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by Marek Sniager
05 Mar 2018, 03:43
Forum: Members' Videos
Topic: Marek's Vlogs Eng.
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Re: Marek's Vlogs Eng.

2012: Sleeping as abdicating self response ability - [video-response] 2012 Stopping Comparison - within : video-response Is there a GOD ? The oldest question in existence answered!! 2012: How money are created? pt.1 - post comments!!! 2012 : How Money are created? part 2 - post comments for debate!...
by Marek Sniager
13 Aug 2013, 14:40
Forum: BernardPoolman Interviews
Topic: Bernard's Passing Away
Replies: 88
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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

Me also - when I get the email about his Death - it has shocked me at first, because somehow I believed that He will never die. I re/read the email over and over again and I stayed calm and continue my work. However inside I had a chaos. Mixture of feelings and emotions - and I was just repeating to...
by Marek Sniager
24 Oct 2012, 03:49
Forum: 7 Years Journey to Life
Topic: Marek's Journey to LIFE
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Re: Marek's Journey to LIFE

marek-cesta-k-zivotu-day-20-a-na-mysli-peniaze-1-a-cast marek-cesta-k-zivotu-day-21-a-na-mysli-peniaze-2-a-cast marek-cesta-k-zivotu-day-22-a-co-ak-mi-nedaju-vyplatu marek-cesta-k-zivotu-day-23-panika-a-seba-pochovavanie-v-mysli marek-cesta-k-zivotu-day-24-ked-ja-je-to-najpodstatnejsie-na-svete mar...
by Marek Sniager
20 Jul 2012, 23:48
Forum: Self-Forgiveness and Practical Application Questions and Perspectives
Topic: Self-Forgiveness and the Physical
Replies: 14
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Re: Self-Forgiveness and the Physical

thanks Sunette .. great explanation - clear.

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