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by Alex27
31 Jan 2015, 06:55
Forum: Writing Yourself to Freedom
Topic: Marco's writing
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Re: Marco's writing

I forgive myself for having accepted and allowed myself for having sort of blamed me of having wanted to "just pretend that nothing happened" without having understood that if something had gone so far, maybe that it before requires to "come back on the same steps" rather of "directly turn without ...
by Alex27
31 Jan 2015, 06:52
Forum: World Discussions
Topic: Social dumping
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Re: Social dumping

World is really not fair for all.
by Alex27
31 Jan 2015, 06:49
Forum: Dream Discussions
Topic: Childhood Nightmares Child's play: Chuckie
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Re: Childhood Nightmares Child's play: Chuckie

Now, Annabelle is the doll.
by Alex27
31 Jan 2015, 06:48
Forum: Dream Discussions
Topic: Nightmares
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Re: Nightmares

I've always dreamed of my loved ones, I have a fear of losing them.
by Alex27
31 Jan 2015, 06:44
Forum: Body Support
Topic: Yawning.
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Re: Yawning.

I just searched this word "Yawning" because I wanted some insight about the act of yawning. Or, wanted to know IF there is any deeper meaning of yawning, beyond it telling our bodies that we require rest. From the search I did, I saw that in most people's blogs, it was related to being tired. So, i...
by Alex27
31 Jan 2015, 06:39
Forum: Body Support
Topic: Is body building necessary
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Re: Is body building necessary

Well said Marlen.
by Alex27
31 Jan 2015, 06:36
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Hi to all
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Re: Hi to all

You've been through a lot of addictions, and good for you that you've managed to cope with them. Congrats for that!
I just hope I could cope with mine.
by Alex27
30 Jan 2015, 10:02
Forum: Questions and Perspectives about Everyday Life Moments
Topic: Ending a Relationship with Partner
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Re: what are some

For me, as long as I love my partner, I won't end it, but if she's not happy anymore and wanna end it, then fine, that's life, you can't force everything to go on your way.

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