Recovery's journey to life

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Recovery's journey to life

Postby tormod » 23 Mar 2015, 23:35 ... roduction/

Day 1 : Introduction

About me:

I am a human being on earth. I was born in 1978 inn Stavanger, Norway. My name is Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem. I have been committed to mental hospital more than 80 times. I have been suffering from Schizophrenia and drug addictions. I am walking to take a full and complete responsibility for myself, as I am all and all is me, on this earth. I am walking to become equal and one with everything, and all on this earth within this existence.

The end of psychiatry – introduction to this blog.

Western psychiatry have been estimated, 100 years of abuse and violations. It have gone too far too long with crimes and we are far from the point of having to prove these violations, as they are evidence in every from, everywhere. 100 years ago the industrialization of this world started. People started to attend more work and stress would build up on several levels and within the millions of people that went on suffering from this make money/survival/greed – mentality. Greed/money is today the source of illness in this world directly and indirectly. This have been with us for such a long time and it have cost so much in both money and in tears that I dear say: Till here no further.

Within the next 5 – 10 years, 50 % of all work, that is, will be done by robots. When that occurs, people still need a income. Here, living income guaranteed by equal life foundation is the best, immediate solution. We need also to reduce the amount of working hours for the average worker. Stress is allowed to build up in the general population and it is not cool. It is systematic abuse and violations. Change starts with self. Soteria Houses, Fountain Houses, community living, caring, a meeting places, open dialoge, lesser drugs, more physical activity, cognitive challenges, and living income guaranteed/basic income, are all different solutions to end psychiatry, and to move over to: recovery.

Here in this blog, I will be sharing solutions and perspective with you.

Lets walk! Let’s get this done for what is best for all !

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Re: Recovery's journey to life

Postby tormod » 23 Mar 2015, 23:37 ... solutions/

Day 2 – Examples and solutions

So, we are ending psychiatry. I have made it my life chore to do this. To hack into all of psychiatry and psychology. From the patient perspective, from the doctor to the drug companies perspective, to the governing rules of a society, system and mind, and all of existence. I do this for the best of all and for the common sense, from what I have learned from my own experience, from being a former patient, an activist, and solutions that I find today. It is possible to solve all this, without the old state driven hospitals, long waiting and massive drug usage. It is possible and I will here prove that.

Here are some examples of people seeking help, and what we can do to help, in a future perspective.

So what happens if a person goes to the doctor and complains about voices in the head, or suicidal thoughts ? Depression or complains about eating disorders or any other, typical mental illness ? Then what if we have no psychiatry.

This person in front of you is suicidal. What do you do ?

What would be recommended, and the very best therapy, by the very tip top experts/activists of psychiatry today, is to create a safe heaven. Like the “Soteria House” model. To place this person, that is suicidal and that have lots of emotional problems, in a home. Perhaps to use drugs for a limited time. To bridge this person into safety and comfort. A safe house and environment, that is looked after from personnel. The person must be offered this place and safe heaven, to live and to recover. A bed, a room, daily routines, and interacting with others, talking with therapist, cognitive challenges like painting, drama, writing/reading and also physical activities body awareness programs like yoga, meditation, massages, to make sleep and physical better. Healthy ecological and clean food to be served through the day. Participating in the food making and daily chores. Recovery.

Now let’s say this is a person that have been confronted with a safe home, offering did not go voluntary? Say that this person is having a sever psychosis at home. The person is threatening to hurt other as well as self. Well, than that is a crime and a threat, and must be death with from within laws of imprisonment. So then the person have a option. Either accept the Soteria house offering, through participation, or to go to jail. Here is another clue. Prisons must be much more flexible with offering solutions, or should I say the judge/laws system, must be more flexible. In a gentle and considerate way. Today, 600 males are raped in prisons in USA, every day. This system is not acceptable. There must be offered a much larger degree of flexibility for the inmates. Therapy and cognitive challenges and physical therapy. Writing, reading lesson etc. Flexibility with serving ones time in community homes like Soteria houses. Look beyond bars. Schooling and therapies must come through. Yoga and meditation are keys. Body awareness. Responsibility.

Let’s take one more perspective. This person that is ill, is not improving. There was one or several traumatic happening in this persons childhood. This person was raped when child. He or she is living in constant anxiety and lots of pain and suffering. There are no signs of improvement or recovery, what so ever, and suicide is all what the person can think of. Trauma – true me. Because the illness have been manifested for such a long time and is so severe, that, if, this person wishes it – death could be a option, that someone must then be allowed to die. The good death. Euthanasia is a solution to extreme suffering. To force people to stay alive and go through a life in pain and suffering is exactly that, forcing people to live in pain and suffering, and that is simply torture.

I am convinced that given time, we can find therapies to all sickness. But this will take time. And I trust that people must be able to decide self, ultimately, whether to live or die.

Letts bring in one more episode. This person living in a Soteria house, for some time, is going into a psychosis, and wants to cut self on a glass. What do we do ? We would need to be at least two persons or more to calm down the person acting in possession. Physical prevention. This person is trying to wrestle you, to get to cut self. What do we do?

We talk to the person, we hold the person, we tell him/her common sense and love. We comfort the person by stroking her or him over the head/back. We sit with the person (laying in bed) until he or she is calm or sleeping. In emergencies that there is no calm in sight, we can use drugs, but it may not be needed. Physical touching and genuine care can do miracles, but it is today not allowed in psychiatry. This laws must off course change. We need to get physical and show genuine love and care to persons that are struggling. The person gets calm and fall asleep after having be stroked on back/head for 1-2 hours. Drama is over.

So if we look closed at this picture. There are solution to all perspectives. The first two solutions is to place the person in a safe home. Soteria house model. Be flexible with jailing and change the law to actually cure and change the inmate to see; what is best for all, and so that he or she can be ready back into society, responsible, after jail time. To actually give therapy and prepare the individual for society with the best schooling possible. To work consistently with therapy and activities. Maybe it is also a solution that the founding of the Soteria house could be done from the individual that is staying there, in the home, from their living wages, their living income. That must be provided from starts, a means tested income, for all. To eventually get to the roots of illness. Money and greed. The people working at the Soteria house, either professionals, doctors or peers, would be nice to have all different, working on shift so that there is people looking after 24/7. The Soteria house inn itself could be provided and sponsored by the local society, for the best health of all.

With the second solution where a person is violent acting out onto others, this might be done in psychosis/illness. So the prison system must be much more flexible with providing solutions, to inmates. With flexible I mean that this person could maybe be moved from this prison to a Soteria house after some months. Let’s say the person where per scripted some drugs while in prison. This was done to calmed the patient down. To step out of psychosis. A clear alternative here is yoga and meditation. And physical work – outs and massages. These are clear alternatives to drugs. It is within the understanding that drugs and only for severe, and I do mean severe mental illness and psychosis/possession. Today you get drugs per scripted if you fart. The system is horrible designed this way. And it needs a super fix, solution. The End of Psychiatry. So the first two point boils down to this one solution. Community run shelters like Soteria houses. And also Fountainhouses and other places to meet, share a coffee and talk, listen to music, learn to bake, play pool, sing karaoke. etc. Live life. Strengthen social and intellectual roots.

The last solution, is euthanasia, is only if it during a certain extent of time is clear that; this person only wants to die. From all the pain and suffering. There are no signs of recovery. Then let it be so. If there is no signs of recovery at all. Then euthanasia is a solution.

This means that we can have several houses, safe houses, based on the Soteria model. Medication mainly as bridging for a limited time. Focus on; Yoga, meditation, gym, swimming and work outs. Routines and recovery. Cognitive challenges. And also – Euthanasia – as a choice for the chronically ill, inn pain, that have no recovery.

Here I have now, within this text proved how we can change the system within and to say: “Till here no further” to the old state driven mental hospitals. This is changes that we would like to see. These are changes that are what is best for all. No more swing door patients. No more hospital raping or belts. Enough with the abuse. Lets end psychiatry.

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Re: Recovery's journey to life

Postby tormod » 30 Aug 2015, 00:13

Day 5
– I have schizophrenia

I have schizophrenia. I was born with it. It is a serious illness of mind. My mind is wired different that other peoples mind. It is like I have these hooks on me, hooks to my mind. That force me to stay in mind. Like several hooks or a lock. Like a system within the system of mind. It is like hooks forcing me to stay in mind and in consciousness.

These hooks are the manifestation of my emotional personality poles. One more time. These hooks are the lower part (emotional) of my polarity constructed (needles) personalities. My different personality poles are isolated, like with bi – polarity, design, dismantled, and are then bent to work like hooks to my mind.

The emotional charge of several personalities (about 6 of them, but it varies) are left as hooks to my mind. These hooks are providing me with voices. They are after all still personalities, or leftovers of personalities. These lower parts of personalities is then bent like into a hook or a question marks. The lower (emotional) part of the personality is bent, curves into a hook. This is all programmed from before birth.

It can be very disturbing voices – that I have to investigate. It is like my voices is my first clue to find the personality and to find the memory behind it. Find the trauma that is making the voices. Then I forgive the energies within the memory/trauma, and I forgive the people involved, and I commit myself to live the change.

I follow the tread of : hearing the voice/thought, finding the personality, finding the moment in time (memory/trauma) indentifying the components and energies, and then forgiving it all step by step until it is done, and there is no more voices/energies/thoughts.

It is a long process and a lot of work. But I know that it will be worth it in the long run.

I would recommend to investigate this interview from, on schizophrenia to understand more about the illness. I recommend to learn self forgiveness it is the very fine tool in life.

The interview:

Self – Forgiveness:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think I am lucky to have discovered this mind design of emotional hooks, from listening to the portal on eqafe.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that these hooks are particular to the schizophrenia mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that I have discovered something crucial about life and psychology by discovering from that one is born with schizophrenia.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear to talk about my mind and it’s components since the voices are so bad/emotional.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think I envy A since she is able to make fun of emotions and to be able to place it into a humorous play and to forgive it and laugh at old sorrow/emotions/trauma.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to envy A for how she have walked a process and removed voices, and how she stands as support to herself and others in life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear to confront doctors and academia on this discoveries of mind construct of schizophrenia.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear my schizophrenia and doing so diving into emotion and friction within me and ending up needing drugs to ease the friction/voices from my mind construct of hooks with my mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think I am exceptional and different/special since I have this awareness of my illness and that this gives me advance in life to be aware of this and to know my illness.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself for giving into the feeling of superiority thinking I am king of schizo – land or thinking I am better or more advanced that other people with schizophrenia, where I fail to realize the common sense, to help, share and talk, communicate with other being within this (schizophrenia/psychosis) relations to make the life of the schizophrenia more easy and to stand as a support to help people in their lives.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to find myself living and projecting out schizophrenia (word) and trying to create attention around schizophrenia and on mental illness simply from projecting out at others how I would like attention to mental illness.

Self corrections:

When and as I see myself standing within a projection and start to project out this word (schizophrenia) and doing so to create attention to this illness. I stop myself, I slow myself down and I breathe. I realize that it is no god to project things it will only make my world more noisy and disturbed. I realize that I will have to take responsibility for my earlier projections. I realize that when I project I am being irresponsible. I realize that when I would like to have attention about schizophrenia I should write and communicate like this here. I commit myself to write, talk and share about schizophrenia. I commit myself to be that person that is helping others to see what this illness is. And to guide people to the best solutions. I commit myself to stop the voices in my head by forgiving it and it origins. I commit myself to talk about my discovery of schizophrenia to all people that I think can have interest within it. I commit myself to change psychiatry into recovery/holism.


Thank you.

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Re: Recovery's journey to life

Postby tormod » 17 Nov 2015, 23:28

Day 6 - a schizophrenics journey to life ... y-to-life/

How is it to grow up schizophrenic ? Is society doing enough to help people with addictions ? Please listen to my story – from being born schizophrenic.

Check out the links & have a nice day !

Healing homes:

Open dialog :

My blog :

My second blog:

Yo listen :

The platform of all the fun:

Walk the talk:

Lets walk the easy first:

Video on how money is created

The program:


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Re: Recovery's journey to life

Postby tormod » 10 Aug 2016, 12:30 ... /17/day-7/

Day 7 – creating a new psychiatry

A talk on how to create a new psychiatry

a talk between:

Ashish Kejriwal &

Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem

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Re: Recovery's journey to life

Postby tormod » 10 Aug 2016, 12:31 ... ng-i-2016/

Dag 8 -Psykiatri og behandling i 2016

Hvordan velger vi å behandle de iblant oss som er schizofrene, bi – polare, de som har ADHD de som har spiseforstyrelser, angst, tvangs tanker eller personlighets forstyrrelser ? Hvilke muligheter har vi for behandling i dag ?

I dag brukes det veldig mye medisiner/kjemikalier i psykiatrien. Mye, mye mer en hva kroppen egentlig tåler. Medisiner kan brukes i en periode som til en bro. “To bridge” – på engelsk. Å broe inn i bedre spor – eller skal jeg si ord. For å bro inn i bedre ord or bedre/mer balansert sinne tilstand. Medisiner er en midlertidig løsning som ikke kan vedvare over lang tid – da får en mye skader i organer i kroppen og tidligere død. Dette med ord er essensielt. Dimensjonale forandringer i sinn, værende og kropp : ord. For å gå denne forandring og skifte i møte, så kreves det, at en har såpas innsikt og har såpas mye frihet (!!) fra innsiden og det fysiske at en kan fri gjøre seg fra gamle “vonde” ord til nye helbredendes ord. Her har du terapi formen som selv tilgivelse som er rett og slett en genial oppskrift på selv kommunikasjon, selv hjelp og egen terapi. Ved hjelp av å skrive, (pen & papir) kan en tolke sitt eget sinn og tilgi seg selv i detalj for blant annet minner og traumer. Fortid og nåtid. Det jeg sier er at en kan sette seg selv på nye spor/ord ved å ha en såpas dyp og grundig innsyn i selvet og hvem en er, til at en kan rett og slett velge ord å leve de ordene. Jeg kunne til dømes velge ordet: Vennlig. Et fint og trygt ord som er støttendes og godt. Min belønning er da: fint, trygt, støtte og godt – ettersom det en min erfaring og definisjon av ordet. – Dette er mind – fullness for viderekomne. Og jobbe med ord og leve og om definere ord som seg selv/terapi. Dersom du forstår at en kan meditere og ha mindfulness, ved å jobbe, ta oppvasken, spasere, og gjøre ting så er du muligens klar for levendes ord (?) Det er rett og slett bare å velge et ord og se hvordan en står i forholde til dette ordet. Skriv det på papir og studer i selv i ærlighet med å skrive og definere dette ordet for selvet.

Jeg vil gjerne dra frem 3 ulike institutioner, som skiller seg fra det gamle tilbud og bo former som kan styrker individet og som styrker helsen, helhetlig til den enkelte.

I dag har vi flere ulike muligheter til nye terapiformer og steder som tildømes:

Familjevårdsstiftelsen i fra Göteborg, skapt av Carina Håkonsen. Et genialt konsept som går ut på å plassere individer hjemme hos folk og på garder hos folk. Da blir naturen og dyr (!!) og familie tilværelsen terapi. Dette er et eksempel som krever videre studier innsikt og forståelse.

Et annet eksempel er Soteria hus stiftelsen. Soteria hus går i bunn og grunn ut på å ha et hus – som et slags bofellesskap. Og drive terapi i det huset, i felleskap og gjøre ting i lag som fremmer helsen og helheten. Matlanging, lek, maling, husvask, massasje, sang, musikk, sport, turer å gjøre ting i lag – borte fra de store institusjoner, med fokus på felleskap og terapi former uten den kunstige kjemi.

Et tredje eksempel er Camphill stiftelsen. Jeg bruker Hogganvik Landsby (hvor jeg bor) som eksempel. Her bor vi i forskjellige hus på et større tun. Det drives økologisk gardsbruk og hus hald etter holistiske prinsipper som blant annet likeverd. Her bor en i lag og har arbeide på garden og deltar hver dag i det som foregår. Sunn kost og mosjon ved arbeide står høyt i fokus. Kunst og kultur arbeider er også sentralt. Jobbe fysisk med dyr som kyr, sau, høner og griser, så vell som med gitar, sang, pensel, hammer & spiker og matlaging.

Disse tre behandlings former skiller seg ut, fordi de til en mye større grad handler om samarbeid, helbredelse og kommunikasjon. Her blir kvaliteter lagt vekt på og funnet/vunnet, og det gode, helt tilbake til det fysiske hos den enkelte er i fokus.

Vi kan godt peke på en annen detalj, ved moderne psykiatri. Så godt som alle debatter jeg har hatt med pasienter ved og om psykriatiske sjukehus – føler en større eller mindre grad av forakt for leger og legeviten ved sykehus. Det er også noe vi må ta med i regnestykket. For eksempel det faktum at de fleste pasienter har en mager trygd mens legene sitte på million lønn. Bare det enkle regnestykket der er nok til å ta mote fra en. Det er ingenting som tilsier at legen er mer verd (!!) en han med ADHD. Personen med ADHD har kanskje også lenger utdannelse en legen. Det koster like mye for den med ADHD å leve som han med Dr. tittel. Her er det grobunn for mye frustrasjon på grunn av ulikheter/system. Det er også ytterst få leger og helse personell som tar opp dette til debatt – og det i seg selv er høyst betenkelig.

Psykiatri må være et sted for de som ikke kan verdsette livet. Helt essensielt i livet er penger… likt for alle på vår planet.

Jeg og sunnfornuft vil bort fra lange korridorer med låste dører og sterile miljø, med kjemisk medisinering. Vi har alle løsningene. Vi har den rette tiden i dag til å skape nye miljø for behandling.

Alle eksempler på tilstander og symptomer kan i dag behandle uten overdrevet tvang og kjemi. Desentraliserte og så naturlige som mulig behandlings steder er løsningen. Familjevårdsstiftelsen, Soteria hus og Camphill. Jeg vil anbefale å grundig undersøke disse bo, terapi og leve former. Da de er den større og bredere løsningen på “problemet”.

Jeg vil gjerne peile tilbake til det innledendes spor. Eller skal jeg si ord. Jeg sier ord. Jeg har gått prosess, ved å være multippel avhengig, stemme hører, konstant angst, paranoia og mindreverd følelse. Jeg har kjent sinne, aggression or smerte. Mye smerte. Jeg har levd som schizofren. Jeg har gått i litt over 4 år med selv tilgivelse, selv kommunikasjon, egen terapi, selv hjelp pen og papir/pc. Jeg har fremdeles med meg min schizofreni – men jeg lever den ikke på samme måte som før. den får ikke slik plass. Jeg kan si med hånden på hjerte at å tilgi meg selv har den største kraft. Det er den største hemmelighet av Bibelen blant annet – å tilgi seg selv. Det frigjør fastlåste energier og gjør det lettere å puste/leve.

I dag er jeg mye, mye mer oppegåendes og beregnelig en noen gang før. Jeg er ansvarlig, våken, deltar i jobb, holder fast ved klokke klar ærlighet og sunn fornuft. Jeg vil gjerne delta og jeg bry meg! Jeg legger ikke skjul på at å forandre psykiatrien er min livs oppgave.

Jeg fortseter å bruke meg som eksempel. I dag har jeg en slik frihet at jeg kan regelrett velge ord å leve. Jeg kan velge ordet vennlig (siden det kom opp her) eller jeg kan leve “stabil”, eller “rolig”, “behersket”, “komfortabel”, “våken” eller andre gode ord. Jeg endrer ikke på ordet – men jeg endrer meg selv. Derfor er ord så magiske. Jeg tilgir for energier jeg relaterer til ordene og omdefinerer det dersom det er nødvendig.

Det er ord som helbreder, eller vår relasjon til ordene. Vi er bygget opp av ord og det gjelder å av – lære “unlearn” det som har ført oss til denne posisjon av lidelse og energier avhengighet. Ved å tilgi selvet – setter vi oss selv fri og kan etter en stund leve ord helt nakent og enkelt og endre oss selv og slik endre verden.

Vi trenger de gamle terapi former. Vi trenger maling, strikking, sying, dans, sang og så videre. Ut av dette så er selv kommunikasjon helt essensiell. Vi kan velge våres ord og vi kan skrive ut oss selv, med pen og papir. Å tilgi oss selv er den største skatt vi har. Jeg vil anbefale å undersøke i dybden de tre behandlings former jeg har nevnt her: Camphill stiftelse, Soteria Hus, og Familjevårdsstiftelsen av Göteborg.

For dypere innsikt i levendes ord sjekk ut: SOUL

Dersom du vil debattere eller på andre måte kontakte meg :

Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem,

Hogganvik Landsby


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Re: Recovery's journey to life

Postby tormod » 01 Nov 2016, 17:08 ... rene-barn/

Dag 9 – Det Schizofrene Barn

Jeg er født schizofren. Det har jeg studeret meg frem til. Dersom det betyr at jeg faller inn under autisme begrepet så gjør ikke det meg så mye, men det er interessant. Jeg har levd med min schizofreni i 38 år. Jeg kjenner min schizofreni som ingen andre. Jeg har i 5 år gått prosess med den beste medisin som finnes: selv tilgivelse – hvor det er ytterst interessant å se og oppleve den effekt det har å si: selv tilgivelse til meg selv og oppleve den helbredelse som da skjer, når jeg kommuniserer med meg selv på denne måte.

Når jeg gikk på barne skole, så skulle det gå mange år til, før noen så at jeg var schizofren. Ikke før jeg var 25 år ble det oppdaget på et sykehus. Da hadde allerede mye skade skjedd. Jeg har i dag den innsikt og oversikt over mitt liv slik at jeg kan se tilbake når jeg var et lite barn. Jeg kan med tydelighet se hva som var vondt og vanskelig for meg da og hva som kunne hjulpet meg, når jeg var som schizofren som 7,8,9, 10… åring.

En ting jeg er helt sikker på er at det meste ved vanlig norsk skole måtte bli endret. Og da mener jeg slike ordninger som at foreldre og voksne må jobbe for å overleve – få lønn. Det er en ordning vi kan bevege oss bort i fra med tiden som kommer. Vi får etter hvert så mye automatisering og roboter langs hele linja slik at det blir mer plass til fritid og familie og selvet. Et slikt fundament som penger er i endring og vi trenger et nytt typisk system for å dele penger slik at alle har plenty. Det er ikke så mye å diskutere. Alle mennesker trenger plenty for å leve et verdig liv. Da må vi skape et samfunn som er så godt og trygt slik at ingen trenger å gjøre seg avhengig av hasj, porno, depresjon, alkohol, shopping, spise forstyrelser og så videre….

Det må vi huske på å presisere fordi vi trenger ikke mer jobb… vi trenger mer fritid og mer ærlighet og et bredere innsyn i oss selv. Vi trenger desperat selv innsikt og forstå dybde og bredde av oss selv og våre sinn. Alle trenger vi det. Kanskje mest av alt for fred og forsoning i den ganske verden.

Når det er sagt så har jeg lyst å gå tilbake til skolen min, i de øyeblikk hvor jeg slet, og hva jeg ville gjøre annerledes. Hvordan min skole burde se ut…

Som schizofrent barn skule jeg like å lære hele ord fra begynnelsen. Ikke begynn med å lære barnet å skrive 4 sider med bokstaven A. Det er sterilt og unaturlig. Usunn og dårlig læring. Begynn med hele ord fra dag en. Det er det jeg vet med sikkerhet fra meg selv og min innsikt i meg, at hele ord er så mye, mye mer verdifullt en enkle bokstaver.

Vi kan vokse mye i de riktige ord. Jeg skulle lært meg å omfavne ord som til dømes: balanse, stabilitet, trygghet, integritet, pålitelig, modig, tillitsfull, ærlig, organisert, strukturert, fargerik, omtenksom, kjærlig, intim…. liker ikke du også disse ord ?

Dersom jeg som 8, 9, 10 åring kunne komme til min skole dag å vite hvilket ord vi skulle jobbe med neste dag… det ville være fint. Å skrive ordene, bruke det i setninger og bli til ordet med meg selv, å ta på meg ordet – å leve ordet.

En annen sak er at jeg skulle ha utviklet et selv hjelps verktøy, det vil si selv tilgivelse. Til å hjelpe meg selv ut av floker og energier, sinne, frustrasjon, redsel, depresjon og psykologi.

En 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 åring som er født eller oppvokst med schizofreni eller til dømes ad/hd, eller med asbergers syndrom, trenger ordentlig selv hjelp. Til å mestre selvet – når en er alene og i krise. Til å handtere seg selv. Å hjelpe seg selv i verden når det butter i mot. Selv tilgivelse trenger å bli et daglig verktøy liksom automatik og roboter kommer mer og mer. Det er et genuint verktøy med uante muligheter.

Jeg skulle være forstått med bruk, tale og skriving av selv tilgivelse for å unngå å ende opp deprimert og fortvilet, sinna eller i angst og uro, over saker og ting i min verden når jeg blir 13, 14… og eldre.

Dette er 2 saker som jeg ser som viktig å endre med skole dagen. Spesielt for den som er 7 år og schizofren. Men i grunn for alle mennesker. Vi trenger alle selv innsikt og kunne mestre oss selv. Selv tilgivelse , er den beste medisin.

Også mer kreative fag er viktige som tegning, maling, dans, og teater.

Matematikk er også viktig, men på en litt annen måte en hva som er tilfele i dag. Vi må av – lære det gamle. Det som vi har sett og opplevd i aviser og på tv og på utsiden må diskuteres. Vi må kunne forstå sinnet våres mye mer og lære oss en dypere respekt også utenfor sinnet, og dyrke det som er kreativt og basert på livs glede.

Når jeg lærte matematikk på skolen så hadde vi bilder av epler, og appelsiner og hvordan legge til og trekke i fra. Det var enkelt og fornuftig satt opp og vist på en snill måte hvordan regnestykket blir til. Når jeg så på verden utenfor skoleboken, da la jeg merke ved, (som 7 or 8 åring) at penge verden og bank og finans var ikke så enkelt og fornuftig som en skulle tro ut i fra mattebøkene. Mattebøkene fortalte ikke sannhet. De speilet ikke virkeligheten. Mattebøkene var snille og enkle. Verden der ute med banken og penger, var vanskelig og vond. Den verden på utsiden var ikke lik den på innsiden. Bank og finans verden var basert på en gigantisk svindel skulle jeg forstå lenge etter å ha gitt opp skole.

Min skole og lekse tid var spesielt hard og fylt av snør og tårer, nettopp fordi den penge virkelighet (mattematikk) i verden og i fra bankene, var ikke lik den jeg ble lært på skolen. På skolen var det en snill og enkel realitet. Ting var rolige og balanserte i skole bøkene. I virkeligheten var det koruption, krig, svindel, lidelse og spekulasjon som styrte pengene. Mattebøkene fortalte ikke sannheten. Ergo mattebøkene fortalte løgn. Dette er en sak som jeg ser tydelig i fra min skole gang akkurat dette poeng med å ikke fortelle sannheten, eller realiteten. Det som var resultatet av den matematikk jeg lærte i våres skolebøker var jo at ego vokste. Egen interessen be dyrket og ego og grådighet vant frem i det stille i alle klasserom. Slik det er i dag med mer og mer korrupsjon, mest av alt selv -korrupsjon. Slik at min skole gang som lite barn var et helvete, fordi våre skole bøker fortalte ikke snev av sannhet. Så mitt liv skulle bli vanskelig. Jeg klandrer ingen. Det er ikke vits i å henge ut folk, folk var programerte til å undervise og lære i fra seg, slik de gjorde. Merk deg at jeg bruker ordet programert.

Fag som astronomi, planeter, univers og stjernetegn, å avmystifisere det åndelige, gjøre det praktisk og funksjonelt trenger vi også. Mn huske på å gjøre det spirituelle/mystiske handfast og praktisk. Vi har i dag alle svar, hvordan vi havnet her, dette er også et fag som det delte meninger om. Om vi har en skaper eller om vi har utviklet oss. Jeg vet og har funnet ut min sannhet. At vi har både skaper og en utvikling og evolusjon. Begge deler kommer med. Vi må se bak teppet, og åpne dørene for tema som reinkarnasjon, og eksistensielle spørsmål på en ny måte.

Vi kan ikke skape en bedre i morgen ved å holde på de samme tanke mønster som før.

Vi må se forbi sinnet og lære oss å respektere livet på orddentlig.

Vi burde ha en dypere forståelse av hva der i praksis betyr å ha tanker og lyder/stemmer i hode. Dette er tross alt det som har brakt oss hit. Gjerne det mange kaller for “Gud” en autoritet, eller det åndelige. Fortjene vi ikke å vite den funne historien bak tanken ? Opprinnelsen av tanken som autoritet ?

Kort sagt trenger vi dybde innsikt, vi trenger selv hjelps verktøy og nye måter å “tenke” på. Vi trenger friske nye ord hver dag til å stadig lære noe. Vi trenger å avlære det som var og omfavne oss selv.

Mine fag, på en timeplan kunne sett slik ut:

– Morgen meditasjon – pusteøvelser – lys/lyd terapi

– Vi lever ord, et nytt ord hver dag samt noen mer faste ord.

– Vi ser på selv hjelp og selv tilgivelse som verktøy

– Vi leker med tall, mattematikk, organisering og struktur.

– Dans og teater

– Tegning og fargelære

– Snekring og sløyd

En slik timeplan er det som ville være best for meg. Uendelig mye bedre en hva jeg fikk for 30 år siden. En slik timeplan er også mulig å skape, dersom vi alle er med for å skape fred med oss selv.

Vi vet alle at i dag så trenger vi fornyelse. Det vi feiler å se er at det er oss selv i våre egne sinn som trenger fornyelse. Vi må endre oss selv – så går resten av seg selv. Vi trenger fred og selvhjelp verktøy. Essensielt for fred er selvet og selv tilgivesle. For at alle skal kunne respektere sin nabo så begynner det med selvet.

Er du med ?

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Re: Recovery's journey to life

Postby tormod » 14 Nov 2016, 20:46 ... nic-child/

Day 10 – The Schizophrenic Child

The schizophrenic child

I was born schizophrenic. I’ve studied my way to realize this. If that means I fall under the autism concept it does hurt me a bit, but it’s interesting though. I’ve lived with my schizophrenia for 38 years now. I know my schizophrenia like no other. I have 5 years walking the breath taking desteni i process with the best medicine available, self forgiveness – where it is extremely interesting to see and experience the power I have , have to heal, with the forgiveness of myself and experience the healing happens then, when I communicate with myself in this forgiving manner.

When I went to primary school, there should go many years before anyone saw that I was schizophrenic. Not until I was 25 years was discovered in a mental hospital. Then much harm was already done. Today I have the insight and overview of my life so that I can look back when I was a small child. I can quite clearly see what was painful and difficult for me then and what could have helped me, when I was as schizophrenic as 7,8,9, 10 … what could have assisted me then ?

One thing I am certain of, is that most concept about ordinary Norwegian schools and society have to be changed. And I mean such agreements as parents and adults have to work to survive – to earn a living. It’s a scheme/game that we can move away from inn the future. Eventually so much automation and robots with help us, so that it becomes more time for leisure and family and self. But most important we will see the reality of self that working 30/40 hours working week for a paycheck is really far from the best possibility or creation, we have as humans can do. The foundation of “money” is changing and we need a new typical system for sharing money so everyone has plenty. It is not so much to discuss. Everyone needs plenty to live a dignified life. It is the simplest math. We all need it equally. Then we need to create a society that is so good, safe, equal and secure, so no one needs to make themselves dependent on hash, porn, depression, alcohol, shopping, eating disorders, fighting, war, oil and so on ….

We must remember to emphasize that: we do not need more work … we need more free time and more honesty and a broader insight into ourselves. We desperately need self-awareness and understand the depth and potential of ourselves and our living. We all need that so bad. Perhaps most of all for peace and reconciliation in the whole world.

Having said so, I want to go back to my school, in the moments where I struggled and what I would have arranged my school day differently. How my school should look like …

As schizophrenic child, at school I would like to learn all words from the beginning. Do not start to teach your child to write four pages of the letter “A”. It is sterile and unnatural. Unhealthy and poor learning. If the child is schizophrenic or not: does not matter. Teach the child full words from day one. That’s what I know for certain of myself and my knowledge in me, that all words are so much more valuable that “one” simple letter. Nothing wrong with letters – this is about understanding the child.

We can grow a lot with living words. I’d learned to embrace words like for example: balance, stability, security, integrity, dependable, brave, confident, honest, organized, structured, colorful, genuine, loving, intimate, cooperation, symmetric, original, purpose …. don’t you also like these words ?

If I was 8 years-old again and should get to my school today and then know which words we should work on the next day … that would be nice. A real treat. Writing words, use them in sentences and “be” the word with myself, to take on the word – to live the word.

Another issue is that I should have developed a self aid tools, like self forgiveness. To help myself out of tangles and energy, anger, frustration, fear, depression and psychology.

An 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 year old who was born or raised with schizophrenia or for example AD / HD, or with asperger’s syndrome, need proper self help – shit; today everyone does.. To master the self – when one is alone and in crisis. To handle themselves. Helping self in the world when it is full of conflict and pain. Self forgiveness needs to be a daily tool to apply. It has that capability and capacity. Self forgiveness is a genuine tool with unlimited possibilities. This tool is so great that is also why it is hard to grasp the enormous healing effect and talent of so.

I would be understood by the usage, speech and writing of self forgiveness to avoid ending up depressed and desperate, angry or anxiety, over issues and things in my world when I will be 13, 14 … and older.

These are two issues that I see as important to change the school day. Especially for those who are 7 years and schizophrenic. But the reason for all people. We all need self-awareness and be able to master ourselves. Although self forgiveness is the best medicine.

Also more creative subjects are also important such as drawing, painting, dance, and theater.

Mathematics is also important, but in a slightly different way than what is specific cases today. We must un-learn the old. A child knows there is war in this world today: 2016. That which we have seen and experienced in newspapers and on television and on the outside must be discussed. We must be able to understand the mind of self much more, and teach us a deeper respect outside of the mind, and cultivate that which is creative and based on life enjoyment.

When I was taught mathematics at school we had nice pictures of apples and oranges in our text books, and we learned how to add and subtract, and basically share from natures law. From the text book. It was simple and sensible set up and displayed in a kind way how the math functions. When I looked at the world outside school book, when I noticed at, (like 7 or 8 years old) that monetary world and banking and finance was not as simple or sensible as one would think based on the math books. Finances was working on a level of self corruption, against nature. Math books did not tell the truth. The mirror is not reality. Math books were kind and simple. World out there with the bank and the money was difficult, painful, corrupt and its foundation was wrong of nature. The outside world was not equal to the inside. Banking and finance world was/is based on a gigantic fraud, I was to learn: long after giving up school.

My school and homework time was particularly hard and filled with snot and tears, precisely because the monetary reality (mathematics) in the world and from banks, was not like the one I was taught at school. It did not comply. At school there was a kind and simple reality. Things were calm and balanced in schoolbooks. In reality it was corruption, war, fraud, disorder and speculation that controlled the money game. Math books did not tell the truth. Ergo math books told lies. This is an issue that I see clearly in from my school time exactly this point of not telling the truth, or reality. What was the result of the math I learned in our textbooks was that ego grew. Self-interest blissfully and cold hearted taught to children, cultivated so that ego and greed was quietly growing in every classroom. As it is today with more and more corruption, most of all self -corruption. So my school time as a young children was a hell, because our school books told no hint of truth. So my life was going to be difficult. I blame no one. There’s no point in hanging out people, people were programmed to teach and learn from one’s, as they did. Note that I use the word programmed.

Basically the math did not comply what so ever. It was like to puzzle two different puzzles at once, where the teacher would tell me to puzzle them to one. The game or capitalism (whatever word) did not add up to the nice and comfortable school equations. Not by the longest shot.
And it made my life hell. Finances was to me a game of lies, gambling, corruption, war and suffering, pain and torture. While the “game” from the math books at school was a fairy tale, all nice and comfortable, but totally no equal to “reality”. And it still is not.
The fact that I could tell very, very early the detailed difference of the two puzzles of capitalism and math, was sort of a strength within it all and I used this awareness to hacked into myself, and understood later after growing up, and forgiving these memories within, that despite all the tears and pain, I really like math.

Subjects like astronomy, planets, the universe and life existence theories, dimensions, to debunk the spiritual, make it practical and functional, we need this to reeducate. Today we have all the answers, how we got here, it is all out there in a great puzzle, this is also a subject where there is divided opinions about. If we have a creator or whether we have evolved. I know and have found my truth. That we have both creators and evolution. Both goes with. We have to look behind the curtain and open the doors for topics such as reincarnation, and existential questions in a new way. New topics and teaching can emerge.

We can’t create a better tomorrow by keeping the same mindset as before.

We must look beyond the box and learn to respect life, genuinely.

We should have a deeper understanding of what there in practice means having thoughts and sounds / voices in the head. This is after all what has brought us here. Certainly there are many who calls for “God” or authority, or the spiritual. Like we do not know the history or the idea or existence of here? The origin of the thought…

In short, we need depth insight, we need self-help tools and new ways to “think” on. We need fresh new words every day to constantly learn something. We need to unlearn what was painful and emotional and embrace ourselves.

My subjects, on a schedule could look like this:

– Morning Meditation – breathing exercises – light / sound therapy

– We live word, a new word every day as well as some more solid word.

– We look at self help and self-forgiveness as tools

– We are playing with numbers, math, organization and structure.

– Dance and Theatre

– Drawing and color theory

– Carpentry and woodworks

Out of the blue : such a schedule is what would be best for me. Infinitely better than what I did 30 years ago. Such a schedule is also possible to create, if we are all in order to create peace within ourselves. If we genuinely work for what is best for all – not the ego…

We all know that today we need renewal. But yet most of us fail to see is that it is ourselves in our own minds that need renovation. We have to change ourselves – then comes the rest by itself. We need peace and self-help tools. Essential for peace is self forgiveness. For everyone to be able to respect its neighbor – it begins with the self.

Are you with ?

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