Versions of Lao Tzu

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Versions of Lao Tzu

Postby frank » 16 Feb 2017, 13:31

The one discovered in Mawangdui is real. It's the only one implied the words of Lao Tzu. Any other versions were manipulated by certain people. One can do some research of that.

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joe kou
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Re: Versions of Lao Tzu

Postby joe kou » 17 Feb 2017, 20:04

One point I would raise here - I would say that what matters is the content and the message - which should be able to stand alone without the weight of Lao Tzu's name. Meaning it should not matter as much who said it but rather what is the message and is it applicable, practical, and supportive in the name of what is best for all.

The Lao Tzu article here at Desteni is something that must, as with all things, be considered from a starting point of you personally taking responsibility to check the message. This is not the same as doing research to see who said it or if it can be corroborated by others or other research. Checking is a point of self-honesty where you reflect on the message irrespective of the "source" and see if the words can stand on their own. In this regard the 'source' is secondary.

If a gallon of orange juice told you something about yourself that ended up changing your life for the better and prevented unnecessary consequences, would it matter what brand of orange juice it was or if it was even orange juice at all? The value is the message and the content. It is all too easy to judge the value of information based on others without actually reflecting within ourselves.

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