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Postby Nicklk1795 » 25 Feb 2017, 13:02

Shapeshifting. To dream that you (or someone/something else) are undergoing a transformation, into another thing, person or creature, symbolizes a need for change from your usual routine. It also suggests your expanded awareness and a deep-level personality development. - desteni is this true? i had a dream that i was moving this black substance or sort of blob with my hands while it was floating, and then i clinched my fist and it turned into my fist and hen i released it and it turned into birds flying away.

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Re: shapeshifting

Postby Gian » 25 Feb 2017, 13:07

Hi Nick

Can you share more in detail. I would suggest slowing down, and bring the dream here again. this means, take a look at what you saw, what were you doing, what was the over all feeling of the dream, what was the reactions, emotions that took place, who were you in this dream, where you a certain character, thus a certain experience.

The information you provided requires more detail. then a more clearer interpretation can be done.

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