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Re: self forgiveness

Postby Leila » 06 Oct 2012, 09:43

You're busy embarking on a journey where you're for the first time going to actually see yourself and what you've accepted and allowed yourself to become -- so yes, it's a bit scary because 'who we are now' is all we've ever known, and it takes courage to take that extra step beyond our comfort zone. The fear is also just a realization that you are busy letting go of yourself and who it is you always believed yourself to be, where we will generate fear inside ourselves as 'one last attempt' to keep ourselves where we are and keep ourselves from pushing through our limitations. So take a deep breath, and walk the decision of your journey to life. Remember you are not alone, we all have to face this, and we are here on the forum to support you as we all walk our individual journey together.

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