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by Matti Freeman
19 Jun 2011, 08:22
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Jozsef's Introduction
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Re: Jozsef's Introduction

Thanks for sharing your story, cool Joszef!
by Matti Freeman
19 Jun 2011, 07:37
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: introducing / apology
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Re: introducing / apology

Hi Zoltan best suggestion is to make an effort to read as much as possible of the blogs and writings shared by other Destonians -- as in the writings / blogs you see the exact, specific application in action, and see the exact, specific ways we are changing our lives through changing ourselves. Thou...
by Matti Freeman
19 Jun 2011, 07:15
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: hi everyone
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Re: hi everyone

Hi Addora, welcome and thanks for sharing your story. When I began with Desteni I often would tell my friends about what I am learning about with the Desteni material -- but the conversations basically were pointless as none of my friends were interested in studying the material - even though they h...
by Matti Freeman
16 Jun 2011, 06:32
Forum: Members' Videos
Topic: Matti's Video Channels
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Matti's Video Channels

This is my primary channel where I upload most of my vlogs and videos This is my secondary channel where I will be uploading a variety of videos This is my older channel from 2008/2009 mostly, where you can watch my earlier process ...
by Matti Freeman
16 Jun 2011, 04:45
Forum: Members' Blog Links
Topic: Matti's Blogs
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Matti's Blogs

MatterFreeMan - my main blog

Equality Research - my other blog

Equal Money Ends Poverty - my blog on poverty and equal money
by Matti Freeman
14 Jun 2011, 09:39
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Matti Freeman
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Matti Freeman

How did I find Desteni? I found Desteni in the course of browsing for videos on youtube about 'ascended masters'. I’m fairly certain the first video I watched was one about ascended masters. The words I heard being spoken in the video were unlike any I had heard. Spoken with a specificity and clarit...

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