement.

So I must pull the reactions, the thoughts feelings and emotions out of me in relation to religion, so that I can expand my understanding of myself an all life, so that I am able to live what is best for all life in every moment.

Join me in my next blog as I correct what needs to be corrected.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 25 Jun 2017, 20:15

http://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot. ... u-are.html

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge people who are religious as stupid, realise that while it may be true that religions are based in ignorance, it is unacceptable for me to judge people based on their belief system, because we all have accepted beliefs before in varying degrees, and we are all on our own path yet still together, meaning just because a person is religious now it doesn't mean they will be for the rest of their lives as moments of self-realisation can occur at anytime for anyone.

So within this I forgive myself that I have not realised in every breathe, that I have been religious before in my life within things like spirituality and the occult where I was repeating rituals, and feeding beliefs within and as myself in separation from physical reality, the same as what you see in any religion.

I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted the judgements my grandfather had towards religions to pass on to me through my allowance to value my grandfathers word as the most well informed as I was growing up and thus endorse this judgement within and as myself, and seeing it to be noble.

Within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to value my grandfathers word as more important then anyone else's growing up in relation to religion, I realise that his word was not really more important then anyone else's, it just seemed as though it was in my mind as a child.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hold onto memories of my grandfather ranting and raving about religion in a derogatory, condescending and generally negative way, and then through the years allow my ego to take on board more layers on top of this fuck up, keeping me in separation from who I am as life here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use everything I have learnt through Bernard and the Desteni group in relation to religion, to add more layers to my judgement of religion that started years before with my grandfather. I realise that while Bernard and the Desteni group have exposed the flaws of religion better then any group in history, that does not mean that I have the right to attack those who are religious, and as Bernard told me many times, while the religions of the world keep humanity in separation, if you look at the words of a character like Jesus, you see the words of Equality and Oneness for the most part.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define religious people as being inferior to non religious people, when in reality there is no inferior or superior that exists within anything, there is only what is manifest as life, and thus i must understand, realise and live this realisation that we are all just physical beings equal as life regardless of what shit we have or don't have in our mind.

I forgive myself that I have not realised in every moment, that there was a time that I did not know what I know now, a time where I was feeding meaningless beliefs about the world and myself, and therefore why would I ever judge someone for not knowing something I know, or believing something that I do not - in years to come this belief they support now could cease to exist like it did with me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to throughout my life at various points, to go on a sarcastic chauvinistic attack towards a religious person and their religion, where despite the fact of what I'm saying often being true, when I am saying these things from the starting point of attacking then I am only causing consequences of discord with that person.

I forgive myself for creating conflict from these attacks, where I try to repeatedly embarrass the person with their lack of knowledge of their own religion, which is an unacceptable abuse of life, therefore I take self-responsibility to end this shit in my mind.

I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to believe that it is ok to attack a religious person if they are trying to spread their beliefs on others, when again I can have all the heated debates i want with that person, but even if what I'm saying is true, it will get me nowhere, because there si no "changing others" that can occur here, so planting a seed is far more effective then two egos going head to head.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define religion itself as a danger to humanity, and there fore something I must attack, as the ego in "defence of this planet" when really I am often causing more war from this "attacking defence" stance towards religion then anything else.

Within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself as the "destroyer of religions" the defender of Earth against the wicked religions". I realise that this self-definition is nothing but limitation, because I am engaging in the proliferation of war within and as myself in relation to religion, which cannot be allowed.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to "save others" from the religion they are supporting within their mind. I realise that the minds of others is not my responsibility, I cannot change anyone else other then myself, I can support others to support themselves to change, but this can only be done when I myself am living what is best for all in relation to the point I'm trying to assist others with.

I forgive myself that I have not realised that as this self-definition I cannot see that while praising a deity is a fantasy that should not be supported, there are some beneficial parts to many religions that have supported many people to become more supportive humans - for instance a principle like "do unto others as you have them do unto you" is something that anyone can get behind because it is based in equality.

I forgive myself that I have not realised that as these judgemental attacks on religions I also cannot see that this is fanatical in its own right, thus turning atheism into a religion of a kind without noticing it consciously, which again is totally unacceptable.

I forgive myself that I have had been ineffective before with my self-forgiveness in relation to transcending this point, yet I will not judge myself for that, I will simply breathe and walk for as long as it takes until I live what is best f for all in every moment in relation to my interaction with religions and religious people.

I forgive myself that I have not realised in every here moment of breathe that breathing remaining stable as myself and planting a seed in a another, is always far more effective then going on the offensive to "destroy this belief" as the ego can ever do.

I commit myself to not allowing myself to judge religious people as "dumb asses that need to be saved" as I have been for much of my life. So as and when I see myself having thoughts in the moment to attack a religious person who is spouting their beliefs to others, I stop and breathe, I do not allow myself to engage with the thoughts, as I realise the cycle of consequences will happen again, the memory refreshed, so I breathe and continue to do so until there is no more thoughts that come up in these moments.

I commit myself to only speaking when I am stable as breathe when around religious people, because

I know that if I speak from the starting point of some sharp thought that comes up in the moment, I will only mentally stab the religious person and the cycle will begin again, so I must only speak when it is from a starting point of common sense, which can only be achieved through consistently living as breathe.

I commit myself to not allowing myself to hold onto memories of my grandfathers judgemental rants about religions, or what I have learnt through Bernard and the Desteni group to enforce my judgements of religion, so as and when I see my mind having thoughts trying to give more value to, or define myself according to memories of what others have aid to me as to attack others, I stop and breathe, I do not not allow my mind to stray into this cycle, I breathe and continue to do so, until my mind is not trying to hold onto memories and knowledge of what others have told me about religion to attack anyone.

I commit myself to living the realisation that we are all where we are in our lives in our process, therefore we will all have moments of self-realisation at different moments in our lives in relation to religion, therefore it is never "my responsibility" to get rid of religion in others, all I can do is plant seeds here on my journey to life.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 02 Jul 2017, 19:14

http://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot. ... se-of.html

Am I ready? Well we all have to make sure we are psychologically ready for the changing world emerging around us, that is us in every moment of everyday.

A few days ago I saw a man with an advanced cybernetic implant in his eye, and I also found out about a new robot police force being deployed in Dubai, while also watching an advert about the "super humans coming" for the upcoming Paralympics.

Also a friend a few days later got a new dog, which is a hybrid, then shortly after I was driving behind a car called a hybrid, and later that night I read another story in the ever increasing amount of news stories about hybrid babies.

In all these situations I reacted, because even though I am aware of these things better then most, I had fears come up in the form of a dark vision about the dangers of humanity creating a cybernetic/hybrid society before adequately correcting the issues in the collective mind of humanity.

It was an overwhelming sense of dread that came from this projection in my mind, like my breathe

was held and as I was staring into space encapsulated by this dark image, tears filled my eyes, and I had to snap myself back here with a sharp intake of breathe.

These reactions come from the fact that while there are increasing ground breaking benefits to both cybernetics and genetic engineering as Science has been proving for the past 100+ years, particularly with regards to Renewable Technology, Cybernetics, Biotechnology and Nanotechnology.

Yet within this, there are also increasing dangers that rise from the consequences of a human species that is advancing its technology so rapidly, yet is not advancing its moral altruistic nature and unified creative prowess at the same pace, because while the global awakening of people around the world to the suffering existing and the need for solutions is higher then ever before in modern history - we still often seem more lost then ever on a collective level within the chains of our own self-interested mental prisons manifested as the abuse of all life around us.

In short this rise of cyber genetics is also giving us more advanced ways to segregate, subjugate and destroy each other, to abuse life, which is unfortunately what much of this amazing technology has been predominantly used for since its inception.

It is my fears of us causing our own demise from these things that sometimes comes up in these emotionally overwhelming patterns through my life, more so in recent years. These experiences do not assist me in anyway, because they keep me in separation from psychical reality here, and give a consequence of losing faith in humanity to change, where depression, apathy, over the top pessimism and powerlessness abound inside myself and in daily interaction. So I know I need to unravel these patterns and walk till I am stable as breathe when anything related to cybernetics and genetics comes up in my life.

But I also have moments where I react to something then have visions of the future of humanity being vastly improved with cybernetics and genetics which comes up and is equally as powerful in terms of the effects on me. A wave of positivity can overtake me as a consequence in a pattern of behaviour, which keeps me in separation from physical reality, blinding me to what is here and the blood sweat and tears needed here to make that beneficial future a reality.

Because if we can rebuild humanity first on a mental and spiritual level to take care of ourselves, each other, our planet, and place education and creativity as the primary concern in all our lives - if we can do this on an individual and collective scale then there is no doubt that we can use Cybernetics and Genetics to benefit all life on this planet.

We will live longer healthier lives, we will be able to transcend disease and viruses, we will have the capacity to do the most arduous and difficult jobs without any risk to a living being, we will be able to make our forests and oceans flourish, we will be able to transgress our potential and the stars in peace - that is a vision I much prefer the sound of, yet as we are seeing there are limitations within both the negative and positive visions of the rise of cyber/hybrid society which I take self-responsibility to end.

So lets realise that no amount of cybernetics and genetics can fix our mental issues for us, only we can do that , so we can utilise common sense within cybernetics and genetics - so within this lets individually and collectively live the world we want to see, a world that is best for all life, join me next time as I continue my journey to life.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 09 Jul 2017, 20:58

http://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot. ... se-of.html

So continuing from my last blog, I have to make sure I am ready for extreme societal changes in my life moving forward with regards to Cybernetics and Genetic Hybridisation, we all have to be prepared for this -

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react to various cybernetic and hybrid things I have seen in my life recently, as fear manifested as imaginations and projections of a dark future. But I realise that no matter if something i see in my mind of the future is real or not, I cannot be allowing myself to react whenever I see things that remind me of the future, getting caught in an emotional vision of the future keeping me in separation from who i am as life here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself, to charge these dark visions with emotions, where tears will fill up my eyes and I will be struggling to breathe while caught in amongst these images of a future where humanity as we know it ceases to exist. I realise that by adding any emotions to these images, just like being encapsulated within and as the visions themselves is not acceptable, so I take self-responsibility to diffuse this in my mind and keep myself here stable as breathe.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realise that I have been holding onto facts about

how untrustworthy humans can be with technology, and using that to fuel these emotional dark visions of the future. I realise that no matter if a fact is a fact, that is no justification for fuelling anything that keeps me in separation of myself, so I will walk until I learn to stop doing this no matter what.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to react in fear to the dangers of technology evolving so quickly while human morality and expansion still seems to be devolving in many ways, I forgive myself that I have been reacting in fear to the irresponsibility that some people have in the world with regards to Science projects that are heavily funded and do not benefit all life.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to fear humanity causing its own destruction by using cybernetics and genetics to segregate, subjugate and destroy each other, which regardless of the fact that this is a real danger, I am not helping the situation by accepting this fear, I am not supporting myself to anyone else through this allowance, so I will teach myself to stop this now.

I forgive myself that I have not realised the consequences of feeding into this pattern of these dark visions for years, has had the effect of causing me to often be depressed, bitter, apathetic, pessimistic and lacking faith in humanities potential to change for the better. I realise that these effects do not support me in anyway in building the world I want to see, so I must unravel this bullshit in my mind till i am stable about our future with regards to Cybernetics and Genetics.

I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to hold onto memories of watching Metropolis with my granddad as a kid, and him explaining to me that this film are the plans of the elite - I still remember the fear I felt about that then as he would explain humanity slowly becoming replaced, so it is clear that I have held onto this experience which is the starting point for this issue, and then I have added layers through the years.

I forgive myself that I have added layers to the fears of a Cyber/Hybrid future that began with

Metropolis and my grandfather, through watching more films on a similar subject in my life like: Terminator, Blade Runner, The Matrix, The Boys from Brazil, X-men, Gattaca, 1984, The Island, Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Avatar and many others. However, i have since realised that these layers I have built in relation to fears of the future are not assisting me here, but are simply separating me from physical reality which is enslaving myself.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to sometimes react in overwhelming positivity when I see Cybernetic/Hybrid things, where when I see something profound like a blind man being able to see again through cybernetic implants in his eyes, I will have these equally emotional visions of the future, where all life is uplifted through an Equal Money System, and where only the benefits of Cybernetics and Genetics will be allowed, where we will build heaven on earth.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to charge these positive visions with emotions, where i only enforce the further separation of myself from physical reality which cannot be allowed to continue, so i walk until i stop this pattern of behaviour.

I forgive myself that I have not realised in every breathe, that when I am caught up this positive

bubble of the future, I am completely encapsulated by the light so to speak, on a high of positive feelings, imaging all the amazing things we will be able to do as a species, being brashly over confident, where I cannot see clearly with these tears of joy what is required here in this body, the work that is needed to be done in order to make this beneficial vision of the future a reality now.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed Hold onto facts of some of the benefits of Cybernetics and Genetics, as reasons to fuel these "positive visions" of the future within and as me, when in reality there is never any justification for allowing imaginations and visions to overwhelm me in any moment.

I forgive myself that I have not realised that these positive and negative visions of the future in relation to cybernetics and genetics, is a polarity friction playing out, whereby I am only fuelling the

opposite through focusing on the good or the bad, but when I stop and breathe I can see common sense where I realise there is no "good or bad" in anything there is only what is here, which is either support or abuse, and any visions/imaginations/desires/fears that keep me in separation from who I am as life here, are not things I need to maintain within and as myself.

I forgive myself for not realising that while the future of humanity can be better through combined effort, but it cannot become a reality by me being unstable here, because me being stable here as breathe in all moments in self-honesty, is the starting point of this beneficial world becoming manifested -

everything begins with ourselves here, painting and living the image that we want to see in the world as ourselves - one spark that eventually becomes a race of sparks, moving in and as the same resonance building in every moment the eternal support of all life equally.

I commit myself to not allowing myself to react to cybernetics and Genetic splicing I see in my life

moving forward in this world, so as and when I see my mind having thoughts and starting to drift in these moments, I stop and breathe, I keep myself here by not allowing myself to engage with these thoughts/imaginations and visions that arise - I continue to focus on breathing every time this situation comes up until eventually there is no more.

I commit myself to living the realisation that while there are obvious massive dangers, and obvious massive benefits to cybernetics and genetics being more central in society, I cannot allow myself to be defined by either, because here as this breathe, there is only what is tangible here, so I can only apply common sense living as myself, investigating Cybernetics and Genetics just the same as with all things then only keep that which is of support to all life, just building a better world with my hands, where any technology will be respected and only used to uplift others.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 16 Jul 2017, 20:42

http://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot. ... rs-of.html

One of the ways in which people can fuck things up quickly in their life, is through be trapped in a pattern of indecisiveness - those moments where we are forced to make a choice in a moment as the interactions our lives unfold around us, which hinge upon what decision we choose.

Its like a feeling of being overwhelmed by information within this decision we are forced to make, where it is difficult to see the outcome of picking either, and being afraid that the choice we will make will be wrong.

Continual indecision implies a lack of self-trust, which then freezes us and this lack of self-trust and fear of picking the wrong option can freeze us in time if we let it, and then no decision is made, in which case both choices will disappear from your life.

I usually am a very decisive person in my life, my Granddad, Bernard and some other amazing people around the world have taught me to teach myself this from a young age.

For instance as many people know my grandfather was a huge German lover and Nazi supporter, and a part of Nazi ideology is the concept of looking at what is achievable here and being decisive, because being decisive means a more well oiled machine, a more efficient system, to have the strength and courage of ones convictions.

So i have been brought up to use what data is available to me here, to make an informed decision, and once i have all the data i must choose, decisively with no second thoughts, no regrets, fortune favours the brave - because the fact that i could be making the wrong decision is irrelevant in a way, because as long as I make a decision I am carving out my own path, I am wasting no time on the bubble of indecision where nothing is forged.

However, recently there are a few things that have been happening in my life, where I am forced to make a choice, but in these scenarios has been a wave of indecision.

One moment of consistent indecision recently is in relation to relationships, where there is two females that I am very close friends with, and one of them is wanting to be my partner, while the other one is uncertain but is open to us staying friends or trying a relationship.

I struggle to trust people easily, because as we all have, I have seen family, friends and business partners turn against each other where trust between the two people is abused. - and as we all do, I hold onto past memories of failed friendships and relationships with females and there is teh fear of repeating past mistakes of trusting someone that I should not trust.

So I expect a person to react about somethings i speak about, and I always expect some kind of hidden agenda to arise within why a person wants to spend time with me or interact with me in anyway - this expectation of deception causes me to be lest trusting to the person who is being overly nice to me, and more trusting of someone who is not trying to impress me.

There are other things playing into the indecision here, certain things about each woman's personality that I like or dislike, different work parameters, different kinds of families, and very different visually to look at.

I am reacting to all these differences in my mind, and allowing my mind to be overwhelmed, enjoying interacting with both women, yet bouncing back and forth in my mind daily working out which one i like more, or which one would be best as a partner or just a friend.

Then with family I have had indecision come up recently because my grandmother (who I have never met) is likely to die within the next month, she is 89 now.

Its like a split in my mind where I am wanting to see her to ask her why she always avoided me, why she helped destroy my granddads name, and essentially to berate her, yet with the hope that seeing her on her last legs would quell my verbal attack, and perhaps her being in her last moments would cause her to open up to me and we could find some form of reconciliation in her last moments in this world.

Then on the other side my mind was just like fuck it, that woman means nothing to me, she destroyed my grandfathers name, she stole majority of the family wealth, and spent a lifetime avoiding me. So why should I go and see her? I wish she would hurry up and die.

So its been like ping pong in my mind with these points, I could have gone to see her the other day, as my mother was going, but I chose not to, yet I virtually wasted a day to come to that decision, and I regretted that decision slightly after I made it.

Then also with work recently, there are some large deals that I am set to complete with some of my Chinese and Israeli clients, if these projects complete, then it will help improve many peoples lives and I will be well rewarded for these completed deals.

So recently as these projects come to the penultimate points of decision making from my clients, it has caused me to be indecisive at certain times, in terms of knowing if I should push the client more to hurry up and make a decision or pull away from any pressure from fear of the deal falling apart.

In business at any level this is a difficult task, because while I have what these clients are looking for, they also fear loosing their huge amounts of funds if the project somehow fails.

I just noticed the other day, this indecision to push or pull with these clients left me sat in a room for about 30 minutes just staring at the phone mumbling to myself about the possibilities, eventually I came to the decision that I have spoke to both the clients a lot in the past few weeks and months, so I will just drop them an email.

That was fair enough, but wasting 30 minutes on indecision in a 24 hour day, is a lot of wasted breathes from my perspective.

So what I'm getting at here is that while having options is great, the dangers of indecision are very clear - first off indecision wastes time as procrastination, and time is always against us so every second counts in a 24 hour day, secondly the longer time I spend as this indecision in my mind indicates the more fear is controlling me in these extended moments, fearing to make the wrong choice, not trusting myself to make the right choice, within which there is a danger I make no choice.

When no choice is made, nothing can be manifested and the two choices will inevitably disappear which puts one in a worse spot then before, because I have made no commitment, when two points in my life are requiring me to commit - and ultimately if you don't push that button when the moment arises, then everything comes crashing down.

So while making the wrong decision in anything has its consequences and may come with regrets, making no decision is far more dangerous and is where the experience of regret will be certain. In all situations in my life, I must learn to slow down and breathe in these situations where I can apply common sense and make a decision that is best for all life in every situation, wasting as little time as possible in the dimensions of indecision in my mind.

Now I must walk to fix this pattern of indecision that has been coming up in my life recently, so that I can remain stable as the breathe as life in self honesty as who I really am in all moments here.

So join me next time as I continue to walk my journey to life...

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 23 Jul 2017, 20:02

http://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot. ... -i-go.html

So continuing for my last blog, I cannot allow any patterns of indecision to persist in my life, because these patterns are not supporting me in living what is best for all in self-honesty -

So I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as a pattern of indecision with regards to certain events that have happened in my life recently. I realise that this indecision is not assisting me in anyway, as it is simply causing consequences of inconsistency within and as me, where I doubt my ability to make the right decision, where I fear the consequences of the wrong decision, where I procrastinate and waste many breathes as a bubble of indecisive thoughts in my mind.

I forgive myself that I have not realised in every breathe that these cascade of indecisive thoughts are happening because I am reacting to certain people/events and interactions in my life currently. So obviously I must go back in time and look at the starting point of these reactions to unravel this shit and create myself as stability here.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to react to two different female friends that I spend time with, whereby I am uncertain about which woman i like more, comparing the two women, also holding onto memories of having a similar situation years ago with two other women and fearing that situation repeating.

So within this I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to exist as comparison, where there is a constant chatter in my mind of what "this person would do" and what "that other person would do", keeping me in complete separation of myself here. I realise that this comparison is not supportive, because I am essentially creating two unnecessary conflicting forces in my mind, judging these people according to what I define as better or worse, instead of just accepting both women as life.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to judge these women in my mind according to every decision they make creating a competition of energy in my mind. I take self-responsibility to instead begin to accumulate breathe in these moments where the thoughts come up, I cannot allow myself to engage these judgemental competitive thoughts. When I stick to breathing consistently in these situations, i am able to apply common sense to see what is the most practical to do and then do it.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to hold onto memories of a past experience years ago where again I was interacting with two women playing this exact same game in my mind, and ultimately through my pattern of indecision with regards to either woman, I ended up frustrating both women, and in the end neither woman wanted to be around me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear these memories repeating again in my life, to fear making the wrong the decision, doubting my ability to make the best decision, making my indecision constant, and i realise that these fears freeze me to make beneficial action, it causes me to shell up inside myself trying to avoid any decision.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself according to these memories, where I believe that I will "inevitably" repeat the mistakes of the past and be left with a worse option, or neither option - I realise that this definition keeps in separation from physical reality as who I really am as life, so will remove this self-definition that I have created through a process of self-forgiveness and self-corrective application of breathing.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as a pattern indecision with regards going to see my grandmother in her last moments of life or not.

However, since I wrote the first part of this blog my grandmother died, so her body made the decision for me you could say, which is always what happens when you leave a decision too long, the physical will move and decide for you so to speak.

Yet within this even though I have never liked my grandmother for stealing family money and avoiding me her whole life, I have experienced some intense sadness about her death - mainly because we both lived our lives not assisting each other even for a moment, that we will never have the chance to reconcile in this life time, it was never destined to be.

All I can do is make sure I release the reactions I have held onto with regards to her all my life, while in my mind I have believed I was right to dislike her all my life, I see now that this dislike has never supported me at all -

So I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to resent my grandmother for stealing family money from my grandfather and for avoiding me her whole life. I realise that she had her reasons, she was a uniquely cold character because f her connection to queen Elizabeth and government work that required one to be harsh, cold and looking after yourself first. I realise that if i was in her shoes, living the life she had I likely would have done the exact same things she did no matter what my ego says to disagree with this.

In a way she actually assisted to make me a stronger character, because all the reactions I had towards her growing up, would only force me eventually to have to correct these reactions expanding myself in the process. Also while I am great in a team working with others, I can still drop all assistance if required, where I never like to look at someone as a crutch for myself, which again is something my grandmother taught me without knowing it.

So I forgive myself for not realising that while my grandmother never made an effort to support me while she was here, she did still teach me some valuable life lessons without even knowing it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as a pattern of indecision with regards to completing a large business deal, because I realise that this indecision is not supporting me in living what is best for all.

I forgive myself for not realising in every moment that I can only ever influence a persons decision making process, but i cannot control it whether I pressure them or not. So I realise that being uncertain about whether to push or pull is irrelevant because ultimately they will make their own decision and I will be an influential factor in that either way.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear the clients pulling out of the deal based on my pushing or pulling too much - I realise that I cannot control that because everyone defines and deals with pressure in different ways, so this fear is pointless and ultimately when I focus on breathing, I can apply common sense to my actions, where I simply keep it practical, not over extending either way, because when I apply common sense it is obvious when I am pressuring someone too much or not enough.

I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to waste unnecessary time through being caught in this pattern of indecisiveness with my clients on this deal - the work has been done, so I just need to focus on breathing, being honest with myself where I do not allow myself to get stuck in this indecision going back and forth in my mind of possibilities.

I forgive myself for not realising in every moment that any time I am not being decisive, I am literally wasting time, of course there must be a deliberation process in anything, but that can be calculated in a reasonable time with common sense, and practical planning, not days, weeks, and months of indecision.

I forgive myself for holding onto memories of being indecisive when I was very young, with things like sweets, cartoons, toys, food - then through the years I have added more layers to this pattern of indecision, where it has become automatic to be indecisive when certain decisions must be made. I realise that then just as now this indecision has never assisted me, it only prolongs the inevitable decision and keeps me in a state of separation as the pre-programmed mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to doubt myself within and as this indecision, where I expect that based on past experiences I will make a wrong decision, or even if I make the right decision I could still find a way of messing it up. This self-doubt does not assist me in anyway, it does not empower me, or improve me at all, it simply limits me, so yeah no need to doubt myself anymore.

I am decisive about many things in my life, so it makes no sense to be indecisive about certain areas, so i will walk until I have removed all patterns of indecision from my life.

I commit myself to not allowing myself to exist as a pattern of indecision in relation to certain events, people, scenarios - instead as and when any thoughts of indecision arise, I stop and breathe I do not allow myself to participate with these thoughts as I know the consequence will simply be the prolonging of this pattern and the cycle playing out again where I miss a decision through being so indecisive.

I continue to breathe in these situations where I keep myself here as life as this body, where I then am able to apply common sense, to make the most practical decision in any scenario which is always the most beneficial regardless of outcome of the decision. Eventually through this process of self-corrective application of breathing in these moments, eventually there will be no more indecisive thoughts that come up in my life.
I commit myself to living the realisation that I cannot control the consequences of my decision, so it makes no sense fearing this, I can only make sure that I make decisions based on what is best for all life in this physical reality, not on pre-programmed thoughts, feelings and emotions where only self-interest is the decision maker.

I commit myself to not allowing myself to doubt myself when a difficult decision is brought before me, so as and when i see my mind reacting to a decision having thoughts based in self-doubt, i stop and breathe, I do not allow myself to engage these thoughts, I simply continue to breathe until eventually there is not self-doubt that will exist in my decision making processes in lif

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 30 Jul 2017, 18:15

http://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot. ... right.html

What does money give you? Security - this feeling of security comes from knowing that no matter what cost is in your life now, or that is put in front of you in the future, you will be able to deal with that cost as long as you have money.

We all fear not having money, and we all strive to attain more money, because it is god in this world - it is the determining factor in whether or not you can get what you want from day to day living, in terms of acquiring items and directing large amounts of people - so to do these things you must have "gods blessing." so to speak.

I received some money recently, which was a mixture of a business deal completing and some family inheritance - can you remember the moments in your life where you received the largest payments? If so you will notice that each time there is the releasing of tension, the literal weight that you feel fall off your shoulders.

Billions in this world have never experienced this security, which is unacceptable, so it is this feeling of financial security that we are going to extend to all humanity and even wildlife -
we are going to take the stress of existence on Earth away from people - because we have all had enough of financial stress, thus it must be abolished.

We have made great strides, 20 years ago there were no governments speaking about basic income, now look how many are speaking about it, testing it - these people know we are correct, because the will of this planet is something we are all intrinsically connected to, and its really now just a matter of time until enough people realise what is needed, put their ego aside and join the team of life.

There is no choice in this, there is an Equal Money System, or there is the extinction of the human species. Despite what some some say, we are actually getting rid of money, by giving everyone money, so suddenly money will have no more power, that's the point of equal money - no more power to decide who lives and dies, because everyone now has it, everyone can now flourish.

However, there are people who will argue that money does not matter, that they do not need it, they will tell you that money is the root of all evil, which is always an interesting idea, because ultimately it is humanity that create and perpetuate the value that money has.

For those of you who think money means nothing, then you need to go and walk more on our planet - you need to go to areas in the world where the extreme consequences of not having money can be seen in front of you so you cannot deny.

These people who see money as something negative, are merely confused by the fact that evil things are done with money when the intentions are evil, as is the nature of this capitalistic money system. But what happens when our intentions with money are to uplift all life?

We all see what the damaging consequences of a money system designed to take from life, instead of supporting it are. But what is your solution to this? What running off "Into the wild" like that film? But like in that film did you not notice that his life gradually becomes more difficult through his process of "shunning this money system".

It sounds so nice though doesn't it? I'm gona walk away and leave money behind, I'm gona start a new spiritual path for myself out in the wilderness with mother nature - but really this is a fear of money becoming tangible in a persons life, where they are literally trying to hide from the consequences of money.

I mean yes we all want to live a life a of freedom, but freedom is not something you can have only for
yourself now in self-interest - because until it is tangible for all life then it is not real, and now is the point in human history where the power of unified work is more important then ever before.

Do you really think that mother earth is happy to have a crazed human running around in circles in the forests, taking directly from her, while she suffers? Do you really think you can best contribute to building a better world by ignoring the pains in this world, ignoring society, technology and innovation, going back to a "noble caveman existence"?

No we are in the year 2017, we do not have time to waste on avoiding and hating money, money has been the problem and can be the solution, just like the human species in general - people ask what currencies are at what value, fluctuations, what does this commodity or service cost etc.

This ultimately shows us that we assign money its value, so lets assign it a new value of life, a stable and consistent value that does not fluctuate from one country to the next.

We are here now, building into a new world where new ideas, new technologies, a new self-responsible group of humans collaborating, and new futures are being built.

So we need solutions first and foremost, not actions of fear - there is no running from or attacking the abuses of capitalism that have ever worked for a sustainable future. We must stand, face this system we have created, become it and just as with our own personal lives, re-design it from the inside out to become a world of stability as what is best for all life.

Securing each others future is the greatest security we can achieve as a species, so lets make sure we get this done no matter what.

Join me next time as I continue this point and my journey to life...

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