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by Blaž Cegnar
13 Jan 2020, 19:10
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Honored
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Re: Honored

Hi there. Looks like you have a broad range of experience. What is the thing you find most interesting in relation to Desteni?
by Blaž Cegnar
10 May 2017, 16:05
Forum: About
Topic: Interview Requests
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Re: Interview Requests

I suggest Sunette brings Josip Broz Tito through the portal, maybe he can talk about why the idea of "brotherhood and unity" in Yugoslavia didn't work in the end and fell apart. I think it would be an interesting interview for the people in the Balkan area.
by Blaž Cegnar
08 Nov 2016, 16:35
Forum: 7 Years Journey to Life
Topic: Blaž's Journey to Life
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Re: Blaž's Journey to Life

My Declaration of Principle: 20. Realising That My Physical Body Is My Temple My Declaration of Principle: 21. We are the change in ourselves and this world My Declaration of Principle: 22. The realization that for me to be able to change myself - I first have to ‘know thyself’ My Declaration of Pr...
by Blaž Cegnar
30 Nov 2015, 02:20
Forum: Equal Money System Discussions
Topic: Crypto-Currency as a tool for Living Income
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Crypto-Currency as a tool for Living Income

In the current system, changing anything in relation to banking and money creation demands great effort from many people and as we all know, the banking cabal is not keen on losing the tool that makes them rich and powerful. Thus changing the old banking system will still take some time. But what I ...

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