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Re: raul journey to life

Postby Raúl » 27 Nov 2017, 17:43


Day 20 – Back again

I felt that I understood everything. I felt that I can’t accomplish anything through the mind. I felt that everything I see, is created to separate me from the reality. I felt that I was going to somewhere, where I could be forever free, and that scares me, it’s too much, but I have to come back there!! I could see my whole life, in one moment forever changed, I could see how I could change the world. I felt that I could be there forever if I decided to. I felt that I belonged there. I felt that I could finally understand everything. I felt that I had the choice to change, or come back, and I decided to come back, that was what I chose.

Since then I am sticked to something, it’s sticky. I try to stick it to the other corner and keeps coming back. It keeps coming back because I don’t want to dissapear, I feel that I still have a purpose, that I have things to do, that I have to be that! BUT IT’S ALL A LIE!!! The truth is that I still not free. But is this the truth? Am I thinking straight?

This is what I am going to do, I am going to do the proper job. I am going to relax, I am going to come back. And I am going to change everything. I feel no anxiety now, I feel nothing I feel so natural, BUT, I still sticked to something. I could do it once, I am going to do it again, and when I am there, I am going to jump all in, and I am going to say I can be here, and direct everything from here. Will it work? Do I need 7 years of work to do that? No, I need responsability in every breath, and from there direct everything, I mean once I am there, I don’t need to direct anything, everything just fits.

I felt a dream, in one point, and I don’t care if I am there today or in 7 years, I am setting myself free.

This last sentence made me think, I have to relax.

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Re: raul journey to life

Postby Raúl » 27 Nov 2017, 19:09

https://rauljourney2life.wordpress.com/ ... ack-again/

Day 21 – Reply to ‘Back again’

What does it mean to be life? What does it mean to be the breath?

It means to walk step by step, because it’s coming for you either way.

It means that you support yourself, no matter what.

It means that you don’t ask, you don’t need, you trust.

It means that you won’t complain, you won’t cry, you won’t waste time.

It means that your responsability is within yourself, and you will remain as breath, without separation.

It means You don’t fear, you see, you stop, you breath.

It’s coming when it has to come, don’t create separation, keep finding solutions, and you will see.

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Re: raul journey to life

Postby Raúl » 28 Nov 2017, 11:22

https://rauljourney2life.wordpress.com/ ... 2-process/

Day 22 – Process

Good morning, I am here to talk about the process that is to come for me. It’s not like, I am in a process so I can relax, it’s more a hard process, in the sence that there is no rest, at every single moment I can do it better. I have seen what I am, so I will be remembering myself, but this will be done with absolute fredom, that is the gift, I am already free. I will be changing everything, so that one day I can say finally, this is who I am. And that will be a point of no return, where I will be nothing and everything. And in that moment my true self will come out, and I will be in the place that my process was directing me to. And there everything will really, really change, because everything will be me, I will be like a powerfull vortex that inverts the world literally. And I know I am all this right now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see what is really to come when I find my true self. It’s a big responsability, I have to get ready. I won’t waste time.My mind is here to support me. I am already me, I am.

Let’s se!!! Bye

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Re: raul journey to life

Postby Raúl » 28 Nov 2017, 14:13

https://rauljourney2life.wordpress.com/ ... y-23-life/

Day 23 – Life

Hello, I am sharing whenever I feel I have something to share. Let’s talk about the word share. Share normally would mean something like “you give to other person because you have a lot”, and we could also say “don’t be selfish, share, give”.

What is the real meaning of share? Share means you won’t share any less than what you are, share means that you commit yourself to share only what you have. The importance is not in sharing, but in what you are sharing. So share would simply mean, you share you.

And now some random words about me:

It’s hard to talk about life now, because I don’t want to separate me, I am responsable for every word I say. Every separation is because of myself.

I am helping people with my pressence. I am feeling me, I feel restaured, if I think about it too much I could cry, I could laugh, anything could happen. I know I am here, in this world, and that is the greatest gift, there is nothing else I would prefer to be doing. I live life moment by moment, there is no anxiety, I am not afraid, there is no time, only expression. I am seeing everyone, everyone, in their expression. I feel that I can communicate with everyone and everything because I am being honest. I can play everywhere. I am growing a lot. I found my own key.

This is an amazing experiene.

Take responsability for every moment, always, because it’s always worth it, the path exists for you to walk through.


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Re: raul journey to life

Postby Gian » 28 Nov 2017, 21:50

Raul, it has been great seeing your writings, reading them and you being here.

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Re: raul journey to life

Postby Raúl » 29 Nov 2017, 12:09

thanks gian!!! :lol: :lol:

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Re: raul journey to life

Postby Raúl » 29 Nov 2017, 12:10

https://rauljourney2life.wordpress.com/ ... sted-once/

Day 24 – Only Me exists, I existed once

Only me exists, and only me has ever existed. Who are you? You are an expression of me, that I can judge or treat according to its own nature and expression, and even if you remain as your own nature, you still being an expression of me. Everything is me. Everything we know is me. We are living one live, in solitute, with our own mission, this was always about us. Every action, every deed, every thought counts, because you can’t no longer look at the other side and pretend that you are less than what you are, time is over, accept who you are.

They separated us from the only me exists, they made us think that something else that was not me could exist and thereforce we had to react and create a system. But what is everything? This is my key.

Everything you see, will lead you to who am I as it, and then you will have two choices, to take responsability or to remain sleeping, now if you sleep you will know it was your choice and you will suffer the consecuences. Can you see what I see? You are me, the source. The source is the expression of one life we are brought here to remember, and like they say, if you don’t remember you will have to remember in the afterlife and then maybe reencarnate again, you will make that choice, I didn’t like that we have to forget ourselves once we are here, I don’t mean to have all the quantum knowledge, I mean to forget who we are why we are here and divide ourselves into hell, that was never meant for us, this life was a challence, a proof. A proof of something we have to do.

I remember now one thing, I was in the dymentions once, and I chose to reencarnate into this child, I suffered as a child, and when I was in the dymentions I was so free to choose, I knew that would happen to me, I knew I would suffer, and I chose to reeincarnate in here, and I blamed myself for that on earth. I said why did you do this to me? I was free and then you came to earth and enslaved me, why would you do this to me? But maybe I wasn’t me, I trusted myself comming here for some reason, maybe I never existed, maybe I was brought to discover this on earth, that I am that life and this was all a dream, and my mission is to express myself as life on earth. Maybe the only thing I remember of the dymentions, the only track I have left behind, was there for me to never forget that I have never existed, that is my discovery, that is the dream. Or maybe I just came here as Anu’s fuck up, but I remember who I am so it doesn’t matter anyway. If I came here because of choice or not, doesn’t matter, I am here because I am the infinite expression of life, and there is something wrong with this world, something veeery wrong, I am here to bring myself to that, I am not here for any other reason.

I always remembered this in some way, something with me didn’t fit, something was not right, I remembered one thing, only one thing, but it was forgotten. I think I myself made this, I said, I will forget everything, I know I will, but I will left behind this track, to know from where I come from. So one day I will have to trascend my own logic and self-created existence, and I will be able to follow my steps, until I see this that I saw once, and I can know I myself left the track, so I can come back. And then I can birth myself as life, I can express myself in here. And I can… express myself!! freely!

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Re: raul journey to life

Postby Raúl » 30 Nov 2017, 11:50

https://rauljourney2life.wordpress.com/ ... s-not-you/

Day 25 – Your life is not you

There is nothing you can judge about your life, there is nothing you can feel as an opinion about it, because who you are is more than all your life, and you were only able to feel something about your life because you forgot yourself, from where you come from. Who you are and who you will be will not care about the life on earth, he will look at it and know he is now who he was before being borned, he will know that everything about the life was simply about the life on the earth, it’s nothing that you are identified with, it is what it is, don’t judge it, accept it as it happened, because only yourself on earth can judge. But you have learnt how to identify with everything and be your memories and your feelins, but who are we? We are the answer to everything, and that will lead you to something you remember, it’s hidded, it’s like a distant memory, but is inside you, it’s who you are. It’s in every human being, will you remember from where you come from? Will you remain in the mind that you have created pretending that you are not more? Your mind will eventually leave you, and you will know that the source exists within you, but will you know this in life? Will you lead your live accordingly to this that you have forgotten? This that you can remember? This that you dream of? This that is in every human being. This vast infinity that you were once, that will not leave you because you were born from it and you will go to it, that is your family, that is your love, that is your fredom, the source of life is the only one that will understand you, it’s all that exists, it exists within you, to remember that nothing matters, don’t waste this life, live free live expressive, forget the mind you have created here on earth, see what you have done to yourself, see the gift, see that you are everything that has ever existed, nothing could be something separated, how could it be, you are you, that is only hard to accept because of your mind. And your mind is the tool to be able to influence you, and the tool to control this world and humanity, if you stop your mind you will see the source right there, I mean it’s behind your mind, always there making it work, it’s like if you were hidding behind your mind.

First you have to discover this, that there is nothing missing, there was never something missing, you are who you are, your life is what it is, and then when you see that, you can see to where every single action you make in this life will go, you will be so relaxed, because you will know that you are the source and that it is infinite.

There is people who deny this, I know them, they will face themselves, it will be an important moment for them, because they will be borned, and they will find their own ways to support when they know the soure. Sad joke which has been done to them, to make them forget and waste their lifes. What are you going to do? Can you see this? Are you connected?

I can tell you something from my experience on earth, if you understand these words, they have influenced you since you were a child to be against yourself, so you can NEVER talk about how far is this world from the real world. The distance is so big, that you just wanted to kill yourself, to pretend that you have never existed. But now? Now there is nothing you feel, only source, as it was at the beggining, and this time you will stand, you will show them who they really are, and nothing will chain you anymore. Now you belong to yourself, and you will not sacrifice your life. You can’t.

This time you can live at peace, you can belong to yourself, just don’t let your mind come here.

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Re: raul journey to life

Postby Raúl » 01 Dec 2017, 18:28

https://rauljourney2life.wordpress.com/ ... 6-support/

Day 26 – Support

What is my purpose in this life? To show you that we are this, the fredom of life. Are we enslaved in some way? In some way yes, when you are gone I will feel that you are missing. But life has manifested you as gone, to support me, to remind me what is everything about, how I still alive to support the world, and within that you make me more than what I am, I am more when I realize not even death can stop me. Death is the core of all fears. I am here to help everyone in their death, I faced mine, you can too, and I will help you if I reach to you in any way, so you can feel how brief is life, the taste of life, that is there in every moment.

I know how I help everyone facing their own deaths, I see all that they are, and I feel how I release them from theirselves, so that when they are at the doors of the end they can see what is it about, and they can let go and accept the nature of everything, maybe you will be surprised!! I mean, you are going to be surprised.

Is there any reason to not create what we are? Is there any reason of enslavement? I hate to say but I must say, get your own money, to buy your own food, find a way in this world, I mean we all need that right now because the world is that, and after that, after you can live normally, let go EVERYTHING, and express what you want to express, without desiring to achieve, or to impress, or to make more money, or to be successfull, what is life but your own success? The world is the result of the divition. You are the world.

There is nothing to fear, there is nothing to be happy about neither, you don’t need to be happy and positivy unless you are the opposite, just exist as you are, face what is here.

Once you realize the trick, the joke, the reality, you are going to explode of expression, your whole world is going to see you, and you are going to bring your life with you after death, it will be a part of you, I mean I don’t know how big because we are too big after death so much I can’t imagine, but something will remain, like a life that had taste, a life you discovered, one more experience of you.

Realize the joke of your mind, of your past.

I sometimes feel it, I just feel it right now, it’s like if something was pulling me, taking me to leave this body, and the more I leave a good feeling comes, but good in the sence of, the only thing that exists that is good. What could be that? Are we maybe here to discover it? Only you will deny your true esence, and it’s not like anything you would have imagined, it will be you in fact, not something you imagined…

I hope these words somebody understand them, they are simply an expression of myself, I am here in every word, nothing can stop me. Nothing must create a divition within yourself, only you must take relation in everything. This is also a challence. Every moment is a challence. Find the way! Find your own key! Change this world!

You deserve to never regret anything in this life.

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Re: raul journey to life

Postby Raúl » 04 Dec 2017, 18:32

https://rauljourney2life.wordpress.com/ ... -27-words/

Day 27 – Words

Hello! I’d like to talk about words today. Because words are just words, and it’s the person behind who really creates the living words. What is the difference between words and living words? A living word is something that you work with everyday, to bring to yourself, in every aspect, to see how you can create that word for yourself to make it more alive. And then we have words, empty of life words, that are words that any person can speak about, like if they owned the words.

Words are not there to be owned, words are there so you can give, and help them grow. A living word is something you stand for everyday, it’s something alive, that can change, and grow up or die. We have people believing that they are the words they speak, but a living word, it’s not something that even exists, there is no prove for it, only the eyes that don’t see can know if a word exists or not, and not even then you should trust a word, words are just words.

What I like about Desteni is, you will find there something honest, it’s not any thing, it’s a place where people walk a real process, only about themselves, and they will then share it with the rest of the world, and this balance is in the people that commit to walk their process and be self-honest, that is what I like about this community of people, you can trust them, you can never really know if you can trust a person or not, but if I had to create an opinion, you can trust in Desteni. But don’t trust anything, don’t trust anybody, don’t trust me, walk your process, follow yourself, see to where that leads.

So, I was helping my brother, and I saw his words, and I thought, it’s interesting how you are saying these words, and these words are nothing, you are not alive in them, you are using the words, you want something from the words, the words make you who you are. A person who use the words like that, it’s a person that you can not trust. He will only love his words, and he will use your words, to see if there is something to add to himself. We, people, can share everything we want, we can share our hearts, but never do it for other person, you never know if that person is going to use your words, or is going to create his own words with the help of yours. And why would you even trust something? Your focus is on your process, each person is a process. Share your words unconditionally, as parts of your self. Only your words exist.

So, my brother, I tried to teach him that words mean nothing when you are not alive in them, that knowledge is of the mind, and the importance is in what you do everyday to be self-honest, there is never a point where you can say: this is me I am done I will stop self-honesty in this sentence; no, self-honesty must be in the totality of you, because if not it’s not real. And only you are going to bring you to yourself, who do you want to be for yourself? Do you want to pretend that you are something else, something more, something greater? You can create any fantasy with your words. But the truth of you exists within you, and the more truth you see about how you really work behind yourself, the more truth you will find, so if you think that oh my god you have positive words, you have the absolute truth, you have the power, the knowledge, you found something to keep, you can judge, if you think that you are hidding your responsability, and your words will never be honest, you can say a lot of different combinations of words, and they will never mean anything, not for me or for anyone, but for yourself. Have you realized what is every word? It’s too much for you, it’s more simple to just say it and avoid the responsability.

I say this because I am doing my best, to discover who I am within the words I speak, and when I see you like if you were something of value, judging everything but yourself, I know that you are not being honest. And I wish you start your process, because it’s a long journey to discover who we are, and the moments you avoid self-responsability they exist within you.

I shared with you who I am within the words I speak, I shared myself. Are you going to realize yourself? To stop seeing the “treasure” and start seeing the honesty? I doubt it, but I hope so. It’s up to you my friend. I am already taking responsability for who I am.

You didn’t thank me, and you never will, I know it, I knew it before I even talked to you about who I am and how I live. Your words mean nothing to me, your words mean nothing to yourself, I hope that someday you starting sharing with yourself, and you create something honest, something that is one, and that works the same in every situation, and I will never have a way to know, and that doesn’t matter, what will matter is that you are you within the words you speak. I have failed to, a lot, but responsability is always there, specially when you are shown.

Until then, you are the one who will suffer the consecuences, you are that that you create. You share what you are, nothing else can be shared, remember that. And be responsable for yourself, even if you don’t want, you are, that is your power. Don’t waste your life. I am going to say goodbye to you beause, I trusted that you were something you are not, and I don’t have reasons to trust anything, you should be free. Anyway, you are welcome, because there is people who really need my words, and it’s not you. And I don’t blame you, but I have to say goodbye. And anyway, you are happy because you perceive yourself as a “trasure”, enjoy it yourself, because I won’t feed that.

I wasted my time, but I didn’t! Because I am self-honest, it’s curious.

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