Marleys Journey To Life

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 08 Jan 2017, 21:18

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So I have found that saying something is never possible in my life, does not assist me in living what is best for all life, especially when you are caught within a concept that "times change but people don't" - for instance recently I was reminded of this, by believing that a person I broke relations with a few years ago would "never change".

This person had some particularly self-destructive elements to their personality, and despite mine and other peoples efforts to assist them to assist themselves, they simply refused to see their behaviour a as a problem.

Now I will not say what this person was doing because this blog is not relevant to the point I'm making, but needless to say, if you have known someone who is lost within hard drugs and criminality, then we can all agree that is behaviour that needs to be given attention to be stopped, when you care about this person you want to do everything you can to help them.

Then at some point in this relationship, you see how hard this person is resisting your support, and so you stop and say to yourself - "fuck this person, they will never change, times change people don't, I will leave them now to wallow in their self-created destruction of the universe, they cannot be trusted with life".

Its interesting really because my own life has proven to me that any person can change themselves for the better regardless of how lost they can seem at certain points in their life - yet still I can see how I have limited myself through believing that what I know about a person, will often stay the same for the rest of their life, and while this often can be true that some people never change -

I can see how from this belief and definition I make about a person, then leads me to build doubts based on this belief and definition I have of them. It was so cool to experience this surprise to see this person again and in such a transformed state, because the surprise was only based on me accepting my understanding of the person would remain the same forever.

This person went on to thank me for what I was trying to do for them, and said that my words settled with them long after I left their life, which helped give them a route out of their personal hell they had created.

It was just an excellent reminder to me that the idea we have of others, is not set in stone, it is not certain that they will remain this way forever - people do have the capacity to change, but our memories of them do not - so no matter how dark it can seem for a person, we must remember that with self-will, introspection, self-development, discipline and bravery - something that seemed an impossibility can become possible, so its best that we do not put unnecessary limits on things in our lives in any areas.

So If you have also seen your self believing that you cannot change something about yourself, or that someone else you know cannot change, or that you will not be able to achieve something, then join me in my next blog as I continue to investigate this point.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 15 Jan 2017, 21:16

http://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot. ... never.html

So continuing from my last blog -

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe for a ling period of time, that "times change, people don't". I have since realised that while many people in this world will remain the same as they are now in 10 years time, and till their death, the fact remains that my own life and the lives of many beings around the world, prove that beneficial changes in peoples lives can occur.

I forgive myself that I have not realised in all moments, that if a person has the will to change, then something which seemed impossible according to my memory of them, can change - so within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hold onto my idea of a person in the past, when I can see that this idea I have of this person is irrelevant to hold onto, because it does not support me in living what is best for all life.

I forgive myself that I have not realised in every breathe, that from the experiences I have had with certain people, I then create the memories, beliefs and definitions, and from these memories, beliefs and definitions I make about a person, I have then created doubts based on this, which limits my understanding of a persons capabilities, and limits my own which is unacceptable.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to doubt a persons ability to change for the better, based on the belief and definition I have created about a person in a period of interacting with them, which is no way necessarily going to be set in stone for life - we all have our own process to walk.

I forgive myself that I have doubted myself to change certain things about myself through the years, when in reality this doubt has never assisted me once in supporting myself to change, so this doubt i have no time to participate with.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as the ego of wanting to save people from their own demons, and expecting them to listen and act on my support immediately, especially if they are caught in a particularly destructive pattern of behaviour -

I have realised that I cannot save people from their own shit, I can only offer moments of support, and I can never expect a person to make the changes I suggest immediately, its completely unreasonable, as I have found with my own process of self-change - and often the more destructive the behaviour a person allows, then it is likely to be a long hard road before the person will be even ready to consider about changing.

I forgive myself that I have not understood and realised consistently, is that everyone improves at their own pace, and whenever we try and force things upon people, and say we want it "fixed now", then we are existing in separation as the ego, because the ego is impatient, the ego wants immediate results. However when I breathe and slow down it always becomes clear to me that for any person to change effectively in their life, it takes a hard process of standing and falling, creating new goals and reaching them in time, growing our understanding of our-self and our capabilities.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to say and hold onto a concept that times change but people don't, when I have since realised that never say never, makes far more sense as a living principle, because there is no limits within never say never - yet within the concept that "times change and people don't" while there is some truth to it, there is also limitation within the statement itself, as a self-fulfilling prophecy that essentially makes change impossible which is not acceptable as a living principle.

I commit myself to not allowing myself to believe blindly that "times change and people don't". I understand and realise that sometimes this statement is true, and sometimes it is not. So as and when I see my mind looking to believe this statement to be true about a person, I stop and breathe, I realise that there is no way I can possibly know if a person will change one day or not, and it is irrelevant to my own process. I will not allow myself to engage any thoughts in these moments, because I know that I will only limit myself if I do within this "people don't change" concept which does not support me in living what is best for all - so I breathe and continue to do so until there is no more thoughts that come up.

I commit myself to living the realisation that while there is breathe in a persons body, that no matter how dark it can seem in their life, that as likely as it is that they will remain the same until death, there is also a chance that they may become aware of their destructive behaviours consequences, and walk a process of self-change.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 22 Jan 2017, 22:36

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Fascinating isn't it when our pre-programmed mind shows us things about ourselves and what we have allowed - just recently I noticed my mind being tricky about the point of failure in front of others.

It's funny how the mind does not want a person you like to be defeated in any situation - its like the ego cannot handle the idea of that person seeing you lose at something, and so you do anything possible to avoid that person seeing you in this position. Any person in life that tells you that they have never failed at anything, or are undefeatable or infallible in some way is lying, never forget that.

Now as some people know, I am very much interested by martial arts, I have been a martial artist since I was young, and in my life I have trained many different martial arts, and trained in many different gyms/training facilities.

My current gym is full of great athletes, but the mental competition is not as bad as other places I've trained in before. The focus is mainly on everyone improving their arts together, which makes it a supportive environment for training.

Now I am respected in my gym, as is everyone else, because we all come from various martial arts backgrounds, to learn from each other and assist each other to grow. A part of this is firstly to never try to injure your training partners, there is no place for egos in supportive martial arts gyms, so anyone who cannot accept losses and victories in day to day life, is not equipped mentally to be a martial artist.
Everyone in my gym is a very high level professional martial artist, so all of us get the better of each other on certain days in grappling, striking or wrestling exchanges, we all know who the most effective martial artists are in a live combat situation, but none of us are there to stamp that authority.

However, while I thought I understood all these things, the principles of a martial artist etc, its amazing how my mind fucked with me just recently - so someone I know that I like, said to me that they would like to come and watch me train, and maybe join in -

In my mind was thoughts like "ok if she comes in on a day where I'm winning all the exchanges with my partners then cool, but if she comes in on a day where I'm losing some rounds here and there, I really don't want her to see me fail. Also while shes in the gym I'm gona be distracted by her watching which will mess my focus up, or mess up some of my training partners focus".

Fascinating isn't it, the ego, I mean really - and then from this thought I started coming up with ways to avoid agreeing to let her come to my gym, just based on the chance that when she comes in and I'm rolling, sparring or wrestling with one of my top partners, who's getting the better of me in that moment and "how bad" that would look, and also fearing she would be the only female in the gym, so i didn't want her effecting anyone else's focus lol.

I said this to one of my best training partners, and we laughed about it, as he said its the exact same reason why he doesn't let his partner come down the gym, but within the moment I could see that this is not something that really is supporting either of us.

I've seen this pattern of behaviour before in my life, in relation to other things, like for instance when I was younger in teenage years and early 20s, I went though a long period of never discussing details about certain conspiracy type stuff that I would claim to know things about, because at the time my ego didn't want that person to know the truth that while I know a lot, there is holes in my understanding of certain things, just like everyone else, that I was trying to avoid admitting at that time in my life.

So this cycle of pre-programmed behaviour, of fearing people seeing me in a "less advantageous/all knowing" position, which my ego has perceived to be a "weakened state" is not supporting me in living whats best for all life whatsoever, so join me in my next blog as I continue to uproot the core of this problem and walk to transcend the point.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 29 Jan 2017, 19:27

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So continuing from my last blog, it is highly important to become intimate with loss as much as victory. It is a part of growth, because within loss we learn humility, we increase our understanding of ourselves, and how we can improve as living beings.

Do not lie to yourself about who you really are, the ego is a tricky thing, but I will never allow my ego to control who I am, and the decisions I make in my life, because the ego is not based in physical reality here, but rather in the imaginations of consciousness in separation from the physical, and therefore I cannot trust it.

Only the ego can create infallible all knowing ideas of our self, because in reality we all experience losing, and we all learn a lot about ourselves in relation to these losses, in terms of what we did wrong and how we can improve. But an apparent "all knowing undefeatable" being can never learn anything, never forget that -

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to attempt to avoid people seeing me fail at any undertaking, especially if I like the person - I realise that within this I am creating and existing as a holographic idea of myself as an imaginary infallible being, in complete separation from who I really am as life.

I forgive myself that I have not realised in all moments that who I really am is always here as breathe, and it is within breathing that I can apply common sense to my decision making, instead of being fuelled by some desire to present the perfect image of myself to another.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to be defined by a person I like, as being perfect and without failings - I realise that this desire is limiting because through participating with this desire, is where I then go and create this projection that I put up in front of people I like, where I am trying to pump up the best of me, and be silent and hide the worst of me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear being seen in a compromising position by someone that I like - I realise this fear does not assist me in living whats best for all life, and i also realise that being in compromising positions is something we all go through in life, and therefore we should never be afraid to show our loses as much as our victories with people, so that the true story of who we are is always clear for all to see.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to be distracted from what I'm doing when someone I like is watching me fail or be in a compromising position in any undertaking, through existing as this idea of myself that I am presenting to this person, and then fearing that the image I created is being cracked and shattered.

I forgive myself that I have not realised in all moments, that any projected images we present to others, will always be shattered at some point anyway as we become more intimate with a person - if a person forever believes I am an undefeatable/special being, then all that indicates is that I haven't allowed myself to open up, to truly communicate with and be intimate with that person.

I forgive myself that I have not realised in all moments, that within difficult situations and failure, there is still glory that comes, in a different form - because when our intentions are clear, when we stand as who we are and express who we are, and the point we are working on is of great importance, and we aim for victory in our intentions, then failure is still supportive, because our input was of worth in this world.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to believe that being in a less advantageous/all knowing position is a "weakened state". I have since realised that this is nothing but my ego trying to trick me into believing that I can be a "lessened version" of myself just by virtue of whether or not I'm succeeding or losing in an undertaking, which is complete bullshit because who I am is not defined by victory or loss, who I am is this breathe of life here, therefore who I really am is never in question as our egos would have us believe.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to attempt to attract only positive praise from someone I like, and avoid negative responses from them - which is directly saying to that person that I don't want to have a real relationship with you, I want you to have a relationship with an imaginary version of me which is unacceptable.

I commit myself to not allowing myself to fear someone I like seeing me be wrong, being in a difficult situation, or losing in an undertaking - I realise that within sharing losses and victories with people I like and everyone I know, then the real me is always seen. So as and when I see my mind having thoughts come up that feed into this ego based "never fail" character, I stop and breathe, I do not allow myself to participate, because I know the pre-programmed cycle i will be trapped within if i do not release these thoughts, so I breathe an doctrine to breathe until there is no more thoughts that come up.

I commit myself to live the realisation that, who I am is never in question no matter what I do in my life, through the trials and tribulations, the victories and losses of life, I am always still here as life, doing everything in my power to build a world that is best for all life no matter what - that is all that matters.

I commit myself to learning and living that realisation that within sharing my victories and losses, with everyone i know in all situations, this means that my quality of relationships in my life will only be strengthened, and will support others to only show me the real version of themselves also, as my real self becomes an example that assists others to show me their losses as much as their victories, which is victory for us all :)

Join me in my next blog as I continue to walk my journey to life.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 05 Feb 2017, 22:32

http://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot. ... -step.html

Yes it has been sprouting for some time now - the voice of life is starting to be heard more by humanity as we move forward, as the space encloses in this physical reality within whcih we all inhabit.

The discussions of basic income increasing around the world elite is the manifestation of this voice of life coming through - most have been unaware of the reasons why this is emerging, but what I want to bring attention to here, is that humanity is in a process now to realising in unity that we only have once choice as the abuse in our enclosing reality increases.

This choice is the principles of Equality and Oneness which is not some fanatical concept from one group, it is a message that has been here written in the stones of the Earth but misunderstood for thousands of years, and that has been a universal law for eons of time in all of existence.

So understand that no matter how hard you try to convince yourself and others around you that you are more important then others, no matter what you try to do to enhance yourself above others in every way - know that you are a equally a physical being, you are equal as life as any other being that is manifested here, you cannot escape this, and you cannot escape the fact that your self-interested attempts to force infinity into a finite vessel which stands as a speck in the face of existence is a fruitless pursuit.

We already are all infinity as life, and so when we support the infinity in all, then we will actually unlock the true key of immortality and death as we know it will cease to exist for all.

Once a being realises that they can never actually kill life, because we are all life - an interwoven meshed ecological system, a sound resonance that are a part of each other down to the dust. When this realisation occurs, the path becomes clear, and the process for that person will begin to rebirth themselves as life, to find ways to uplift themselves, others around them, and the world as a whole.

This process is rocky though, and uncertain if we rest on our laurels, there are no givens here - this is the process humanity is now on - so we are like the ape men of prehistoric times bumbling around in the dark trying to learn how to make tools.

So making sure that everyone stays alive and has more support (basic income) is the first step we are now embarking on as a species - realising that its actually much better and more enjoyable for everyone, when we don't have to see any form of poverty anywhere, both visually and in terms of practical daily living - that it is actually more enjoyable to see everyone functioning effectively in the system.

Then from this realisation being adopted globally, where every country in the world has a basic living income that citizens receive on top of their work salaries - from this everyone will realise that although a global basic income has enriched our society, that the final step is a complete transference of wealth distribution to all life.

Now this is the most difficult step because it requires us to change our human nature, a complete transcendence of the capitalist concept in humanity that "the strongest must survive", that some "must always be better" then the rest of us.

So this step could take some time, it really depends on us, but this is a world where everyone in the world has an unlimited pool of resources, and has access to the best of everything from birth till death, and where no work undertaking is paid more then any other - where everyone is transformed into the comfort of a billionaire to put it in laymens terms.

This is an Equal Money System - where the finest luxury of all things here, will be freely accessible to all, where any job will pay exactly the same wage - where people applying for jobs will be based on passion not greed - where the most mundane and highly difficult jobs will be done by machines - where everyone can access and activate their dreams in the world - where everyone's input will become a valid and creative injection into our species - where we will truly evolve and boldly go where no man has gone before -

This is where we manifest heaven on earth - and from here this is where essentially money will completely cease to exist - because by this point we are all so equally trustworthy as life, that we trust each other without money and will have basically transcended the concept of money as our daily living flows without resistances.

From here is unlimited potential - but as I said earlier if we drop the ball now, this last opportunity humanity has, then we will inevitably become extinct - this cannot be avoided - it is equal money or certain extinction, we are making our choice in every moment.

Make the right decision, by standing up for life today, walk a process of improvement - to stand as an example of equality, building the world we want to see everyday with our participation, so we start small, changing what we can in our internal and external world, then we expand through the principle of 1+1, one step at a time.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 12 Feb 2017, 19:55

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I don't smile ever, I'm such a serious guy all the time, you don't know what I've been through, there's no jokes here, there is nothing to smile about in my life - cue continual frowning for hours on end lol.

But no in all seriousness, I genuinely have an issue with being serious all the time, this seriousness stems from seeing my life as being so serious, as well knowing how much suffering is happening in the world moment by moment and how much this is ignored by many, and that we are running out time as a species to fix our fuck up here.

Now while this is true that we have some major problems here, there has been some great work that has been done, and being stuck within a "I'm so serious all the time" character is where I'm missing the moments of joy, the small victories, and the fun of myself here. Because whenever I do laugh I really enjoy it, as we all do, its amazing how laughter actually can often help to make us feel physically better - but as this "I'm so serious" character it makes it impossible to smile.

Its a pattern of behaviour, where I see my life as being so serious, and I revert back into myself, put my sunglasses on psychologically and sometimes physically in this moment, I want to sit in darkness in my mind and physically, and then I do not engage in any form of comedy, even when the laughter makes sense.

It can be a variety of things that I react to in my mind that causes this shift to occur - it will usually be when someone says a really ignorant comment about something in the world, especially if I know they are from a rich family. Its like I will just shift into seriousness, and I will then automatically not be able to laugh at anything the person says after that, and will look for opportunities to tell them to shut their fucking mouth, until they rectify the ignorant statement they made which offended my serious character.

Or other times it will be where something bad has happened in my life, like my mum or one of my dogs is ill, and I will react when I see them suffering and I become this serious character - anyone that comes at me with some kind of comedy in these moments, even when it has good intentions, will usually get their head bitten off by me - where my ego just attacks the person with analytical, direct and harsh words - where as this serious character I am saying no I don't want your fucking laughter, you will take my seriousness, that is what is being disclosed now, your laughter is not cleared for deployment here.

Or other times it could just be that I'm listening to a sad piece of music or watching a serious film, where my mind will react to something about the track or the film and my mind will have memories come up of sad and serious situations that have happened in my life, then I will get teary eyed, the sunglasses go on even in the night and i shift into this serious character.

I notice specifically how little I can do when I am entrenched within and as this character, it literally limits me to doing nothing, or not doing anything effectively - I will speak to nobody, try and avoid any kind of interaction, go nowhere physically, or anywhere I do go I will be disinterested in everything and not giving my full attention or effort, where I will sometimes just aimlessly drive around staring into space listening to sad music.

I have become so accustomed to this seriousness in my life, I have defined myself according to it for years and years, and I noticed recently that it limits me in many ways, because while it is important to be serious about serious things in life, it is important to laugh at different points in our day at some moments, we cannot take everything so heavily and seriously, because it limits our communication and general interaction skills - I aim to get back to where I was mentally as a 7 year old for instance, where laughter was so much easier.

When i look at everything in my mind connected to the word serious, there is a lot that comes up - Humanity, Family, Conspiracies, Government, Economy, Money, Nature, Geo-Politics, Sad Films/Music, Military, Martial Arts, Science, The Universe, Life, My Life, etc.

So this over the top serious pattern, this "I'm such a serious man" character needs to be untangled and walked out, so join me next week as i continue to investigate.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 19 Feb 2017, 21:46

http://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot. ... art-2.html

So being serious all the time, its a serious problem - not to say that the situation humanity is in currently is not serious, because it is. Not to say that when we have problems in our network of work colleagues, family and friends that it is not serious, because it is. Not to say that when you hear an educated person say a really ignorant statement, that it is not a serious problem, because it is.

However, I have seen for myself that when we get trapped within this seriousness inside our mind, that we actually end up limiting ourselves in a variety of ways.

This limitation needs to be expelled -

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as a "I'm so serious" character all the time. I realise that as this character I limit my ability to communicate in group settings especially where there are jokes within this group. I realise that i miss moments of joy, where i can express the fun of myself here, and celebrate the small and large victories that we develop in our lives through completing projects well.

I forgive myself that I have not realised that this seriousness stems from reacting as the ego to certain moments and scenarios in my life that are genuinely serious, but through this reaction pattern I go and define myself according to the seriousness I experience within these serious moments that happen in my life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself according to this seriousness character through continually reacting to serious moments, instead of realising this in the moment and releasing the point through breathe where I remain stable here, and when this is applied consistently I prepare myself for future scenarios when shit hits the fan again, to not react and remain here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to created a self belief that I am somehow "strengthened" through this serious character I endorse as myself. I realise that this is really just a defence mechanism of my ego attempting to stop me from investigating and correcting this seriousness pattern.

I forgive myself that I have not realised that through defining myself as this seriousness, I affiliate and "recognise myself" within films and music that evokes a "serious vibe" where I then go and define music and films that are serious to be "better" then films that aren't, compounding the programming, which is like saying because a film isn't serious it cant be supportive for a person which is obviously not true.

I forgive myself that I have not realised in every here moment of breathe, that there is a big difference between being stable and being serious - when I am here breathing I am stable as a living being able to express myself as life, where I am able to be serious and joking at my own choosing from moment to moment - when I am trapped within this seriousness character, I cannot see anything other then the intense heaviness of being serious, completely limiting my expression.

I forgive myself that I have not realised that limiting my ability to laugh from moment to moment is not advisable, because the physical enjoyment of laughter is not something that any being should be missing, as it is conducive to physical and mental health.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to react to the ignorant statements of another, especially if they are well educated from a rich family as a trigger for transforming into this seriousness character - I realise that when this occurs, i will literally not be able to laugh or enjoy any moment around this person, until they take responsibility for their words, where I will literally go out of my way to try and offend the person through harsh and direct words, to "show them" their stupidity.

I realise that within this kind of attack on a person I am not supporting myself or the other person, but rather creating unnecessary conflict with the person, and I must learn that I cannot change the ignorance of a person right now here just because I want that here now - everyone is walking their own process and thus will have moments of self-realisation at various times

So I forgive myself that i have not realised in all moments that i cannot change a person to become a better being, especially through creating conflict with that person, i can only assist others with bits of seed planting here and there, i can only ever change myself here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to remove all of the stupidity in the world, and to believe that I can do that in a way through being serious 24/7, which of course as I am exposing here is complete bullshit.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself not to get sad about my mother or dogs getting ill, because that is understandable, but rather to then become entrapped within this seriousness character as a result of holding onto this serious sadness i experience when I see them suffering.

So I forgive myself for allowing myself to hold onto this sad and serious experience I have after seeing my family getting more ill, I realise that this seriousness will not assist me in comforting them to the best of my ability, and will not assist me because this seriousness keep me entrapped within emotions and instability, where I end up again attacking someone with harsh direct language even when the person is trying to assist me by lightening my mood so to speak.

I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to connect and charge memories of serious events in my life, through repeatedly listening to music and watching films only that have a serious tone. I realise that this only allows for the memories to become further entrenched, the emotions to be maintained, and this seriousness character to become more of who I am which is separation which I will not allow to continue for myself.

I forgive myself that I haven't realised that when I am entrapped within this serious character, I really cannot do anything effectively - I do not want to go anywhere, I do not want to speak to anybody, i do not want to give my full attention to anything, I just want to sit in a dark room with sunglasses on listening to sad music, brooding as this seriousness - this is not supportive for me or anyone else, so I take responsibility to stop this.

I forgive myself for allowing myself to lose the ability to laugh organically that I once had when I was a child, this is something I will walk to recreate in my life.

I forgive myself for connecting the word serious to a variety of other words where my living of the word serious is in complete separation from myself. I take responsibility to redefine the word serious in my life as a living example of whats best for all - serious - where I see and realise all of us, where we all see that we must be serious, passionate and give our full effort to complete anything effectively in our life, where I change my understanding and living of the word serious from energy to physical support.

So I commit myself to redefining and living a new meaning of the word serious, where I allow myself to be serious in order to support myself to concentrate while working hard on a project, but where I am always loose enough to be able to laugh during this process, as the victories of serious concentration on a project come to fruition.

I commit myself to not allowing myself to become entrapped within and as this serious character within and as my mind, so as and when I see my mind reacting as thoughts in serious situations, I stop and breathe, I do not allow myself to engage the thoughts, as I realise that I will entrap myself within the energy/emotion/instability that is associated with this serious character. So rather then interacting I continue to breathe until there are no more thoughts that come up, which will indicate my transcendence of the point.

I commit myself to living the realisation that, smiling and laughter is just as important in life as being serious, and that when we are at our optimum capacity as a living being, we are able to switch from serious to laughter throughout our days, which maximises or potential in all areas of our life.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 26 Feb 2017, 20:59

http://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot. ... rself.html

I was having a conversation with someone recently, and the person wanted to know if I have ever met a clone of myself. Now while I have been told many times that somebody saw me in a place where I was not, and I have met people that looked similar to me in this body, but then many people have, and the reality is this - we have all met our clones.

How is this possible? you may say, and to this I will say that within every person you meet, within every situation you have, you can see yourself, say hello to yourself so to speak - for you to understand this its important that you understand that every human in this world shares the same breathe, we have the same needs, our dreams vary, but we all have them, we are all physical beings made up of our genetic code.

Let me give you a for instance - just recently someone I know on my team is very effective at closing
business deals, now while everyone has their role in the team, many of the team members display a type of jealousy towards this person.

I have respect for this person, but I still react to them also, but rather a reaction of awe towards this persons skill at closing business deals. Anytime we react to something about someone else - what this means is that they are reflecting something about ourselves that we have not dealt with, essentially we are seeing ourselves within them.

Then what most people do is blame that person for the reaction experience they feel, as if the person that they are reacting towards is not their own fault, but the other persons instead. Because if you display jealousy towards someone, it really is just that this person is showing you what you desire - that you want to be as effective as this person, that this persons effectiveness is making you feel inadequate, that this person is showing what is possible, and what you still have to learn about yourself.

But yes moving forward in the world, as cloning technology becomes more prevalent in the mainstream, do not be surprised if you will one day meet your actual clone of yourself face to face, but for now just realise that everyday you are seeing yourself in everyone all the time, so don't fight yourself, say hello to yourself and take self-responsibility for yourself.

Join me next time as I continue this point.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 05 Mar 2017, 21:11

http://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot. ... art-2.html

So yes meeting yourself, meeting your clone is a proposition that will make any person react - whether you are seeing yourself within another in terms of their basic needs, patterns, skills, attitudes and character, or you are seeing a genetic copy of yourself, it is always the moments where we see ourselves that cause us to become uncomfortable.

Yet regardless of this, we have to get to a point where we do not react when we see ourselves, but rather are calm with the point, by teaching ourselves to take action through the self-corrective application of breathing to remain stable in these moments, where we can then apply common sense, learn and live effective solutions into reality.

I do not want to fight with myself, I will learn to say hello to myself in moments where I see myself, because we are just two people showing each other our self, so why would I take that personally? So we walk disintegrating the fears in the process -

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react to seeing my clone in a positive or negative reaction where my ego wants to adore and praise, or reject and attack the copy of myself I see before me. I realise that wherever I am in my life, whatever situations I find myself in, I am seeing my clone all the time, therefore within this knowing I can learn to create stability here, where there is neither adoration or rejection but simply acceptance, learning and solutions.

I forgive myself that I have not realised in all moments, that when I see myself in another that causes me to react, it is exactly the same as meeting a genetic copy of myself in this moment - I am literally seeing my signature, something I desire, something I am comparing to, Something I'm annoyed i don't have, something that makes my ego happy, or something my ego fears etc.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that there is only "one of me", where I disregard the existence of any other versions of myself that I see clearly in day to day living. Because as the ego I am believing that I am so "uniquely special" in self-interest, that I don't need to see myself in anywhere or in anything, feeding into separation, without ever realising that no matter if you like it or not, your clone is still you, it still shows you yourself, because we are all living beings here sharing this breathe, this sound.

I forgive myself that in this moment at work, I have been in awe of my clone within this person who is excellent at closing business deals, where others in the office have been jealous of their clone in this person. This experience of awe that I have had towards this person, stems from knowing that this is showing clearly to people how difficult business deals can be brokered to solutions in action consistently, and how much respect I have for people who can do that clearly with no cheating.

Yet within this awe I am also not supporting myself, because I'm not actually gearing myself to learn some of those attributes of this person, but rater put them on a pedestal denoting a "special power" to this person in my mind which is not real -

So I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to be in awe of this new clone I have seen within this person recently, I realise that while my ego has been adoring their precision, in reality I know that this level of effectiveness in any undertaking can be achieved by any being that is taken through an educative process to do so, and we all work at various speeds to learn various things, and any comparisons, adoration or disdain towards our self in any person only indicates i am not comfortable with myself, and this will hamper learning, so I take self-responsibility to not allow these problems to re-manifest, I hope you will too.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to blame my clone for the reactions I experience when I see them in the moment - I realise that this blame is simply my ego trying to defend itself, when in reality I am always responsible for how, when, what, where, why I react in any moment, so blame is never valid.

I commit myself to living the realisation that no matter where I find myself in life, I exist within everyone as this one breathe, and this one sound, this one movement. I am a cell, interacting with all the other cells of a larger body called existence. So as and when i see my mind reacting to someone or something where I am seeing my clone, I stop and breathe, I do not allow myself to participate with the charged thoughts that come up, I must walk and continue to walk until these reactions, in these various situations where we all meet our clones do not come up.

I commit myself to not allowing myself to fight myself, but to instead say hello to myself, as and when i see myself reacting to my clone, this I will do through forgiving myself in these moments, sticking to breathing, where I then apply common sense to be able to accept and learn when i see myself, instead of reacting. So as I continue this process of continually forgiving my reactions to all the clones in my life, and sticking to breathe consistently, then eventually there will be no more reactions that come up.

So it's time to get used to opening our eyes and seeing that our copies are within everyone all the time, we are all one copied code as living beings. So no matter what kind of clone of ourselves we are seeing in the world, we are learning here how to remain cool, to not lose our shit when we see our self, but rather take self-responsibility to learn and expand ourselves as one body.

Like many topics, we will revisit this topic again in the future, but for now, I hope you found this supportive and thanks for reading.

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Re: Marleys Journey To Life

Postby Marley Dawkins » 12 Mar 2017, 21:54

http://equalityonenessonearth.blogspot. ... n-day.html

Someone recently was explaining to me how they are getting impatient and cannot see a new world being made anytime soon, that there isn't enough being done quickly enough to make the changes necessary to improve the world.

In some ways this perspective is true, because the changes to our economic system and how humanity lives has been a slow process already, and time is always against us.

However what I want to highlight within this blog, is that an empire, a new monolith of existence takes aeons of time to get in place, then same way in which it took aeons of time for this current system to build up as it has.

Rome for instance was simply an idea in a group of persons minds once upon a time, then through trial and error, contraction and expansion over the next 300 years - Rome became one of the largest and most advanced empires in the world at the time.

So the original visionaries of Rome did not live to see their dream become a reality - with huge societal projects, we have to understand that we may not necessarily live in this body long enough to
see it come to fruition, to see the fruits of our labour bloom - but as long as we design the path, live the blueprint through our own example, then our children, or their children will see the victorious end results of all this.

Look inside yourself and you will see that it is your worst habits, your worst fears and patterns have been built up for the most years of your life, and are the hardest to shake - because when something has taken a long time to design, it can take equally as long a time or longer to unravel this design and build a new design.

So patience is key, but sometimes we expect too much of ourselves too often, wanting the results done straight away, wanting to see all the fruits of our labour right now. In my experience expecting too much from yourself all the time is a stressful concept, because the ego is going directly against how physical reality works - physical reality works according to developing muscle memory, throughout years of physiological expansion.

But the ego is never satisfied with waiting, the way our minds are programmed is to want everything now, in the same direct fashion that we can imagine, desire, or fear something in an instant.

We have to learn to be more gentle with ourselves, to be patient but diligent, to not be so hard on ourselves when it comes to improving ourselves and the world at large - because in reality we can only break patterns and develop sustainable changes effectively, according to what is practical, meaning only as quickly as breathe by breathe, one day at a time, one step at a time - as much as our pre-programmed mind desires, there is no short cut cheat to get to the end result of anything.

So if you find you get impatient and frustrated often, when things don't move as quickly as you want, and if your finding you are doubting/judging yourself and humanity because of this, then I suggest you join me in my next blog as I continue to expand on this point and provide the solution of self-responsibility and self-corrective application.

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