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Raul's journey to life

Posted: 15 Jul 2017, 18:09
by Raúl
So this is my blog

And I don't know exactly how to do it according to desteni, but in the blog I will share my process in which I express myself, and I try to become equal and one with the universe, and I want to do this for at least 7 years

Re: Raul's journey to life

Posted: 16 Jul 2017, 14:58
by tormod
Hi Raul !

What is suggested to do with the blog is the following, copy the text from each day (starting with 1) and also have a link directly to that blog, and paste it into this tread. Like you post your text/blog with a link to the blog here on your tread.
If you go to this link and see look at Kristina is doing here (like we all do):


If you click on the newest blog from Kristina (the highest number) and see that Kristina, (and practically everyone) is doing that: copy the text from the blog, and add also a link from your blog (on top) and paste this into a post here in forum, in the 7 years jtl blogging. Like how for instance Kristina is doing.

I would like to say also that wordpress is by far a better blogging platform. So if you would change that - up to you. Any questions/anything unclear - please ask

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Posted: 16 Jul 2017, 15:18
by Adam Closs
Hi Raul
Cool blog

Re: Raul's journey to life

Posted: 16 Jul 2017, 20:45
by Raúl
hey thanks, I will do so, can you tell me why wordpress is better? once I have started in blogger I don't see the necessity to change

Re: Raul's journey to life

Posted: 16 Jul 2017, 20:46
by Raúl ... g-new.html

Day !

English is not my main language, but I know enough to explain myself decently (at least for me)

I have been looking inside for a long time, enough to feel responsable and honest with myself, but what does that mean, to be responsable and honest with yourself? Is it... something you get and then you are done and that's it, is it that simple? Reality is much more complex... there is a whole world of perceptions inside of each one, I know I am honest, I know I am responsable, that is a personal perception of truth knowledge and love I have inside me, and nobody can take that away from me, because it's just me, a product of my own love through honesty, but I am not here to talk about that, I am here to talk about how life and processes are very, very deep and complex, and I am here to expand my limits, because I know that I have no limits, and that I am not done because I can be honest with myself, I work every day in becoming the living words of my own expression, and I hope this blog helps me become a better manifestation of who I really am.

Here I will share, in my own way and expression, things that happen in my life, beauty I find in existence, situations, self-forgiveness...

I don't know if I will be able to write here every day, but I know it's very important, and I will do it, I want to do it, but also I have days where nothing really happens in my existence... it's like a bit boring in fact... maybe I can change that with this blog! And open some good interesting points when I have those empty days. I would say that even if I have those borings days I have magical perceptions in my life and this blog is also for that, for sharing those moments of inspiration, and moments of not so much inspiration, I am here to share everything.

I want this blog to be what it can become, and I can't just say I will do it and then it will be done, I have to take responsability for each moment, right now I am starting a blog to express myself, and I will be dissapointed about myself if I use this blog for 1 or 2 weeks and then leave it.

So, I am a musician, but really, it's not like I am a "musician", what defines a musician? That I have done for a prolonged period of time, movements with my fingers to an instrument with certain intelligence and good taste, so I prefer to say that I have done things with my fingers for a long time and I will keep doing it probably forever, rather than I am a "musician", that doesn't define shit, the interpretation is up to the other person, there is no communication in there, unless of course you and the other person know each other very well, but it's always better to say what means to be a musician for you, instead of just saying I am a musician.
I find something very attractive in being a musician, and it's that it's not something mechanical, it's something that each person will do differently, and this can happen with almost every thing in life, but with an instrument you are kind of amplyfing your soul, and then people can see directly to your soul and see the true cuality of it. So you take the instrument, you are there, you have learnt some movements so you are prepared, you have worked on it to make it look impressive, but is that all? No of course, I have discovered this through my life, there is a huge different between playing an instrument, and playing an instrument with your heart, it's the most important thing. Playing with your heart means that your souls opens and then you are not simply playing a piece of wood with strings, and doing just movements. Everything, has a sweet essence of soul, like if you were doing an amplified action, like an action you are doing while feeling highly inspired, this my friend is what I live for, I hope every person can find the vocation that his/her heart desires, doesn't matter what you do, just do it with the heart, I am currently learning where is my own heart, it's a process... and I am always open to the other person, to anybody, to come and show me my ego, because I want to be real and to be one and equal with the universe, that is in consonance and harmony with my heart, a heart that was given to me by the existence, and right now I am living a process in my life of remembering who I am as one and equal with the universe, and that is against my ego, so sometimes I face conflict, but I have a huge heart, and I am always open to be shown where I am acting based on ego, I think when a person stops growing and accept that he already has no ego... that will create consecuences.

So I am a musician that plays with the heart, I would love to say that that is the entire existence of me but... I also have my own barriers, and limits, but when I am there to expand my limits, I can be my heart in free expression, and that is what I am tring to expand each day, and I hope this blog helps me.

And well I am a musician, I have a concert today, where my limits with myself will be tested, and this is the beggining of my blog, I have to get ready goodbye!!

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Posted: 16 Jul 2017, 20:47
by Raúl ... tence.html

Day 2

Hello, I feel like I desire to express myself, to create anything that I want to create in a beautiful form, to me. I love reading and writing but I can't really express the beauty with the words in english, in spanish I love playing with the words and the order.

So I was thinking about how all the existence has been separated from heaven, heaven meaning... the simple absolute expression of yourself., and that for me is perceived very good in the mind, like... I just created something according to me and it feels like myself and I am absolutely satisfied. I believe there is only 1 thing that satisfies a person, you can say that a lot of different things satisfy you in your existence, like I don't know... whatever you desire, but in the reality it's all about one thing. It's the journey and the purpose of each person to discover what is that one thing, because all existence seem to exist in separation, this idea came to me while reading a book some moments ago, I was seeing in the book a situation where the main character faces a conflict in which the evil has power, that means the evil force wins in the conflict, and then you could see as a result what would have been right to do in that situation, so the main character, the one telling the story, was in some way suffering because of what happened, because he knew it was not an balanced situation, and this lead me to the conclussion of, how is it that the existence exists in separation? where did everything start to exist this way? do you imagine the real existence? That is not like everything is okay and boring forever... it's an absolute limite expanding situation, but in that you won't find this evil force, this thing that... just takes the right thing, and it destroyes it, it creates pain to satisfy the necesities of a being. This is why I think that the less necesities to be happy I have, te better. I want my happines to be my own nature, I don't want it to depend on things, and this is something very difficult and emotional to do... because I do it at a certain level, but then I find my barriers, my limites, where I no more see a limit to expand, I see myself, I see something I don't want to give up, but I only should feel I don't want to give up the good! The right, so how is it that I have allowed something to have this power over me, at a certain point of my existence I allowed to posses me. This is what I do with everything, I try to discover the point of origin, and I know It's the right way, for some people scary.

So humanity has forgotten what is haven, and now they are waking up and really, really feeling what is like to see the evil, and instead of accepting and allowing it, doing the right thing, become the living example. I see a existence where everything has existed in it own nature... why would it be different... and there you find the thing that is happening to you, what you are experiencing, and you can see so clearly what to do... I for some times in my life didn't have that, and in some way I had something alive inside myself, seeing all the wrong decitions I was doing, even if I was the wrong decitions, it was not the entire manifestation of me, it could not be. This is how I know that the reality is the good, the right, the nature, what the souls want to express in the exact expression, there is no more than that. It's an art, the art of creating creation, there are masters in that art, I am only a person that creates what he desires.

I can't take the world, the entirety of the world, and place it in heaven, I wish it could be done, but the world is so big... at least I can exist in the right expression of my being, and withing that have my influence on the world around me.

The world exists in separation, but there is no need to. There is always the possibility of taking responsability for oneself.

My concert was nice, I expanded my limits, I wish I could have reacted a bit different to certain situations, but I did my best, and I will continue growing as I do. I don't regret anything, I am relaxed, I can trust myself, right now I have me. But also, I know what lives in my subconscious mind, I know it can appear, so I will be watching, waiting to face my demons.

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Posted: 16 Jul 2017, 22:10
by viktor
Hello Jazzybeards,

Interesting points you bring up – especially the thing about 'playing from your heard'. I am also a 'finger-mover' (musician) and I noticed the same thing as you. It is one thing to play a song and another thing to make the song an extension of yourself and your heart – and it was that realization that brought me to Desteni – because I could see that Desteni was showing the way on how to access that point of pure expression at all times. At the moment I am exploring this point of expression with other skills, such as carpentry and gardening, and I find it is the same thing. Though with those skills, the process of expression is different, time-wise it is longer, more structural, and there is a lot of patience required to bring out the best – while with music – I found that the expression/movement was more immediate – even though there was obviously a lot of practice and rehearsing to learn to play at the best of my abilities.

Anyway, I enjoyed your two blogs – keep them coming!

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Posted: 17 Jul 2017, 00:43
by Raúl
true, thanks!!

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Posted: 17 Jul 2017, 16:03
by Raúl
Day 3 ... hotel.html

hello! I'm here listening to hotel california, while thinking how absolutely deep and complex is the universe... this challence, it's so big... I have moments where I am seeing my reactions about my whole life and taking them to oness and equality and I get tired, I have to rest, because there is just so much to do... if I was not there, so many things would be different, so many reactions would be unseen, I really need to make the effort and bring what I deserve, in fact it's for my own good

While listening to amazing songs I have a feeling, if I had to define it I would say it's like feeling the creation of the universe, and I am very happy because this feeling grows everyday, there is a magical substance of inspiration inside of me, something I trully love, and I am so lucky, so so lucky that I have the chance to one day share that with people in an concert, and I want to have 0 ego with that, I want to just enjoy the chance in my life, no less no more. Inspiration comes and go, I think you must let it be, relaxed, being who you are, humild, why more than that, or why less. I FUCKING love music, I sometimes imagine what is really music about, because with the notes I feel some messages, message without words, but messages, and I enjoy tring to guess what they are about, for example this chromatic scale of hotel california brings something mysterious, it's not an avarge chords progression, you have the potential to enjoy it a lot. By the way stairway to heaven has the same chromatic scale and I reccomend Frank Zappas' version, lovely.

Definetly, to be here as myself has become enough for me, I am a creator, and I just die for music, each day I feel more in love with it. I love it but I won't deppend or get attached to it, this is a two love polarity, love is only real with the good and the bad, there is no good without bad, there can't be, also there is no just only bad, never, it's good and bad, so be relaxed it won't always be bad, but also remember good it's not forever don't get attached!! Just drop out of the polarity, be real, free, enjoy what is next to you... I understand this very well, and it helps my own soul, because I have had a mind so attached to the "good", and it brings inspiration to me to know I am being trully good, accepting the good and the bad.

Each day I am more impressed about how many knowledge there is in Desteni I process, really, the mind can't understand it, I fefel lucky I found this source of support for fredom, and this is something I will really solve in the future, because I treat Desteni as something of value, like something I want to keep, for the moment I really have enough work, but I will solve everything.

It's amazing the ammount of inspiration I get when I know I am being the true manifestation of myself, after a whole life of separation, this growing joy is new for me, every moment is new, I sometimes think I finally have it, but it's a never ending road.

Btw, I'm buying this piece of love soon ... ritage-47/ the sound of it is very deep and profund and also treble, lovely.

Re: Raul's journey to life

Posted: 18 Jul 2017, 13:48
by Raúl
Day 4 ... h-day.html

Hello all, today I am a bit tired, I didn't sleep very good and I woke up in a particular state of mind, that wasn't an impediment for me to question what is already happening in the moment and I am perceiving as "real", and to walk my process of liberation through the day. This happens to me every night, I would say I have changed a lot of dreaming and sleeping patterns I used to have in the past, but still obviously I find that everyday I wake up and I have to instantly check what is happening so my mind don't start creatining the matrix existence, where I think I know my relationship with my enviroment. So every night I have desires, I don't know the exact desires, but I know that my energies move a lot while I am sleeping while I am not there to watch, specially the sex energy, this one I find that is conected to a feeling of a desire to find the perfect partner, and I really hope that understand exactly what is sex about, what I really want to do, before I start a relationship with someone. I just feel that some day I am gonna find a very, very beautiful girl, and I know it's just sex, but I also know I will find a lot of beauty in that being, It's just more than me, if I ever find that being that is absolutely beautiful and that likes good music and those kind of things I know I won't be able to controll it and I will just go to show that being how beautiful I am and how happy I can make her. I walked the masturbation serie of eqafe, and I can see I have perfectly understood that, and I am walking it, and it is going much much more better than expected, but even if I understand what masturbation is, masturbation is conected to the sex system, and the sex system is a whole complex system of wanting a relationship and a lot of things I don't yet understand... that's why I am currently taking a look to the What is sex serie, and I hope I understand what is this overwhelming desire to find that woman with who I will create a relationship and share our lifes together, because I can say is just sex, but the beauty I will find in that woman is so stronge as the beauty I find in music, so good and right, so I really want to understand this, I think it's very important and powerful. I really respect a man who knows deep inside who he is as sex, and I want to be a complete pressence so I don't make things so subjetive when sex is involved.

Also, I have noticed a lot of new things that happen between the communication of humans beings, how consciouss or unconscioussly each other receive information in the communication about the other human beings, and how body language shows all the entire information, and you need to focus if you want to notice that information, and most importantly you must see the relationship between your mind and your body in this context, it's something very complex.

Some days I am full of inspiration, I am planning to use that to expand my limits when I face the key moments. For the moment, it's has been a big improvement for me to know who I am and feel that I don't change everyday, that there is a pressence of self directing what I am living, and taking care, and responsability.