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by ReginaldDiepenhorst
05 Oct 2016, 20:00
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Introduction
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Re: Introduction

Welcome in our space on cyberspace!
by ReginaldDiepenhorst
05 Oct 2016, 19:59
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Guy from Arizona
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Re: Guy from Arizona

Good to have you here!
by ReginaldDiepenhorst
25 Aug 2016, 19:58
Forum: Sharing Self Forgiveness
Topic: Helena's Self Forgiveness
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Re: Forgiveness for my behavior when brushing teeth

There are always several reasons childeren disobey their parents.

For instance:
- Lack of understanding
- Feeling forced to do something he/she doesn't want

How was the ritual been since doing the SF?
by ReginaldDiepenhorst
25 Aug 2016, 19:51
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Hello!
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Re: Hello!

Hey Aggeliki!

Great you are here :)
by ReginaldDiepenhorst
23 Nov 2014, 22:38
Forum: Equal Money System Discussions
Topic: Inflation / Free-Market
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Inflation / Free-Market

When I share something about BIG or EMS there is always a lot of hassle with Inflation. Yesterday someone replied that the BIG in Swiss would cause hyperinflation. I reacted to this = showing I didn’t understand it that well. I went to search for some information about inflation as to ‘When does inf...
by ReginaldDiepenhorst
09 Nov 2014, 20:17
Forum: Questions and Perspectives on the Mind and Self
Topic: Long hair as antennas for intuition
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Re: Long hair as antennas for intuition

I have heard of 'hair as antenna's' first when we shaved our heads and some people reacted to it by saying: "But your hair are antenna's". When I assessed this information I saw the following points: Ok, what if they were antenna's what would it be connected to? What would it receive or send? Hair h...
by ReginaldDiepenhorst
07 Apr 2014, 21:12
Forum: Questions and Perspectives about Everyday Life Moments
Topic: blog pictures deleted
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Re: blog pictures deleted

Normally you store the pictures somewhere on the internet. If that's not the case, there is nothing you can do unfortunately.

by ReginaldDiepenhorst
12 Aug 2013, 14:27
Forum: BernardPoolman Interviews
Topic: Bernard's Passing Away
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Re: Bernard's Passing Away Today I received the saddening news that Bernard Poolman passed away. First I was shocked "Is this for real". And I re-read the e-mail. I went to the forum to see whether someone has responded already to this message...
by ReginaldDiepenhorst
21 May 2013, 23:57
Forum: Members' Videos
Topic: In Less than 60 Seconds Meme Videos
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Re: In Less than 60 Seconds Meme Videos

Desteni & Leadership: "Fall of Olympus" proves Human Stupidity

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