2012: The Psychology of The Atom

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2012: The Psychology of The Atom

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2012: The Psychology of The Atom

This is the first interview in a series of interviews to come, discussing and exploring the creation, design, programming and purpose of the existence of the atom -- walking the History of the Atom and it's function within the development and evolution of this physical-existence and humanity.
The interviews to follow as the continuation of the process of the Atom will become available soon at http://www.eqafe.com

Here are really basic representations of three major points discussed within the Interview to assist and support with a practical/tangible reference:





Hi everyone, this is an introduction video interview in which we are going to discuss the manifestation, design and functioning of the atom in what it is, why it exists and how it came into creation within its manifested functioning. And as an initial starting point for those listening to this video interview, we suggest to unconditionally hear and see what is being explained, illustrated and shown. So as to assist and support self in walking this process with us and for a moment letting go of all current knowledge and information regarding science and biology. Because as we are walking this series which is the psychology of the atom, we came across a documentary referred to as “the atom”. We will be providing the details with this video interview as a reference. We walked the series and within it it’s basically discussing the history of the atom within the context of human beings within the fields of science and biology.

And the basic pioneers of the atom history and their theories and hypotheses and processes of discovering the atom. However, within the very starting point approach of human beings has been through and as the mind. The mind which exists within a linear space/time continuum in basically only vertical and horizontal timelines. And from within that starting point of time, the atom has been interpreted. However, the very manifestation and existence of the atom is manifested within physical multidimensionality and within that we will show, illustrate and explain how the pioneers of the atom series and hypotheses are in fact fragmented in how the atom is being looked at from only actually one dimension. And the total equality and oneness within which the atom exists is not being seen, understood or grasped because of how it is being approached through the mind existing in linear space/time continuum.

When the very functioning, existence and manifestation of the atom is multidimensional, and what is furthermore interesting is, within the first part of the documentary it is noted that for the sciences to be able to progress to discovering, analyzing, seeing and understanding the atom they had to let go of all of their past knowledge and information about science in itself in how this physical manifested existence operates and functions, to be able to have gotten as far as they did in terms of the current understanding of the atom. And this moment here with these video interviews is equal to and one with such a moment. For you to be able to progress into seeing, realizing and understanding how the atom really in fact functions within totality, multidimensionality, its reason, its purpose, its design, its programming for existing... one has to let go of all of one’s current knowledge and information of the atom. Meaning, one will find that within the video interview you will have a tendency of referencing the current knowledge and information that one has of the atom, in a form of protection and argumentation and simple dismissal.

Because of one’s belief or rooted belief within the current existence of how the atom functions. So, what we are suggesting is, when those moments of wanting, desiring or needing to fight it in terms of what we are going to be explaining, showing and illustrating, it’s to allow oneself to simply breathe and hear what it is we are saying and showing. We will be within many interviews to follow taking on theories and hypotheses in the current understanding, and to develop the current understanding of the atom to show the fragments of the current understanding and approach to the atom, and why and how it is that it’s understood as it is in this moment. And what is it that in fact is being missed, not being seen, not being considered, because of in fact not being here in equality and oneness with and as the atom, as self. And therefore within the very approach of the atom, it is done within the context of observation within separation and thus within that starting point the only approach that is in fact here with regards to the atom is just interpretation/perception, limited within the current confines of how to understand the atom. But again the atom cannot be in its totality seen, realized and understood because of the limited means that currently exist to understand it.

So we are going to within this first introduction video interview have a look at only the primary basics of what the atom consists of and exists as. And this will be our platform from which we will be taking on all of the current hypotheses and theories in mainstream science in relation to the atom. And thus from there we will be expanding and specifying the total designed functioning manifestation of the atom. So for one to grasp the totality of what we are gonna be walking is to walk the interviews with us. One is more than welcome to make notes of questions in relation to one’s own process of facing this point, and if within and during and through all the video interviews there are still questions then we will be more than welcome to assist and support with perspectives. But for now we ask to unconditionally here walk with us, equal and one. And see, realize and understand that the very starting point approach has been in separation, and therefore the atom in its purity cannot be understood within its totality just because of that starting point. So here the atom will speak and walk through how we really function and exist. So what we will start with is the basic elements of the atom.

As the total atom itself – the electrons, and the nucleus as the protons and the neutrons. Now, before we start here, what must be understood is the MCS. Within desteni, we have throughout process explained the current existence of the human being as a mind. A mind consisting of a conscious, subconscious and unconscious, and within and through that how we have functioned, survived and existed within existence as personalities, and have driven our living through energy as reactions of emotions and feelings as the basic elements that the MCS consists of and exists as. And one can simply reference this for oneself in one’s own mind in how we think, in how we have internal conversations, in how we experience reactions. Those very parts of oneself reveal the reality that we are in fact existing as a pre-programmed system simply within the notion of how we have thoughts automatically coming up, how we are not in control of our reactions and how we are constantly and continuously preoccupied within and as internal conversations. If we have a look at sciences today, the very science is a system in itself that has been created, designed, programmed and manifested through knowledge and information as the minds interpretation of how reality, the physical and existence function.

Therefore even science today is in fact a mind system as a holder of knowledge and information in relation to what it has experienced reality, the physical and existence to be, from an interpretative starting point. So the very science of the atom is a mind system approach to understanding existence as a whole, and from that perspective the entirety and totality of education has become the minds process of understanding, grasping and conceiving itself within existence. So, what it has become in terms of education in for example science is thus more a trying to understand/grasp/conceive ourselves as minds within existence, instead of our starting point being equal to and one with the very physical in being it, understanding it and becoming it as ourselves. Therefore what is not being seen, realized and understood is how we really in fact exist and function within existence, because we have not been equal to and one with the physical in any way whatsoever in really understanding it within that equality and oneness as ourselves. That is why we are approaching everything through knowledge, information, interpretation, observation and equations as tools to try and understand, conceive and interpret existence.

From a certain perspective the basic nature of existence is relatively grasped. However the actuality of what is really happening within and as it, is not seen, realized and understood at all because it’s really existent within a multidimensional interdimensional/physical reality that we cannot see or interact with because we are in absolute total separation from and of it. Because we are manifested within and through a mind, preoccupied within a conscious, subconscious and unconscious system within ourselves and from that very manifestation of ourselves we cannot be equal and one. Therefore equality and oneness of everything is not seen, realized and understood. So understand that the very creation of the atom in how it exists has in fact been in direct relationship with this MCS that we are and exist within. The very creation, design and programming of the atom was for the purposed functioning of ourselves as mind, the very nature and experience and the ability to have thoughts, internal conversations and reactions is due to and because of the energy that we are existing as within ourselves.

That very energy is what is produced by the MCS through the atom. And this relationship between the mind and the atom will also explain and give perspective of why it is and how it is that we are not seeing the interdimensions, the multidimensions, the equality and oneness that is here within the physical. Why it is and how it is that in the past and not too many years ago people could directly see the interdimensions, communicate with those that have crossed over, be able to shift dimensions and materialize. And how it is that we have become so limited and enslaved into a physical existence that we cannot even directly communicate to and that we cannot even understand as ourselves but have to try and work out, create, design, program, ways to interpret and understand it, and really see it for what it is instead of simply being here, equal and one with it, and communicating with it as self and really seeing how its working as self. This is what the opportunity is here now, through the portal, as how we are directly communicating what is in fact here. The relationship between the atom and the MCS, that which is keeping the MCS stable in its existence as a conscious, subconscious, unconscious and consciousness as well as the energy that is functioning within, through and as it, is this very relationship between the atom and the MCS.

So the atom has been designed, programmed and manifested as a controlled container. This controlled container is what contains, maintains and holds the very real substance of here, of life, of eternity if you will. In the past in relation to the manifestation and relationship between the mind and the physical as the manifestation of the atoms, was not so controlled and contained. Therefore human beings had the ability to interact directly with the interdimensions. However, through time the minds ability to enslave, to control, maintain, direct and influence human beings access to physical, to substance, to that eternal life manifestation of here, of equality and oneness... the more the relationship between the mind and the physical as the atoms specified and evolved, so the basic nature of evolution is in fact and has been the minds ability to evolve within enslaving mankind to not have access to this substance of life, of eternity, of equality and oneness.

That would in fact give one that ability to be able to interact with, see, communicate and understand what is here as self. Because that is the very substance of equality and oneness in fact. So, the atom then through time had been specified as a controlled container of that very substance. This was done so to ensure that human beings do not get access to that substance because obviously if they did, there would be more of equality and oneness, more freedom in being equal to and one with everything and everyone that is here. And obviously the creators of the generations that have gone before us had deliberate initiative in ensuring that human beings remain enslaved, controlled and directed to only function within their pre-programming as their MCS, to be able to become energy producers for the existence of heaven and the totality of human beings as minds. And for the very survival and continuation of the enslavement of existence to only a diminished/limited form of functioning and existing to its utmost degree.

Within that the humanity, this world, earth, this physical manifested existence was constantly and continuously maintained, controlled, directed, influenced and so enslaved within this very relationship between the mind and the atom. In terms of what the atom initially was within its natural state and expression, was a molecule. It was a simple structurally designed expression that stood as the constitution of and the expression as substance of here, that equality and oneness. And when the creators of existence started becoming aware of that molecule in terms of the power it holds to be able to set beings free in their understanding, their beingness, their becoming and living of this equality and oneness, they immediately designed that molecule into what is now known as the atom. The atom which maintains, controls and directs the extent and amount of substance, life substance, hereness, that equality and oneness can be accessed by the very physical, the mind and the being within the mind and the physical. So as to ensure that no human being, no being, no manifestation within existence has any access to that life substance so that existentially throughout all dimensions, existences, times, layers, everything was maintained, controlled, directed and enslaved so that the creators stood within and as the ultimate power, creator of existence as a whole.

So this here then became the design, the programming and manifestation of the atom, to ensure that human beings do not get access to life, to substance, to equality and oneness. And that is the purposed functioning of the atom. Now that we got a bit of history in terms of the creation of the atom in seeing, realizing and understanding that the very functioning of the atom is not natural in its existence. But that it was in fact pre-programmed for the context of the mind, the being within the mind and the physical so as to ensure eternal enslavement. Now let us have a look at the basics of what the atom consists of and exists as in relationship to the mind, and how it is that the atom was controlled in containing substance so that what would get access to that substance is only the mind, the very mind system that was pre-programmed, designed and manifested by the initial creators of what is now known as humanity, earth and this physical manifested existence. Therefore the access was only allowed to the MCS.

Because the MCS within its very nature is an enslavement program, functioning within its own consciousness and therefore was because of its very pre-programming, trusted to be able to extract/excavate the required substance from within the atom for only its own functioning and survival in ensuring the continued enslavement of mankind through the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind, in and as the experience of energy. It is through the atom in amalgamating and infusing with substance that human beings became simply energy-producing, organic, robotic machines living out a pre-programmed life design as the MCS for the production of infinite energy for heaven to exist, and the continued existence of the MCS which had been created, manifested, programmed in the image and likeness of the creators which were dependent on and existing of heaven as the very energy that we produced as minds. Obviously in terms of restricting the access to substance within existence as a whole, the very creators enslaved themselves to and as their own creation.

And became equally as one dependent on the very energy that their own creations as the mind were producing through and as the access of substance. So they would give up that absolute and total access to and as substance just to ensure that they remain in power and control, in essence “god” of existence as a whole in where they would separate themselves from substance through the atom. And understand that the very creation of the atom not only existed within this physical manifested existence, but also within the heavens, the interdimensions – everything went into a complete lock-in into this relationship between the mind and the atom. Therefore the very dependency of existence on the energy that was produced by the mind in relationship to the atom. Obviously that very relationship in terms of the creators as the races that existed before the creation and existence of mankind, earth and existence, did not comprehend that they were in fact enslaving themselves into their own creation in separating their total access from substance naturally, where they could automatically access substance.

However in terms of that history will be walked in different video interviews, in this interview simply focusing on the purpose of the existence of the atom in relation to the mind and energy. So through time obviously the creators did not comprehend what it was in how they were in fact enslaving themselves to their own creation in the extent to which they would become eventually dependent on the energy that human beings were creating as minds, through the physical within the atom. And the basic nature of existence as a whole became where human beings within their mind in generating energy through their participation as the mind and the extraction of substance through the atoms became then energy-machines that would transfer the energy they were producing, creating and manifesting through the relationship between the mind and the atoms, and were channelling it through into and as the heavens and the interdimensions that had through time become dependent on energy to be able to exist and function. Because existence in totality became enveloped, amalgamated, infused in their very manifestation as energy. Therefore through time in how the physical existence separated from the heavens in not being able to interact or see or directly communicate, was because the very nature of the atoms within the “physical contained existence” started solidifying more and more within their interrelationships.

And the atoms complexity in their functioning within the physical manifested existence accumulated because of the additional relationship between the mind and the physical, that mind-physical relationship did not exist within the heavens or the interdimensions, and therefore it became wholly only energy. Whereas this physical existence had the relationship between the mind and the physical, and started solidifying and densifying more and more as the mind started evolving within the physical, and so automatically the atom started evolving to be able to facilitate the evolved minds functionings, programs, constructs and manifestations. And simply because of the evolution of the programs, the systems, the constructs of the mind, it equally as one made the functioning of the atom more complex, dense, layered, in its multidimensions. And within that constant, continuous functioning interrelation and direct relationship between the mind, physical and the atom, a process of solidification and densification manifested. This is why now today there is a total, absolute separation between human beings, the interdimensions as well as the very physical. Because the mind integrated into the physical through extracting substance within the atom to such an extent that it completely took over the human physical body as an actual parasite.

And the human being as an actual being manifested within the MCS now stand equal to and one with that extent of separation where we are not even aware of our very breathing with our human physical body, and have got no concept, understanding, relation, communication or direct equal and one hereness with the human physical body unless one in fact become a system within education in the current understanding/interpretation as approach to how existence operates and functions. And that also again only within the context of the limitations of the mind, and not in fact in equality and oneness. So now we have a basic overview of the history of why the atom exists in relation to the mind in its purposed functioning of and for the MCS in extracting substance. And utilizing that substance for energy production that we today for example within ourselves as human physical bodies experience as reactions, emotions and feelings. Then within earth as a whole in the energy that is produced in and with for example the atomic bomb, all of it is transmuted, transformed substance of life, of hereness, of equality and oneness through the mind.

And we will also within the video interviews to follow have a look at various different forms of energy that exists in this world and reality, in and how and why it is and has been transformed into a form of energy that contain vibration, electricity, magnetics and sound, which are more the parts, elements and constructs that the MCS consists of and exists as. And it’s not necessarily the actual real substance of life, of here, in which eternity in fact exists. And how within that we have as a humanity and as physical existence as a whole, limited ourselves from that equality and oneness through energy. So let us now have a look at the specific elements in terms of the atom, and how it interrelates with the MCS in being able to see why electrons exist, what the nucleus is with the protons and the neutrons, and then how the atom as a whole functions in simply that purposed alignment as pre-programming in excavating and extracting substance.

And mixing, amalgamating and infusing that substance with mind as systems that create what we now know as energy. So let us start with the nucleus that consist of and exist as protons and neutrons. Now within the very functioning or existence of the mind, it consists of and exists as the relationships of polarity. Polarity is what creates the friction required to be able to manifest the equation where with the very advent of friction, an energy is required to be able to facilitate that very existence of friction. Because if one have a look in terms of two polar opposites being in friction with each other, that very polarity opposite requires the very existence of energy. Because if energy wasn’t existent in that relationship, polarity friction would not be able to exist. So it is a relationship of dependence where for friction to exist, energy must exist and vice versa. Therefore within the very design of the MCS in its very movement - and one can see it even within ones thoughts - one is in constant, continuous conflict as friction within oneself that generates energy. That manifested very experience of energy.

If one observes ones thoughts in how they move within ones MCS, it moves within a positive and negative, positive and negative, and within that generates a constant, continuous resonant friction within oneself. And just within ones conscious mind thought participation one is generating, charging and creating energy as oneself. And for that process to manifest, this is where the relationship between the mind and the atom comes in because as one is constantly and continuously generating, charging and creating through one’s mind, its every single friction moment is where the MCS extracts substance from the atoms. It’s a constant, continuous process that manifests automatically within the relationship between the mind and the atom. So if one has a look at what is currently understood within the design, programming and manifestation of the atom, one has the electrons which are understood within the context of the negative charge. The protons - the positive charge, and the neutrons – the neutrality, in what it consists of and exists as. Within the mind you have in essence the same relationships that exist where you have your total human physical body even in relation to the mind manifested in the positive, negative and neutral where the very systems of the mind in its very structures and manifestation would be the neutrality in their holistic functioning in facilitating the programs within ones MCS.

And then the left of one’s human physical body manifested as a positive that more works with the very energies in facilitating the processes of the movement of energy throughout the MCS, which functions like the blood of the total MCS. Then you have your negative as the right side of your body, which has been resonantly manifested as the holders of one’s primary systems as personalities, as patterns of behaviour, as systems of knowledge and information which one for example become or train oneself into as a mind through education. And that is as a negative because the very nature of all of such systems is to take and take, whereas the positive is give and give... and this then the total nature of the MCS and how it consist of and exist as the positive, negative and neutral. Now again in terms of how the MCS functions, it’s not necessarily to say it’s a positive charge or a negative charge or a neutral charge. It is within the density, the intensity and the very substance as what the parts of the MCS consist of and exist as, that gives that interpretation of positivity, negativity and neutrality. And the same within the atom. It is simply due to the nature, functioning, programming, density and intensity within which the electrons, protons and neutrons exist that are interpreted as positive, negative and neutral.

So let us for example start with the nucleus. Within the nucleus of the atom, that is where all the action takes place so to speak in where the MCS amalgamates, infuses itself with life substance to create energy. Within the very atoms, the MCS total existence as subsystems and subconstructs that manifest the total MCS such as your personalities, all of its systems are integrated and interconnected with the atoms of the human physical body through actual threads that integrate into the membrane of the atom and extend into the center of the atom. And that center is what is currently understood as the nucleus, and within the center of the atom are these threads of the MCS, now if you have a look interdimensionally/physically, those very threads look like actual threads like you would have for example... you can use the example of wired threads, like wires that are aligning with the membrane of the atom and extending inwards into the center of the atom.

So if you for example want to draw a big outer circle for yourself and you draw a smaller inner circle, the outer circle would represent the outer rim of the atom, the inner circle the nucleus with the protons and neutrons. And these wired threads would first align momentarily with the outside of the atom and then extend inwards into and as the center of the atom as the nucleus. There would be innumerable amounts of these wired threads that would be interconnected with and as the MCS and the atom. Constantly and continuously, so the total MCS is constantly and continuously integrated, amalgamated and infused within and as the atom. It is its base power source. So with these wired threads then interconnecting the total MCS with all its subsystems, subconstructs, energies, programs, multidimensions, unified fields, networks... everything was always constantly and continuously interconnected with and as the atom. And what would happen is at a constant, continual basis these wired threads... now obviously not as rigid as actual wire as metal, it was more liquid in its manifestation. However it was extremely stable at the same time because obviously in terms of the nature of mixing the substance with mind resonance required the very nature of those wires to be able to facilitate that process of transfer of substance resonance mix into and as the MCS to be able to produce, manifest and create energy.

So the very nature of those wires was downloading the resonance of the MCS into the center of the atom, and uploading back into itself a pure resonance and substance mix that from there would integrate and vibrate through the MCS and in that produce energy. Because the very power if you will, of substance, is eternal. Meaning, there is within itself a power that is not limited, that cannot be equated or suppressed. It can be managed, which is what the very manifestation of the atom was, but it was and is extreme in terms of its hereness. It is an absolute simple “isness” of eternity as absolutely everything that one can conceive.

And that very power in how it is then managed with the MCS is how that resonance of the MCS infuses and amalgamates with substance. Understand the very resonance of the MCS, it’s gonna be first explained to give perspective of that. The very resonance of the MCS is like these resonant refractions of what the MCS consists of and exists as. And these refractions look like colored stars if one would look up into the sky - they actually shine like little stars/particles. And those very particles are containers of the total nature, program, substance and manifestation of the systems that exist within the MCS. So they look like little manifested particles that in fact shine within if one have a look interdimensionally/physically, because they contain the very intensity, the very substance, programs and information that the subsystems within the MCS consist of and exist as. So let’s take for example one of these wired threads that are manifested along the rim of the atom into the center of the atom as the nucleus. One of these wired threads represents a total personality system.

Now what happens is that total personality system is transformed into a resonance, and this resonance is basically taking that total personality system that is integrated from a conscious, subconscious, unconscious and physical mind perspective with all its programs of images, of energies, of pictures, of thoughts. The total history of oneself as that personality is then transformed into these resonant particles. So these resonant particles become a representation of the total system. So it’s like when one would like shatter glass in millions of little pieces, that would be an example of the resonance particles. And they also look like small crystal manifestations, crystallizations. So you can take a glass window, that would be your total personality manifestation. Shattered into thousands millions of pieces that would be the resonance of that manifestation. Now the personality remains within one’s mind and physical as self. The resonance particles are simply a representation of it, a duplicate in a different form. And that moves through the wired threads into the atom in the center of the atom, and it’s those particles that literally absorb substance within the center of the atom.

And as they absorb substance, that is where they start manifesting and creating themselves into what is now understood as protons and neutrons. So as the particles amalgamate with substance, they manifest firstly into protons, protons as its now understood is where the resonance particle of a system merged with substance and now contains the required amount to be able to transfer back into the MCS for that particular personality system in producing, giving and taking substance with the resonance mix of the MCS into and through the wired thread back into the system. And as this manifestation, the protons and neutrons... will now explain the relationship between the protons and neutrons, because the protons transform into neutrons. We will now go into “how and why”. The neutrons then with the purified mind substance particle and substance itself are then transferred back through the wired threads into and towards the particular system manifestation as for example the personality system. And as that neutron moves through the wired thread back through the system... and I mean its many that move over and over again, move through the wired thread into through the membrane of the atom, into the systems that are amalgamated within the human physical body.

And because of the extent of power in that amalgamation of substance and the mind resonance particle, it vibrates the systems of the mind within the physical, and that vibration is where from the MCS absorbs the energy that is being created through the mind systems vibrating with the movement of the neutrons through the systems. And that very vibration within the MCS, within all its systems, it has a program that absorbs that vibration and through that absorption creates what is experienced today as energy. Now, the relationship between the protons and neutrons is, the protons manifest as the resonance particle that has come through the wired threads into the center of the atom, mixed with that physical substance of here, of equality and oneness. That manifests as a proton, and it’s experienced to have a positive charge because of the intensity with which that manifestation vibrates as well as the extent of substance that it contains in holding the basic information of a total system such as the personality system. And all the information, energies, layers and multidimensions as what that total personality system consists of and exists as.

However in terms of ensuring that the very resonance particle does not absorb substance in terms of becoming a system in itself from within the atom, because it contained all the very information, all the layers, interdimensions, energies, programs. One can say the total personality system was manifested within that one particle, as all the particles that would move through the wired thread. And to ensure that... because it can, the moment it would mix in terms of absorbing that substance, it can integrate from within the atom into and through the physical as an actual personality system. And this is and how also from within here how multiple personality disorder as it is now known has also come about within the transfer and change from the protons to the neutrons that did not manifest in the speed required, and within that additional layered personalities had been created, manifested and designed within the MCS. But with that we will get to much later, explaining some of the manifestations that have come about within the MCS within humanity. And why and how they exist and what they are. But for now focusing on the basics. So the wired threads then move alongside the rim of the atom into the center. And within the center the protons that we had now explained in terms of what they are and contain as the resonance particle and substance.

So as the particle and substance mix, what happens at the same time is the resonance particle purifies as it merges with substance at the same time, which then as that purification process manifests, transforms into a neutron, a neutral substance of and as mixed with resonance and all the information, programs, history, interdimensions, the networks – everything that constituted a personality system within that resonance particle is then deleted and manifested into only pure resonance. And that neutron is then automatically reabsorbed by a wired thread into and through back into the system of the MCS, and the neutron vibrates, creates vibration reabsorbed by the system - created as energy. That is the process in relation to the nucleus with the protons and neutrons. And within human beings approaching the atom within only a linear space/time continuum, what is being seen as the atom in its functioning is only one singular moment in time. When the functioning of the atom in its totality is constant, continuous and multidimensional to such an extent that it cannot be trapped in physical space/time continuum.

Because of the nature, the speed, the multidimensionality within and as which it functions. So one can say that the only interpretation that humanity currently has of the atom is simply taking a picture, one singular picture or fraction of a moment in how the atom functions. And even that is not an accurate picture because the very device with which the picture is being taken is limited in itself as the mathematics, the knowledge and information and the science-approach that the atom is taken on with. So therefore here in terms of how the nucleus with the protons and neutrons in fact interact within the atom. And we will later on get into the detail of also the chemicals, the interrelations between what is currently understood as what protons, neutrons, nucleus and electrons consist of and exist as. Now that whole process of where the proton, the moment the resonance particle mixes, infuses and amalgamates with substance, it automatically removes the leads, the programs, the information and the history. Because one can say in terms of the resonance particle of a total personality system it’s like a white sheet of paper with written information on it.

That was basically the resonance particle of for example a personality system. And all that happens to purify that sheet is to rub it out or erase it out, but still maintaining the very sheet. Which is the very platform of a MCS, and that very platform is a simple white light, like grayish/silvery expression. So in terms of manifested as a proton, what the coloration of the resonance particle would be as it merges with substance, was an array of colors which represented the various densities and intensities, manifestations and expressions of all the written programs, networks, patterns, interdimensions that the total personality consisted of and existed as. And when that slate is cleaned and cleared, that is when the basic primary foundation of a mind system manifests which is like a white light, silvery gray, lightest coloration expression. And when that manifestation emerges from the proton manifesting into the neutron, that is where the wires within the atom are automatically activated in terms of uploading the neutrons into, through and as itself, and moving it through into and as the MCS.

So this process of proton/neutron interrelationship, protons forming to neutrons, neutrons being moved into, through and as the wires, is a constant, continuous process that happens multidimensionally in speeds that cannot be fathomed and conceived by the mind as the human being. And that is why the atom cannot be seen. It is moving at a speed that is not necessarily even being equated by and through “speed”, it is according to its quantum nature that it consists of and exists as. And the quantum jumps and quantum mechanics in relation to the atom we will definitely also be explaining and walking through. However that is why human beings cannot see the atom directly in the multidimensions as how it really functions, because of the nature of its movement is not necessarily according to speed or even within the quantum nature of speed. It is a total hereness that manifests at the source of existence as a whole. And we will later get into how the movement in fact manifests in terms of why we say that speed and even quantum time is limiting the very movement, functioning and existence of the atom as a whole. So let us get into the last part of this video interview in explaining the electrons functioning within the atom, and their purpose for existing.

Now within the atom it is currently understood that there is empty space within the atom itself. Now understand that the empty space is not really empty space. The empty space as it is perceived or interpreted and observed is in fact the pathways according to and within which the electrons within that empty space move within the atom. The very purposed functioning of the electrons within the atom, within that perceived or interpreted or believed empty space, is the maintainers of structure. And the controllers of form as well as the manifestations that keep the total functioning of the atom as a whole “stable and in place”. So according to how the electrons have been pre-programmed to move within and as the atom, will define form and manifest structure. This is why and how everything within this physical manifested existence is being kept stable. It is and is manifested within the form and structure that it consists of and exists as. It is the very movement, direction, pre-programming, interdimensional/multidimensional paths/patterns that the electrons are moving within, that is keeping everything as is.

So let us have a look at... understand and remember we are still only covering the very basics of how the atom functions and exists, and what it consists of and exists as. As I have said we will be going to detail from this video interview onwards. So the electrons within the atom have a particular, specific directional path that they follow. That directional path is designed within an infinity symbol. That is why everything is and always has been the same from the perspective of the very manifestation, form and structure of the human physical body, of earth, of nature, of the animal kingdom, of this existence as a whole in terms of how everything is perceived, believed or experienced to be relatively stable, the same and similar. Now, let us have a look in giving you an example of the movement of an electron within an atom. If you draw bigger circle and a smaller circle within it, and you take a rim from the outer circle and you draw an infinity sign inwards toward the smaller circle... but usually if you have a look at infinity symbol, you have the criss-cross that manifests within the center. If you draw an infinity sign over itself, over and over again, you have that center that is busy forming there.

Now, the electron did not move particularly through an actual center point as one would have now drawn with drawing an infinity symbol over and over again, but moved in such a way within an infinity symbol design, that it moved over the nucleus area of the atom, along the rim of the nucleus and back down into the lower rim of the outer/bigger circle. And then back up, crossing again, not making an actual cross as one would draw in infinity symbol, but move again around on the other side of the nucleus of the atom. And the very nature and movement of the electron maintained an infinity symbol, infinity. The constant, continuous exact same path, direction, movement and program that the electron was pre-programmed as within its very manifested pre-programmed existence. And the electrons within the atom would move within those relationships over and over again. Exact same – infinitely. That is what manifested the very infinite enslavement of human beings within our very existence as minds, as human physical forms and the very enslavement of the existence of earth, nature, water, animal kingdom, planets, stars, existence – everything was maintained within that very directional movement of the electrons within the atom. Now, why it is perceived as empty space by human beings is because what is not seen is the very multidimensional/interdimensional pathways that the electrons move within and as, within that empty space.

Now, what we have drawn is for one electrons movement within an atom. All the electrons movements within an atom would follow that exact same infinity symbol pathway within and through the atom, over and over again. Maintaining their pre-programmed pathways and networks and multidimensions and interdimensions in their movement within and as the atom. This is what manifested within existence as a whole, the interdimensions in layering existence with and as what is now experienced space and time. Within the atoms is where space and time exist in multidimensional/interdimensional networks. And also part of why and how existence within the physical had become more solidified and manifested through time in separating us from the interdimensions and where heaven thus became dependent on only the substance of energy. Because within the infinity symbol design... if one have a look at drawing an infinity symbol and you draw it over and over again, it comes to look like infinity symbols layered upon each other. And that is exactly how the electron moves within its infinity symbol pre-programmed designed pathway.

It moves within infinity symbols that are layered in manifesting time as space, because the very shifting and movement of the electrons through the interdimensions as the layers of the infinity symbol pathways, is what manifests density. And then we have, it manifests density as well as space because in how the infinity symbol pathways are manifested and actually layered within and upon each other, it gives you density within this physical manifested existence. So dependent on how dense a physical manifested form is, will depend on the amount of layered infinity designed symbol pathways that the electrons constantly and continuously move through to maintain that very density. Then in terms of space and time is according to how the electrons are moving through all the layered infinity designed symbol pathways in the speed that it is pre-programmed within to move through the interdimensions and the layers of and as the infinity designed symbols which then gives you that concept of space and time simply equated with how the electron is moving within and through its pre-programmed designed pathways within and through the layers that accordingly signify density.

And in terms of the speed, the electrons move through the infinity symbol design pre-programmed pathways is also in terms of the speed according to which anything and everything within existence can move, which is that space/time equation in how fast something can move within and as existence is equated within that very movement of the electrons within the atom of the very physical manifestation of this existence that is in fact moving. So everything within this physical manifested existence comes from and is manifested of the atom according to how the electrons are moving within and through its infinity designed pre-programmed pathways that are multidimensionally/interdimensionally layered in relationship to the MCS. And how those infinity designed symbols in the electrons pre-programmed pathways layered within themselves is as and when the atom in its relationship with the MCS interrelate and continuously functioning within and as themselves is the protons and neutrons constantly and continuously release resonance within the atom. And as that resonance is released from the nucleus into the atom in where the electrons are functioning within their pre-programmed infinity symbol pathways layered interdimensionally and multidimensionally, the electrons absorb that resonance, reflect and cross-reference their pre-programming of the total physical manifestation or form that they are forming a part of in relationship to the MCS.

And if there are more densities, more manifestations or more relationships or additional networks, unified fields and programs that require to be maintained within space/time physical manifested form density, then an additional pathway within the electron is pre-programmed and the electron will additionally create within its infinity designed symbol pathway a movement and direction within interdimensions, layered to be able to within its very movement facilitate that change within physical form in relation to the MCS. So eventually as the electron within the atom constantly and continuously layered itself automatically within the very infinity designed symbol pre-programmed pathway, also facilitated the process of solidifying the human physical form, this total physical manifested existence within existence. And separating that relationship between the human and the heaven. Understand that the very pathways of the infinity symbol design that the electron moves within, and it was always infinity designed symbols because why?

It had to maintain physical form, it had to maintain pre-programming within existence constantly and continuously, over and over again. And the only way to do that was through what? Infinity. Infinity is simply a replay of something, over and over again. That is why we as an existence have been existing in the exact same way, over and over again. It is within the electron that all the information manifestation, the total existence of the human being within the MCS and the physical was manifested within. And it simply moved within interdimensions within this infinity designed cycled pathway as the program particle, the total life of the physical, the being, the mind and everything and all within and as it was contained within. That is why it had to move within its infinity designed cycle pathways over and over again. As the very substance manifestation as electron that keeps the total constitution of the being, the mind and the physical in place. Ok, within the next video interviews to follow we are going to have a look at the individual patterning of atoms within the human physical body, in relation to a being and the mind in how the atoms contained your basic total life patterns in your living experience of this world and reality, in how the atoms had become and was utilized as primary enslavement initiatives in keeping a human being trapped within their beingness within only one point.

In where for example you would live out your life facing/experiencing/being only one point, and how they separated human beings from eternity, from equality and oneness, from being equal and one with existence as a whole through limiting their total one life on this earth with only one point. Life after life, you would only be limited to facing, experiencing and being one point within everything that exists within this existence. Your beingness would be limited to that. And from there, from that total history in terms of the interdimensions and the physical of the atom, we will take on and have a look at the worlds understanding of the atom and from this you can utilize these video interviews as your reference points in seeing, realizing and understanding how the atom really works and how the current understanding, concepts and interpretation of the atom are in fact completely misunderstood. Thank you

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Re: 2012: The Psychology of The Atom

Postby Anna » 17 Jan 2012, 11:56

WOW! So cool.

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Re: 2012: The Psychology of The Atom

Postby alexc88 » 19 Feb 2013, 17:59

I find it so interesting, especially the infinite cycles within it.

but my question is: how does this knowledge help? is it more scientific (not really) or is it for self-support. How can it help?

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Re: 2012: The Psychology of The Atom

Postby Leila » 20 Feb 2013, 13:14

I found that the interview raises both relevant points in terms of self-support as well as being simply informative in developing a new outlook/perspective of things and challenging 'what one thinks one knows'.
In the end the extent of self-support in the interview is determined by the person who listens to it and how the person is able to integrate the information in one's life.

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Re: 2012: The Psychology of The Atom

Postby Marlen » 20 Feb 2013, 17:28

I find it so interesting, especially the infinite cycles within it.

but my question is: how does this knowledge help? is it more scientific (not really) or is it for self-support. How can it help?

It basically contains the understanding of the basic relationship every single particle holds in our reality: between the physical and energy which in our human body is the physical and the mind. It was quite a revelation when it came out, of course this same understanding has been broadly explained throughout the Quantum Mind interviews which is more linked to a practical application and understanding of ourselves as the relationship explained in this interview series.

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Re: 2012: The Psychology of The Atom

Postby Giurfa » 26 Feb 2013, 21:21

"As above so below"....the psychological "construct" of a sigularity.

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Re: 2012: The Psychology of The Atom

Postby Leila » 27 Feb 2013, 11:59

Hey Giurfa and welcome to the forum

It would be cool if you could introduce yourself on the Introduction Forum, where can share about yourself and how you got to Desteni.

You can share your writings in the Writing Yourself to Freedom forum, where others may read your writings, give perspective and learn from what you share.

If you haven't already, I also suggest you check out the DIP Lite -- which is a free online course provided by Desteni which one can walk to get acquainted with the Desteni Message and Tools.

Also check out the Forum Guidelines so you are aware of how the forum operates.

I look forward to reading more of you -- if you have any questions or perspectives you'd like to share = don't hesitate to post!

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Re: 2012: The Psychology of The Atom

Postby naide » 26 May 2015, 13:02


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