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Hi everyOne

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Hi everyone, my name is Andreas Wittmann and i wanna share myself here with all. Since the former “open forums” went private I did not share myself here – out of ego-reasons, but I am also busy walking my day-to-day-stuff and the DIP - so this is also a cool opportunity to re-consider my starting-point of participation and process till now and correct myself if necessary.

How did I come to Desteni?

This question brought up another question in me which was: Hmm, where to start?
Let´s start with Childhood and how I experienced it from my momentary perspective:

I deeply distrusted the adults and the adult-world especially my parents as I saw them not living their words but lying to manipulate and playing their games. For example:
In Bavaria we have this “tradition” of Santa Clause coming with “Krampusse” and a book with your faults – dictated by the parents – if you where a good boy you get a gift/sweets etc.
If you where “bad” the Krampusse will scare you and beat you with their sticks and then you would get a gift
So, at some time I realized that this “Monsters” are only masked hu-man. So, what the fuck, why are they doing this?
Or I saw how the behaviour and words towards or in relation to people changed immediately when they died and on the grave at the ceremony everyone is wearing a “sad face” even if hated the person a week ago. Shit like this…
Also in the education-system you learn all this contradicting stuff:
In “Religion” you learn that “God has created the World in 7 days”
In “Biology” you learn that “Evolution has led to the manifestation of the world of today”
So obviously someone is talking and teaching shit to you!
I formed a believe within myself that “One/I can never tell/speak the truth”

In my teens I experienced myself quite inferior and unworthy as an outsider and loner. I had not many friends or hobbies – most times I had one “good/close” friend - the separation and rejection towards my parents grew. With 15 I stumbled into my first relationship with a girl and defined my self-worth in her. For sometime I could hide my self-hatred, frustration, inferiority with caring and “loving” her and not to forget “free” myself from the “control of my parents” – lol, at the moment, 15 years later, I am sitting here again with this point, this time sorting it out for real!- all this points came up again and played out in the relationship.
In the second part of the relationship I got involved in drugs and found a “new lower” in them. MJ cared for me has saved me and given me power..! I used the drugs then as a tool for self-manipulation to transform myself into other presentations of myself all basically from the starting-point of holding the relationship – and in this hide and suppress the truth of myself as fear, inferiority, anger, hate, guilt, pain etc.
So, with the psychedelic drugs and some experiences a “whole new world” opened – which was basically the world of mind – and I started searching for and trying to create the ultimate experience that was “enlightenment”. This believe that there is a state to get to kept me running further into separation and over time I had lived myself into a state of real/complete Isolation.

In the beginning of 2010 I found the portal-interviews on youtube. I was tripping on mescaline the days before and the connection to the maya led me to an interview on the maya-calender. Fascinating how the thing I have heard of this calendar was that:” It determinates the destiny of every human being”. One of the first videos I watched were the “mother nature-series” and the message was so authentic and clear. Hitlers experiences and some of sunettes experiences with demons came next and I started to realize what is implied here with Oneness and Equality and how extensive and vast the material is. I was also quite fascinated and attracted by sunettes picture as well as that of other participants of desteni and the expressions of self-direction (starting-point). I started applying breath and “stopping thoughts” nearly exclusively -and this is a cool point – for about one year - I changed my living situation, had no internet etc. and did not realize or understand the support of writing as I had not applied it yet, same with writing self-forgiveness – in which I manifested, as I now see, quite a obsession to completely stop thinking through only breathing. Ok, so half a year I did not study desteni-material, only support myself with breathing and stating self-forgiveness out loud while walking in the woods. At this time I was living together with a bunch of other people and an experience I would often have was:
I would have reactions or a experience in general towards a being or situation, then clear myself with self-forgiveness while walking alone, experiencing release but when I would come “home” and participate again it would quite fast come back and rebuild itself.
I was basically walking “process in the mind” – lol – now I understand this term better…I often fell on points I “saw/understand” like alcohol, drugs, self-denial and hiding because of not investigating the patterns and then stopping myself before going to reaction – cut the shit at the root- but only clearing the mess/outflows with self-forgiveness - and I still do with other points- so writing is essential.

I started to share myself on the forums in January 2011 and experienced great resistance and lots of doubts – but received lots of cool support – thanks! -and also writing/sharing here is, in it self, very supportive to see oneself. I recently read trough my writings and most of the points I am cycling are already here. So, I suggest to everyone – including myself - who is hearing the message and “would want to, but is not quite sure”, experiences resistances or doubts, to push trough and share themselves. What do you have to lose?

Why I stand with and for an Equal-Money System and World-Equality?

So, most human beings in this world have realized that there is un-equality in the world. That there are “those that have” and “those that have not”, and that this polarity is infused into and as all areas of our reality -Some countries are “first world”, others “third world”, Some people drive Porsche, some with the train; Some people are eating lobster and steak everyday, others are backing bread with sand intermixed in the dough to at least get something in their stomach- all this causes/is Separation. Separation=Ego. Looking at the facts, the earth supplies us with all we need in abundance – There is more food and water and resources than we, as humanity need at the moment – we know that, yet we have starving people, wars, raping nature for profit to only name the obvious atrocities. This whole system causes friction, conflict, fighting, abuse, rape, war, murder. The primary point which is directing this is money/profit trough human beings. An apparent value outside of ourselves is directing us to kill, rape, murder, fight, fear each other and all life that is here with us. This value is an Illusion – Fuck, we are dreaming dreams created trough money- and for this Illusion everyday thousands of people have to starve and/or suffer in pain or bear other atrocious circumstances. This is simply not acceptable!

And this shit goes on for “a long time” without anyone suggesting and actually walking a solution into reality. So before finding desteni I would see this but also have no solution or point of realizing “self-responsibility” and blame the “system”. I see that “until all are free, no-one is free” and that a EMS will free so many people –in the moment it is implemented- from much fear, suffering, pain, hardship, worries, illusions it is common sense for me as I want to be “free”. If the basic needs like food, water, housing, health, education are secured and provided, humanity can actually sort out what has already been done, accepted and allowed trough and as the mind. The Equal-money-system will be the key to allow us to realize and manifest world-equality.

World-equality is a fact as the world=what is here=LIFE
Life is equal in every manifestation as every manifestation is an expression of life
What is here is equal in its substance as life – What separates is the mind
Equality as Life is realized trough stopping/forgiving/letting go of the mind

What is heaven on earth in my understanding?

Heaven is here as the physical. We have manifested as the hellish experience that we as
humanity are facing at the moment and in future in separation of who we really are as life as
heaven as the physical through projecting a mind-system onto what is here as the physical.
We participate and create as mind-systems trough and in the physical.
When we all real-ize ourselves as who we are of life as life here to participate and express ourselves as
living beings in each and every single moment of breath we have brought heaven to earth.



Frearing consciousness
one life one opportunity


global energy crisis
parasitic ego


Bella - Das Leben ist Selbst.wert
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmBSg72u ... ideo_title
Jozef - fear
Bastian - very cool vlog about fear:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4FP97yZ ... ideo_title

Viktor - Lifes call
Matti - Ring the bells
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiXYgLd5 ... ideo_title
Robot Virgins - Conformer

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Re: Hi everyOne

Post by Bella »

Cool to see you Andreas, welcome!

Looking forward to your Writing and Sharing here -

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Re: Hi everyOne

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Enjoyed your sharing Andreas - welcome here!

* great video-link selections as well!

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Re: Hi everyOne

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Hi Andreas,

Cool that you are here. Welcome.

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Re: Hi everyOne

Post by Randy »

Hi, Andreas. Welcome.

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Re: Hi everyOne

Post by Maya »

Hey Andreas, Cool to have you on the ITD forum!
I enjoyed reading your story!

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Re: Hi everyOne

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Hi Andreas
Glad you're here!

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Re: Hi everyOne

Post by Marlen »

Hallo Andreas!

Cool you'll be participating here. Let's stop participating in the mind-process and get to the physical process indeed, thanks for sharing your intro

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Re: Hi everyOne

Post by Gian »

Hi Andreas

awesome that you are here.
cool intro.

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