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by barbara
21 Nov 2016, 12:41
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: guy from morocco
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Re: guy from morocco

Hi Akuji, this forum is a platform for mutual support in the application of the desteni tools (see Q & A section) and living principles. We share our journeys of self-forgiveness to change ourselves from consciousness to life awareness. Check the board index for all the relevant topics and guideline...
by barbara
20 Nov 2016, 21:08
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Hello. My name is Jeremy Feit (pronounced "fight")
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Re: Hello. My name is Jeremy Feit (pronounced "fight")

Hi Jeremy,

welcome to the forum!

The only suggestion that comes to mind is to check out the Reptilian Series on, for example this one comes up when doing a search on 'shapeshifting': ... ans-part-6


by barbara
11 Sep 2016, 10:47
Forum: Shocking Secrets of Masturbation
Topic: Masturbation and Relationships - Part 10
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Re: Masturbation and Relationships - Part 10

Hallo Janamhudi! Welcome to the forum! Would you like to introduce yourself and expand on your statement? You can open your own thread on the Introduce Yourself section, and also place some words here. Please read the Forum Guidelines if you haven't already. Also, have you considered starting the Di...
by barbara
28 Aug 2016, 14:23
Forum: Sharing Self Forgiveness
Topic: Tyler's Self-Forgiveness
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Re: Tyler's Self-Forgiveness

Hallo Awaysed, welcome to the forum! Here at Desteni we support ourselves with specific tools such as writing and self-forgiveness, for some reference please follow this link: FAQ . Have you considered starting the DipLite Course for free? It is ideally structured to get to know yourself as it provi...
by barbara
31 Jul 2016, 18:11
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: I agreed to 21 days of this group.
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Re: I agreed to 21 days of this group.

Cool Jamison, take it one breath at a time - welcome and enjoy!
by barbara
31 Jul 2016, 17:42
Forum: 7 Years Journey to Life
Topic: hiram noe hernandez' journey to life
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Re: hiram noe hernandez' journey to life

Hey Hiram! what comes up then when i let go of the idea of ana and my fear of letting it go and i come back to the stability of being whole here with me/my-self alone is - the thought of taking pills (cough and cold pills). That's how the mind works: The fear is a way for the mind to sustain itself ...
by barbara
17 Jul 2016, 23:37
Forum: Blogs on Addiction
Topic: Cigarette addiction
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Re: Cigarette addiction

Cool sharing, Matt!
by barbara
26 Jun 2016, 19:54
Forum: Self-Forgiveness and Practical Application Questions and Perspectives
Topic: How to effectively teach children in a 20-person class?
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Re: How to effectively teach children in a 20-person class?

Hey Wangzhangkai,

the name Zach is already in use and the system does not allow for two users of the same name. Is there another version of the name that works for you?
by barbara
26 Jun 2016, 12:03
Forum: Writing Yourself to Freedom
Topic: Matt's Writings
Replies: 359
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Re: Matt's Writings

Hey Matt! Cool points to look at! When and as I see myself going into fear that my self forgiveness is not as valuable as it could be because it's not specific enough, I stop, I breathe, I realize that self forgiveness is about me for me as life, not about being right or correct, as I realize how th...
by barbara
20 Jun 2016, 08:03
Forum: Questions and Perspectives about Everyday Life Moments
Topic: Speaking and moving too slowly?
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Re: Speaking and moving too slowly?

Can anyone share some practical perspectives about how I can move and voice myself smoothly and honestly in participating the world and other human beings? What I find essential with communicating is to always be clear of my starting point. Why is it that I want to say something. For instance, when...

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