Stane's Introduction

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Stane's Introduction

Postby stane » 16 Jun 2012, 14:15

In one way i want to be more active in this forum, cos it has so many topics i also have interest in.
In another way i don't want to be fixed on one way of looking at things that appear and disappear in this physical reality.
i have done that for about 11 years and i don't regret it :-) it was an experience i am glad that i can live to talk about it, if
someone has been in similar belief system.

i think i will pick one of more interesting topics for me at this moment, read and share my observation of it,
if it can help in anyway.

For now i go by if some1 needs my help or just wants to spend time with me i give them top priority, then comes computer things, like
YouTube, Facebook, music, stories of people who search for truth :-) forums, games, ...

i'll go meet a friend that had gone through not so easy things, he is doing much better as far as i can see.
Till next time :-) one step closer All equal as One

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Process User 9
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Re: Stane's Introduction

Postby Process User 9 » 16 Jun 2012, 18:28

Hi Stane,

Realize that the purpose of this forum is to share and receive support within your process of writing yourself to freedom
and your process of self-change.

You write that you would like to be more active in the forum, thus the most simple way to do that is to
begin by writing out points within your day where you participate in feelings, thoughts, and emotions and to write out
self-forgiveness and self-corrective statements. You may then share these writings on the forum to receive
feedback as to the effectiveness of your writing and any points which you may be missing which would assist you
to become more effective.

Please read the forum guidelines to understand what is considered acceptable sharing on the forum:

When you say that you do not want to be fixed on things that appear and disappear in reality, consider how you are
actually living that statement as yourself through not applying yourself within/as the tools that Desteni offers.

The forum is not here for one to 'share observations' but rather to become specific and self-directive within
one's process of stopping the mind as the directive principle and to stand up within one's reality and direct oneself
within the principle of what is Best for All - which requires one to support oneself effectively with writing, Self-Forgiveness,
and Self-Corrective Action.

If you would like to see examples of how others are supporting themselves through writing you may check out the
7 year Journey to Life Blogs on Facebook here:

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kim amourette
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Re: Stane's Introduction

Postby kim amourette » 16 Jun 2012, 19:08

Yes, Stane,

as mentioned, the Desteni Website is not just like any forum where the members spread their opinions to receive validation for their 'insights' as there are so many on the internet, Desteni Forum is specifically to support those human beings that make the decision to apply themselves within the tools provided here to walk themselves out of the mind and into the physical - which is through applying self-forgiveness, self-honesty and self-correction.

Thus, oneness and equality cannot possibly be understood or grasped through the eyes of the mind as personal experience, but can only be self-realized through the process of self-forgiveness.

Thus, it is for you to make the decision of whether or not you will apply yourself within this process and find out the truth about who you are as reality, in which case the Forum is here to support, or will you stay in the mind on an endless search for 'the truth', creating mind-bubbles as beliefs yet never actually directly SEEING for yourself?

Cheers, Kim

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