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my dream Mario Rodriguez

Postby Mario Rodriguez » 18 Apr 2014, 20:56

hi my name is Mario Rodriguez i am here to explain about my dream well i do not know if it was a dream well all i remember is being in my bed waking up in the middle of the night well around 3am i wake up to all dark the hole house i look around because i felt like i wasnt in control of my body was like i was seeing someone walk me around i can only see next you know i was in a different place no place all dark no color no objects no nothing i look straight ahead and a see a big machine the only way I can describe the machine is by comparing it to this book shelf weights i had the little weights that hold the books up straight on my book shelf well i cant describe the shape of the weights well when i looked straight ahead to see what i can see in front of me and then the machine appeared slowly like something coming out of smoke slowly wen it appeared it was like the biggest thing if ever been in front of bigger than any building ive seen i look at it after it came out and boom it slammed hard so hard i can feel it on the ground in the dirt so weird because i was'nt standing on any surface it was all dark well it slammed hard 3 times i felt it all three times out of no were i was in front of my mom in her room know remember i woke up in my bed to this now im in my mom rooms on her side right next to her crying wen i wake up crying in my body in control i tell her well trying something was holding me back from speaking to her i force it out i say mom the machine is to big i can feel it mom she wakes up and says what machine mario i was like 11 or 12yrs old ok she says what machine mario and boom im gone again all black know im in front of this big black and gold spotted snake im mean giant snake giant lol and when im standing looking at it all I can hear is the snake breathing big a hard like taking big breaths long one and then boom im gone and im in front of my mom but she is not up talking to me she is sleeping so I just go to turn around and go to my bed back to my room I black out again and wen i wake up im in my room on my bed laying down wen i woke up and i was back really back to my body i was tired very so i just went to bed next day i ask my mom if i woke her up she said no but my step dad herd me come in well that was one of my life experience that i cant explain if was a dream or not ty all.

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