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by maya rote
13 Nov 2015, 21:16
Forum: Music for Equality
Topic: Cover of "Imagine"
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Re: Cover of "Imagine"

Sounds amazing!!!!
Thanks for creating this!!!
by maya rote
16 Jul 2013, 20:04
Forum: Questions relating to Specific Desteni Articles / Videos / Recordings
Topic: Creation's Journey to Life
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Re: Creation's Journey to Life

hey tylerse
i've tested it and it works fine for me - i don't know much about computers, so i don't have any helpful tips, maybe someone else will know if anything can be done on your side
if it doesn't work out you can always read the blog from the forum, in the creation's journey to life thread
by maya rote
15 Jul 2013, 10:35
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Thanks and hi*
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Re: Thanks and hi*

hey Bwagwan
welcome to the forum
by maya rote
15 Jul 2013, 10:33
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: I'm Brandon
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Re: I'm Brandon

Hey Brandon
cool you are here
welcome to the forum
by maya rote
09 Jul 2013, 20:52
Forum: Self-Forgiveness and Practical Application Questions and Perspectives
Topic: depressed
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Re: depressed

thanks for sharing here Taylor what i find cool about the support here is that you can always find someone that has walked a similar point to you, and i always feel comforted knowing that others have gone through this and have supported themselves through their points using the tools here, it suppor...
by maya rote
18 Jun 2013, 19:08
Forum: Writing Yourself to Freedom
Topic: Sharing my writing from DIP Lite
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Re: Sharing my writing from DIP Lite

I will like to begin to write about the part of my day, when I was on the train and started to do my breathing techniques. I felt relieved and empty. It was like what ever was on my mind it had gone because I was too busy counting the breaths that I was taking. In a sense I felt as though the breat...
by maya rote
18 Jun 2013, 18:44
Forum: Body Support
Topic: Iridology, Psoriasis & Fish Oil
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Re: Iridology & Psoriasis- How is it going?

cool bitia thanks for sharing.. There are many points that trigger the anxiety, that triggers the itchiness, but what is important is to not allow myself to fall in a "scratching zombie state", sometimes it is difficult, but lately I am working on saying out loudly "STOP!" or "OK WTF, I WILL STOP SC...
by maya rote
08 Jun 2013, 17:02
Forum: Questions and Perspectives about Everyday Life Moments
Topic: Why is it so Hard to Keep to Commitments? Process Support
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Re: Why is it so Hard to Keep to Commitments? Process Suppor

thank you garb for sharing this point i have been facing it as well, and am struggling with it daily. For me it’s been a point of pushing through the desire to do other things, to rest, to relax, to not have to go into the point of study, research, phsyical movement to get things done, and also the ...
by maya rote
30 May 2013, 15:33
Forum: Questions and Perspectives about Everyday Life Moments
Topic: Approval Point
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Re: Approval Point

cool you are taking this point on - the point of looking for approval and validation and positive reinforcements is a big point i have seen for myself as well, though i can't yet say i have directed it, though i'm becoming more aware of when i am participating in it and allowing myself to be directe...
by maya rote
28 May 2013, 20:08
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Hey what's going on :)
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Re: Hey what's going on :)

hey joseph
welcome to the forum
would be cool to read more of you

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