Vision I sometimes imagine

Ask questions related to your individual process or life in the experience of yourself and mind - pertaining to thoughts, emotions, feelings, behaviours, habits etc. This thread is dedicated to those who'd like to understand more about the inner-workings of your own mind and then effects of this on your life and relationships.
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Vision I sometimes imagine

Postby Raúl » 08 Nov 2017, 19:32

It's called questions and perspectives so I'm sharing a perspective here, it's a vision, that my imagination has created for me, and all my existence on earth is involved with it, the totality of my life has created this vision.
In it I can see myself in my body, in the world, in a timeless point, and I can see the unified consciousness field, my mother, my brother, my friends, my teachers, and specially, my fother
I can see all of them but in particular, my fother, telling me to come back, to not go there, that timeless space where I am standing, where there is just me, they are afraid of it, because they would lose me, they would lose theirselves, and they are tring that I react, that I stop, they know I in the past have been able to be influenced and controlled, so they want to keep tring, they want to destroy this that I am manifesting, that is my inner truth, my inner silence, in which I am free, and not only free, I can communicate with you, but you have to be honest with yourself.
And I can see my fother saying come back to me, where I can controll you, so you are here as my mind, and as the rest of humanity, but this time, I am not coming back, this time I know where is my home, this time I am not separating from my heart, I am not sacrificing for you, this you can cry, you can beg me, you can manipulate me, you can insult me, you can show me I have died, and still I will remain where I am, because I am right here, don't you see? I am right in front of you, next to you, but you are missing. I know from where I come from, I know how vast I am and how small this is, and this time I remain at home, this time I don't walk outside myself, this time I am complete, this time I understand, I even trusted you once, and where did I end? Now it's all on me, and this time I remain forever, in one moment I take the moment and I am there, and there is nothing else I want, or need, or desire, I am there with myself.
So this vision has been chasing me for some days, just wanted to share it because I find it interesting, thank you!

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Re: Vision I sometimes imagine

Postby SunetteSpies » 09 Nov 2017, 08:39

that my imagination has created for me

A point of support here is to remember that your imagination comes from a part of you, so it's more applicable to word it as follows "a vision that you as your imagination created". In this rewording it implies self responsibility in realising that a part of you created this vision and you are in the process of understanding this part of you.
Otherwise, subconsciously the statement "that my imagination has created FOR ME" places a part of you in a subtle victimized / disempower position and so you are already placing yourself in a starting point of giving up before you even started :) So, this more the type of things in your words / sounding and sentencing you become aware of the more you become aware of yourself, mind and body in this process.

It's an interesting vision, how I read visions, imaginations and dreams through the Portal is look into and through all your dimensions that define you throughout time - what was, is and will be and see into what the vision represents of where you are at now in your process. Remember the vision is an extension of yourself: of where you are at in your mind, self process for you and others in your life. It represents the familiar moment where people realise they are going through a change and to a degree becoming different in thought, word and deed which changes how they relate to others in their world.

However, the dimensions that is showing in the vision for you to look into / work through inside yourself is still the idea of "them against me / them trying to control me / they are trying to hold me back / I have to 'fight' to stand my ground / I have to back and stand up AGAINST what they are trying to do TO ME". This is a consciousness pattern that existed during the time of the unified consciousness field (which now doesn't exist anymore - it's been removed from the interdimensional-physical existence throughout heaven's process in the Portal - you can research EQAFE for link to recordings where this is explained by beings in detail.)
So, the vision of the unified consciousness field and your family is representing the consciousness pattern of "them against me and others are trying to control me so I have to stand up against them". It's one of the consciousness patterns that's played a significant role in the inequality and seperation within relationships in this world.

A suggestion is to realise that no one trying to control nor manipulate you - they cannot. You have to realise they are not doing anything TO YOU but simply in what they express towards you, are showing you who they are and where they are at. So, rather than approaching them in the starting point of "they are doing this / that to me" approach them with the starting point of understanding them and what you can learn about yourself from them as they can equally learn from you as your leading example in thought, word and deed.
See, there is also a dimension of ego coming through in the vision, wherein you are seeing yourself as 'more aware than them' and now your consciousness ego is kicking in to 'protect and defend / stand against those who are trying to threaten and attack or control this "I am more than" personality'. It's all these subtleties you are still to become aware of in your process - all of it showing in your vision, which is pretty cool :) Therefore, do be cautious of these subtleties as they easily trap you in ideas of yourself and your relationship to others as well as your progress in process. So, realise that timelessness is not in any way what life / hereness / awareness is actually experienced as in the physical. Timelessness is the mind's simulation of its INTERPRETATION of the eternal hereness of life itself…when it's actually so much more…

The following dimensions in your mind, relationships and your relationship to your own process to look into:
- Rather understand your parents / others for example when they approach you than subtly react towards them thinking "they are trying to do something to me".
- Remember that when you are truly aware - you'll never approach someone thinking about yourself first. Your first and foremost instinct will be what more is there to learn about myself and what will unfold in the moment unconditionally for us to learn together. The moment you go into "I will show them, I am more than them, going into comparison of how much more aware you are than them" - these are warning signs of consciousness ego.
- The vision above with the characteristics of "them against me" places you in a position of Ego in the sense that, you will think you're more than them on a level and so never place yourself in a position to learn - cause you will make yourself beLIEve that you KNOW EVERYTHING so YOU MUCH ONLY TEACH THEM AND THEY MUST LEARN - when all the while: Life itself is always in the process of learning and unfolding.
- Remember: if you approach people in the ego of "I must show them" - problem. Standing in and as this process is with humbleness: unconditionally living in thought word and deed as a living example. Life teaches through natural living and SHOWING - Ego enforces through "them and against separation and inequality".

So, an overall suggestion - much more for you to learn from your own mind and also parents in your life / friends / acquaintances. LIFE IS HERE IN THE PHYSICAL. If you can travelling in your mind in visions and experiences - here you will learn more about MIND PATTERNS. The focus of the process is in everyday life LIVING MOMENTS and WHO YOU ARE IN THOUGHT, WORD AND DEED. Here is the answer, the key, to self and life - the here moment in and as breath and who you are here in thought, word and deed. This is where you REALLY see, experience yourself as life - in real time living in this process of changing from consciousness to awareness. Still quite a way to go before these moments of and as life in real time here moments is fully realised. For now - we're still 'newborns' learning about our own minds.

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Re: Vision I sometimes imagine

Postby Raúl » 09 Nov 2017, 17:41

Okay, thank you so much.

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