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Marek intro

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How did I get to - I have to say that it wasn't my 'search' in the first place , I lived and still do with Julieta {Destonian} and I {we} was pretty much into the "spirituality and Conspiracy theories" and somewhere along the : Quantum Physics ,DAVID ICKE , DAVID WILCOCK & The Zeitgeist Stuff we {I} get to the used to search a lot these things on the internet and one day she said that I should watch these videos from as there is 'finally something which is making more sense she said to me { I think she said : "I finally have got the answers!!" / or something like that"..}
I was that time very much interested in the Eckhart Tolle / 'power of now' and especially I followed OSHO 'the most' , that went for about 2 years , and then came along the 'new' stuff like the 'pineal gland theory , iluminati , reptilians = "I must say that I could see some truth there {that time with the conspiracy stuff} as they were blaming a lot the Iluminaties , but I didn't go much for the "reptilians'. I couldn't grasp the 'REPTILIAN STUFF' from David Icke , but still I was interested and I have been watching from time to time the videos on youtube..I was interested mostly always to know "how they build the Pyramids in Egypt" - and I think David Wilcock was explaining something about this , along with the DNA and crop circles - It was quite interesting then , however it was that time just another 'more interesting' information for me but It wasn't easy to check it in the practical way - I was still 'lost' in some way - still full of mysteries and unfinished knowledge & information..

Why do I stand for World Equality ? - EqualMoneySystem ? = Because I know that in fact , that if I do not have the Money - I will die - and it is unacceptable for someone to have it all and the other is dying from hunger , as that was {is} the main reason why I do participate in the 'desteni school of life' - because I think that everyone in this world really do want equality , but we just 'lost it ' / forgot it along the way as we grew up in the current system of competition. Yes - it should have been established long time ago , or better said : " I was so blind all my life that I couldn't put together 1+1=? !!! as within the material here in 'desteni' web side I realized 'again' that I am equally responsible as anyone for what is going on and I have been directly participating within and for the current system of abuse and inequality of life here on Earth. So Yes .. I understood here at 'Desteni' that Equality must start in an individual level as I can see within myself how "competitive and full of desires I used to be "and I still have things to clean up as I catch myself 'of guard' many times in the old patterns of 'wanting,needing for myself or desiring something only for myself.!'

Heaven on earth??? = I see it like there will be no one lying /deceiving other , we will be working together for all of us in the way that we will make the most best supportive things for us - so we can enjoy ourselves here in the physical reality { everything,everyone included} , and that we will laugh and enjoy ourselves because there is nothing that we are hiding from each other . That no one is even thinking about to harm other , that we have time enough to observe , explore and enjoy all the nature, and that everything is available for everyone equally as one day someone maybe want to just listen to the sound of mountain or the river for all day and so one can just do what one really have 'taste' for in the particular moment { obviously NO abuse! }. 'So Heaven on Earth - everyone together - No one against anyone , everything available in the way that it is supportive from beginning to an end / from the cause to an effect ..

the 10 videos with the biggest impact:"bubbles & theory of everything" - {3parts}
"principle and personality" -
"secret mind and thinking" -
"Veno's structural resonance" - {9parts}
"universe and diversity" - ... 36DF2CAAB4
"I was so pissed off with Osho" - ... re=related
"realizing that fear sucks" - ... r_embedded
"Ego and what is it" -Ego and what it is
" revenge of the EGO " -
" Self-image and fear of others " - ... r_embedded {2parts}
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Re: Marek intro

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Thanks for sharing, Marek.
Equal Money for All
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