Is Life Here - Part 7

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Is Life Here - Part 7

Postby Agnieszka » 11 Sep 2012, 18:00

The Secret History of the Universe - Is Life Here - Part 7

Where is Life if all that exist as-us is the creation/manifestation of
absolute Separation?

How have we been able to Create/Manifest ourselves into utmost
Separation, instead of as Life Here?

Why/how have we separated ourselves to such an Extent, that
within and as this Separation, Life cannot exist?

What is our responsibility, individually and collectively to walk
from and as Separation, into and as Life?

Why is it/will it be a process of realisation for ourselves
individually/collectively and not an instant/miraculous realisation
that will suddenly/unexpectedly set all free?

All these questions and more are answered within this Interview.

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