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by Godfrey
21 Apr 2019, 16:47
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Awareness bringing tears question.
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Re: Awareness bringing tears question.

Hi Lillypink, I've been meditating on the Desteni material for little over a decade now. And I still struggle with this awareness.. self- expression. What is self? when what was is no longer? It gets all sorts of funky because we identify with our pass, but we're all here looking to manifest a 'high...
by Godfrey
16 Dec 2018, 19:27
Forum: Questions and Perspectives on the Mind and Self
Topic: Understanding anger
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Re: Understanding anger

Anger in my opinion can be useful, its an extension of fear and/or manifested frustration(dishonesty). I've thought about this at some length within the context of disgust/anger towards homelessness and the poor. Writing as someone who's live in big American cities his whole life, surrounded by an e...
by Godfrey
08 Dec 2018, 19:02
Forum: 7 Years Journey to Life
Topic: Being the best at one's job
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Being the best at one's job

I feel like I cannot cut corners the way I usually do, I feel like I'm being critiqued when I am watched, and questioned about what I am doing. What it takes to be the best one can be in any job we do is to be aware of oneself in every moment. As much as I create little excuses on the surface level...
by Godfrey
11 Nov 2018, 17:46
Forum: 7 Years Journey to Life
Topic: Viktor's 7 year Journey to Life
Replies: 372
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Re: Viktor's 7 year Journey to Life

" The latter way of living is purposeful – it is living a weekday with passion, fire and effort – striving to make that which might seem ordinary – to our story of movement and expansion – where we learn and inspire others to become the best that they can be. There is so much potential to be harness...
by Godfrey
09 Nov 2018, 23:24
Forum: 7 Years Journey to Life
Topic: Kristina's Journey to Life
Replies: 648
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Re: Kristina's Journey to Life

I can relate so much, and your words do resonate. Family's the worst! Maybe because they're a biological extension of ourselves. My sister is a brat and I forgive her for that, and I'm sure she's better with her friends as an adult. I find with in my own family the roles and personas of our childhoo...
by Godfrey
04 Nov 2018, 18:03
Forum: Writing Yourself to Freedom
Topic: Writing myself to freedom-- intro contunied
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Re: Writing myself to freedom-- intro contunied

Thanks Marlen! I really enjoy the analytic break down of the mechanics of the 'paranormal' and I'll listen through the whole series. One of the more empowering things I gathered first time around, was that everything that exists, exists physically. That perspective help me keep from getting to wrapp...
by Godfrey
01 Nov 2018, 21:50
Forum: Writing Yourself to Freedom
Topic: Writing myself to freedom-- intro contunied
Replies: 8
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Writing myself to freedom-- intro contunied

A more detail introduction - a short history of myself I'm from the USA, my parents split when i was young and i bounced back and forth from my dad in Florida and my mom in northern California. Childhood was rough but I've long forgiven all those involved and myself most importantly. I was always me...
by Godfrey
22 Oct 2018, 21:37
Forum: Body Support
Topic: Breathing Better
Replies: 10
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Re: Breathing Better

I like the 4 count
breath in 4 seconds hold 4 seconds
exhale 4 secs, wait 4 secs.

I also like a 3 by 10 count
breath in for 10 wait 10 exhale 10
by Godfrey
21 Oct 2018, 17:47
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: introduction
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Hello, I've been a fan/follower of Desteni material and message over a decade now, I must of watch every single video/interview as they were released in the mid 2000s. I've found the core message of self forgiveness and self honestly very empowering in my life. I've grown to be a man who has very go...
by Godfrey
21 Oct 2018, 17:30
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Writing myself to freedom
Replies: 7
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Re: Writing myself to freedom

Hi bo, welcome to the forum The irony right? Energy drinks that in the end leave you depleted of energy. If we want to run down the rabbit hole (and this is place to do it), we can find a plethora of analogies to the cognitive dissidence that represents the current zeitgeist of man. I've been tellin...

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