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by KerryWalmsley
31 Oct 2019, 12:05
Forum: Addiction Support
Topic: Addiction to Video Games
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Addiction to Video Games

I am a gamer for years, I was somewhat addicted in different video games in my college days. My addiction was so strong that for example i want to mention that sometimes I forgot to take bath, to take food or even missed the exam timing ! I believe youngsters are facing similar issues. I would like ...
by KerryWalmsley
24 Oct 2019, 22:36
Forum: 7 Years Journey to Life
Topic: Ruben Journey To Life
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Re: Ruben Journey To Life

Day 56: Age of Empires II and Self-Sustainable Communities Age of Empires II is a strategy video game where you have a civilization and use your citizens to gather resources and build buildings and you can fight against other players of other civilizations of the map. I have been playing with my br...
by KerryWalmsley
24 Oct 2019, 22:23
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Hi
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Hi, I am Kerry, glad to be here in the community.

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