Joseph's writings

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maya rote
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Re: Joseph's writings

Postby maya rote » 22 Jan 2013, 15:48

thanks for the support marlen
I understand it may seem like your world is crumbling down - However, I suggest you consider stabilizing yourself through breathing and writing everything out, which means, taking the moment to first stabilize yourself and make the decision of who you are willing yourself to be and if the decision is self support then, continue writing and share.
Joseph, it's cool that within all the emotions you directed yourself to write here on the forum as self support. now, as marlen said you are faced with a choice, whether to utilize the suggestions marlen gave you, as stabilizing your self through writing yourself out, breathing, forgiving yourself, or to give up.

we are here for additional support and assistance

thanks for sharing yourself and what you are going through, we've all been there in one form or the other - i'm thankful for having the desteni tools to support myself with, it's really about making the choice to use and apply what is here as self support

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Re: Joseph's writings

Postby Maya » 24 Jan 2013, 10:27

Joseph, you received here great support but what i found to be greater is that you had given yourself self support in taking responsibility to sit down and write.

Here is a blog i wrote that may assist you:
Melancholia after a Break Up - Day 173
I think i know why i got so hurt and its because i dont have any intimacy with myself
Once you are ready to take on this point of discovering Self Intimacy, let us know and we will direct you to specific Interviews to listen to and a course to consider talking in your process of Becoming the Expression of Self Intimacy.

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Joseph Stein
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Re: Joseph's writings

Postby Joseph Stein » 07 Jul 2013, 19:23

Hey everyone its been awhile since I wrote here so I thought I would write 1 because I kind of enjoy writing (still have resistances) and 2 ill most likely get assistance and support here.

So I have come a long way. Its seems recently I have really been getting work done on myself. All the breathing and applying. I started apply myself around December last year and I haven't stopped since. When I would fall it would take some time to get back up and pick up where I left off. At fist I would just say a forgiveness line like once a week or something and I would read some blogs here and there and I even came to write here a couple of times. One of the times that I wrote I wrote about not doing the DIP lite course and I felt very ashamed because its free, its right there any reason why I wasn't doing it was bullshit. So after I wrote that I signed up for the DIP lite. BEST FUCKING THING I EVER DID! The course is awesome and the buddy system thing is awesome as well. This course really helped me to get past my resistances of the mind towards this process of becoming life. The very first thing I said to myself when I started this course is that I will unconditionally write myself out. That when I sit down I will write whatever is moving within me at that moment, just being blunt with myself. I like this as I have always in a way been like that I Just never applied myself. After all the writing I have done and the investigation of my thoughts and seeing the results of my efforts I have actually realized that writing is a fucking cool tool to use to assist and support yourself. Being blunt and unconditional with yourself in your writing is the way to go. The course took it step by step really helping me to slow down and take care of one thing at a time. Now I remember writing one time about me when I was going mad and I seriously thought I fucked myself up and my thinking. This is where the breath comes in. lol I never used the breath and when I did I was just breathing LOL I wasn't even assisting and supporting myself. So I realized what the breath actually is and its such a practical tool for your daily life. Now I breath with awareness as the 4 count breath forgiving myself for each thought that comes up taking it step by step never allowing things to get "big". Yes I do fall sometimes but that's okay because I know that it is not the end. This all has been very cool. Im glad I gave myself to opportunity to actually signed up for the DIP lite and do the lessons. On the course I like the week where you pick and word and identify the charge and how that word has been in your life. This helped me to start to investigate my make up like my blueprints. I am getting to the point where I know if my mind is influencing me before it was kind of blurry because I actually believed those thoughts to be me but now I can see that it is the mind. Also I can completely stop my thoughts with the breath where at the start of the course I could only down tone them because they seemed to powerful and to much of a big step to completely stop them but you see I realized that's another point I must breath through and If I take care of that then it shouldn't be to hard to completely stop my thoughts anymore. Also I have found myself assisting and supporting people in my life where I actually give them advice that is useful where they can begin to break down their thoughts and take care of them so that they aren't influenced by them. I give them a real practical solution that can be done in any moment. At the beginning of the course I thought to myself that I wont be able to to help people for awhile but soon enough I was assisting and supporting and brother to breath through points of anger and judgments. So a lot has happened for me in terms of what I have physically done to assist and support myself. Right now Im continuing with the DIP lite courses and Im taking on one point at a time assisting and supporting myself with the tools of writing and breathing as the 4 count breath to stop ALL thoughts and ALL feelings/emotions. Thank you desteni you are my real family.

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Re: Joseph's writings

Postby Anna » 07 Jul 2013, 21:02

Yay Joseph!

Awesome to hear.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Re: Joseph's writings

Postby Garbrielle » 07 Jul 2013, 22:58

Thats great to hear Joseph, and very cool you are applying the tools and seeing that it is working through self commitment and dedication. Thanks for sharing.

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Re: Joseph's writings

Postby Bella » 07 Jul 2013, 23:32

This is great to hear Joseph, really cool feedback you got there!
Thanks for sharing this!

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Re: Joseph's writings

Postby Maya » 07 Jul 2013, 23:38

Very cool feedback indeed.
Thanks Joseph

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Re: Joseph's writings

Postby Gian » 08 Jul 2013, 18:29

Awesome Joseph
Thanks for the feedback, it is cool to hear this.
and you are showing that there is no excuse.

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kim amourette
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Re: Joseph's writings

Postby kim amourette » 08 Jul 2013, 18:44

Awesome Joseph, thanx for sharing!

Cheers, Kim

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Re: Joseph's writings

Postby Cathy » 08 Jul 2013, 19:31

So after I wrote that I signed up for the DIP lite. BEST FUCKING THING I EVER DID! The course is awesome and the buddy system thing is awesome as well. This course really helped me to get past my resistances of the mind towards this process of becoming life.
Awesome Joseph! Thank you for sharing!

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