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I wanted to reintroduce myself, and give on update on my online participation. My name is Yogan. I originally found desteni in 2009, after a very intense period. For me it just clicked with all the questions and the path I was on.

A little about myself, I started my Journey to Life blog in 2012. I am fairly regular with my blog writing and see its important as my contribution to myself and to process for others, as a record of what I am going through. I don't participate on the forum so much. I think its a habit and I just haven't built that habit.

i also vlog on youtube occasionally on process points. I have been going through a difficult personal process of late, but at the same time I am remembering the core point that it is about Self, and my relationship with everything. So that starts with me, and I can see myself as all and as everyone, and so I can make that connection strong. I can bring that through, that you are me and I am you. And so matter how difficult it may get for me, I can bring that point here and know I do my place, my truth, my starting point, my intent, my goal, and my way to guide me. The oneness and equality of the universe. If we did see everything as us, how much would that fix? And if we lived that message practically, that is all it would take: in how we talk with each other, in how we express, in how we act, in how we listen, in how we approach, in how we question, in how we treat others.

So the above is what I am in the middle of working with. And just a random fact: Yogan is a name my parents gave me, and its basically 'Yoga' with an n at the end, and it sounds and is pronounced similar to 'Yoga' with an n at the end. It means someone who does Yoga.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY4LU4 ... qTCMkNUtUQ

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