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dreams about airplanes crashing

Posted: 21 Mar 2017, 10:30
by Miranda de Haas
Hi, I sometimes have dreams wherein airplanes crashes. In my dream last night there were two incidents where I was witnessing a helicopter crashing in front of me. It is not that I am afraid of flying, I love to do that but I cannot explain for myself why I am dreaming about it. Is there an interview about this that can support me? Does anyone know? Thanks


Re: dreams about airplanes crashing

Posted: 22 Mar 2017, 06:21
by Garbrielle
Hi Miranda,

There has been death research interviews on a the topic of plane crashes and fear of flying. I do not know of a specific interview or support in relation to dreaming of planes crashing. Though I have worked with my own dreams in similar scenarios, like for instance last night i had a dream of a man shooting a guy in the head, and I saw the bullet like up close go through the guys head like an xray vision. So when i wake up from such a dream where i remember it and I notice that i have energy moving within me, i take some time before i get up and start speaking self forgiveness out loud on what ever point comes up in relation to it. I'll look at it before I speak self forgiveness to see what i am seeing in relation to it self honestly, I find a point, and then speak out self forgiveness. This has supported me to release the energy that i wake up with at times and speak commitments for my day to focus on living change and living words that I found through walking the self forgiveness making the start of my day supportive rather than a burden where the energy hangs around because i did not release it. This I found creates a much heavier experience throughout the day and i realized it's because i wasn't being disciplined when i woke up to release the energy I was experiencing from the dreams or even the day before, and so using this time in the morning to give to myself has been a stabilizer for sure.

There is also the dream analysis interview request you can get on eqafe in relation to gaining more perspective on personal dreams, here is the link:

The death research ones: (there is three parts).

Re: dreams about airplanes crashing

Posted: 22 Mar 2017, 08:41
by Miranda de Haas
Thanks Garb,

I will start writing about the point and see what comes up. Will also have a look on the eqafe-links.

Thanks for your support!