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My name is Andrew Gable. When I look at “how I got to desteni” I usually pinpoint this journey to have began about 9 months previous to coming across my first Desteni video on youtube (approx 4 years ago) which was how I was introduced to desteni. So 9 months before this, I saw the movie “The Secret” this opened up what I thought to be very fascinating ‘principles’ that I had not ever articulated to myself in this way before or really ever considered. These ‘principles’ centred around the point of “how we create our reality” and also opened up the point of “positive thinking” and “law of attraction” and that kind of thing. I had before this, was more focused on Practical application and in a way had found this to be quite a secret in itself, where it was more simply common sense and made everything quite straight forward. If I want something to happen in my world, I simply must practically physically direct the necessary points so that it come forth. There was no short cuts or anything like that. I lived my life this way for...well, my whole life. Until I saw the secret that is; and my life and perspective on how to live was flipped upside down.

I thought “Could this be possible” “Could this be the Key I was looking for” “The Secret” “That would make everything just, easier.” I was quite set at that time at being a great and famous artist and was always looking for ways to make my art more effective and make art that was “real and valid” like with some real substance that was actually worth creating and in a way would be an example of how one should go about making art. So this whole “the secret” thing gave me now a fascinating dimension to now test out and possibly this would support my artistic process as well.

So I started applying the material that was being presented by channels and law of attraction gurus and spiritualists, positive thinkers, light workers, etc...and researching all the stuff I could find in relation to this point. I started living in a more “positive way” (apparently) to see if I could attract a more positive successful life where all my desires were/are fulfilled. After all, this is what “The Secret” and much of the information around this point was talking about. So even thought this entire process was somewhat “backwards” to how I lived before, there was certain aspects of it that did make sense and so to test for myself I dedicated myself to this new methodology of living quite full-on. I really wanted to see if this worked, and I was quite in a rush to become an effective human being.

This lead me to find information about channels and angel guides and stuff like this and really for the first time opened up this point in my world. I would go to the library and quietly get out books about ascension and angel guides and channelling and things like this. I kept this to myself as I thought that people would think I am crazy if I actually believed in this stuff. But I found the “information” being presented through channels to at times be quite specific and not something that one would normally find in the majority of the books in this world. At least this is what I believed based on my life experience.

I lived with my girlfriend at the time and would share what I was finding with her but she was not as interested as I was in this kind of “spiritual stuff” Though her friends were more spiritual and into the whole love and light thing which was basically what I was “getting into” So I bit off a big chuck and went for it, and started speaking about positive thinking and love, though was determined also to test out this stuff and get Actual Results so I could be satisfied that this stuff indeed works.

Nothing ever worked for me, and I continued to apply and research this stuff for 9 months extensively. I remember at one point I was literally doing nothing but meditating and sitting and staring at my wall because this is what the material was implying that I should do. After all, I did not want to “impose myself on the Universe or God” and so I was busy “Allowing” for all the good stuff, and my desires and so forth to “come to me” So basically I was in the process of placing the entirety of me and my self responsibility into the hands of God or the Universe or my Angel Guides or some energy beings. I saw that if I could for instance channel that this would make my life more worthy and interesting and valid.

But my life was changing during this period. I became less active in art and was kind of faced with the harsh reality of not really being as successful as I thought I would be then with art. This was a difficult pill to swallow, and in a way I was really questioning my life’s purpose. That was really the first time in my life that I started to experience a type of depression. When you Here channelled stuff for the first time, it is all about finally arriving in the right place, and you are now here to do your true work, and you have made it so far and you are special so I mean I kind of saw myself as being special already, lol, though this was not coming through in the art, otherwise I would have been getting rich by now or something. So in a way this channelled material still supported my idea of myself as being special and unique and worthy so I went right into it. Like I said, it was so backwards to how I lived my life up to that point, focusing on the more practical physical reality as the key to “getting things done” and the secret to creativity. What this new material was telling me was “I put to much emphasis on doing, and not enough on thinking and imagining”

There was one instance while I was painting where I was integrating this new approach to my life where in attempting to only allow positive feelings within me so that I would create a positive painting and in this way I could ensure that the artwork would be supportive and have some real substance to it. But I noticed one startling point. That in fact I was often angry, frustrated, and miserable. So the one cool aspect that “The Secret” did support in bringing forth is where for the first time I began to look “inward” in a way that I had not before, and notice all this different types of feelings and emotions moving around inside of me. And that for someone trying to be happy, it sure was difficult. How was it possible that I was so angry inside me and not all the time positive.

After 9 months of trying to figure this stuff out, where at that stage I had really isolated myself from people in my world and was exploring this new spiritual ethereal world that I was now finding out about I came across my first Desteni Video.

I ended up on the website asking questions about a week or two after finding the website. I remember after having watched some videos I actually sent a message “asking for help” I do not remember the exact context, but I do remember I blatantly asked for I had never done that before in my life, let alone to a stranger on the internet that I had only gotten to know through videos.

I then proceeded the following months to keep track of the daily videos they were putting out and basically watching and studying every video and reading all the documents (extensive amounts of reading) And I also started exploring Self Forgiveness and Breathing and Writing and things like this. My Relationship of 8 years also came to a close around that time, so basically was at home allot alone, with a part-time job just researching Desteni stuff Full, On. From what I could see, there was nothing else really as valid as participating with Desteni, based on what they stood for, which is ultimately bringing forth a world that is actually a cool place for all to live and express, and putting an end to fear, and abuse and the ignorance of man.

So in a way what happened when I found desteni is my life did another “flip” and went full circle in a way, back to how I previously looked at and considered the world, from the perspective of a more direct practical application in terms of how to effectively live in this world.

After about a year of participating I was invited to go and visit the farm. A few people were already invited and I really wanted to go to but felt it was something that I would have to be invited to go and so I never asked straight forward if I could go but waited patiently until I was invited. I was very “pleased” ie: An instant inner smile that didn’t stop for days – lol. And so I went to the farm to learn more about these principles and basically how to be more effective in applying myself in relation to what was being presented on the website.

Why do I stand for Equal Money and World Equality.

Initially I did not fully understand the words spoken in the same way that I do now. But in truth it was the simple aspects of Desteni that enabled me to know within myself immediately that I would stand with this group and that I agreed absolutely with everything being said; basically, where do I sign up! Points such as self honesty, and not lying, and how people do not really express themselves and that everybody was fake. And showing how we as human beings are actually experiencing ourselves inside. I loved it because the way everything was broken down so extensively was fantasitic. Desteni really ripped apart everything and exposed the deception and lies of this world and human beings. Basically showing how everything was lie. Not just by saying “its a lie” and that was that, but actually explaining how it worked so that I could in fact see for myself in the words that were being spoken, like as I read and watch the videos, I actually have realizations like “oh shit – thats so true” or “fuck – I never noticed that before” and so I started to explore myself in relation to what was being presented. Eventually after some while I began to understand some of the principles that were being presented, like the principle of “What is Best for ALL” where initially it was like “the entire presentation” in a way it was not only the message that was being spoken through the portal, but what was being implied in the words and just the whole thing in how it was being presented but not necessarily being spoken. Like reading between the lines. I mean fuck, the implication of a portal being able to have any point in existence come through and communicate, from rocks to other beings, to animals. This in a strange way, was my proof. I could see that this was an “Honest Expression” and that the communication had so much “self presence” I could not get over this point, I was fascinated by it. And would sit there thinking. I want that! I wanted to be as confident as the beings coming through the portal and communicating. They did not appear to be self conscious at all. They were just expressing themselves and there as a certain innocence to this and this was my proof. Proof that what ever it was that they were communicating about was real, and thus I will take it upon myself to investigate what is being said. So yes I did understand what was being spoken, but it was also how it was being spoken that in a way validated for me. An expression that was not self-conscious.

What you understand to be “Heaven on Earth”

Heaven on Earth is up to us. It is a point which we as humanity create and are creating in this very moment and have always been creating for ourselves as the world we live in, as our environment. But we have created a mess of this world because of who we are inside of ourselves which ultimately will be exactly what we create. Thus we end up with starvation, with war, with poverty, rape, murder, animal abuse, due to, not “some outside force guiding and directing us” but due to the fact that we are within ourselves, quite ignorant, cruel, greedy, egotistical and self interested.

So to create Heaven on Earth is actually quite simplistic. We simply must change who we are, to beings that truly care, that support life, that stand always within the starting point of what is best for all. If ALL beings on earth, truly stand within the starting point of what is best for all, then the outflow of our participation here on earth will result in a world and environment of what is best for all. And that would be fucking cool to see how that would be.

So Heaven on Earth is not some pie in the sky concept of creating a utopia of angels and gods floating around on clouds like what you see in movies or pictures. It is simply a practical reality that we create, structure, build here on earth as earth where we create a system/world that is as “Heaven” so to speak.

The statement of “Heaven on Earth” assist as a statement to bring forth the point of us actually being able to create this earth into Heaven. I mean most of understand what “Heaven” is and imagine that if one ended up in heaven that they would finally be at peace, and fulfilled and content and all that stuff. Well the point is that we practically create that HERE for ourselves. I mean why not Create ALL of Existence Everywhere into Heaven, so that no matter where one is, one is living in a Heaven. Thus, We begin Here where we stand, in creating Heaven on Earth. I mean obviously our current money system in no way reflect heaven. The fact that millions are dying in starvation on this planet indicate that we are not in heaven. Or at least a very fucked up one. The point is to be able to Roam Free on this planet, and no matter where one goes, one is still in Heaven. Thus we must start with the basics that are not yet accounted for; like make sure each one on the planet as the basics such as food, water, shelter, etc. And that it is unacceptable that some would live in massive houses with tennis courts and endless food and others live in Huts and just enough food so that they do not die. It is quite plain to see that this is not fair for everyone.

Thus ALL must have access to this heaven. Thus Heaven on earth is a Directive Point for us to begin creating for ourselves. It is like we have lost our way as Humanity and thus require some sign posts to get us pointed back in the right direction so that we are actually living and expressing ourselves of LIFE. So Heaven on Earth is a practical directive and is a point we create here on earth, just the same that we have created our current world/system. We do it practically, brick by brick, breath by breath. If we allow greed to direct our decisions and self interest, what do you think we will end up with. Thus we must also transform ourselves as we have been living a long time in our current system of abuse and thus have accepted it as the only way to be and who we are. We literally must transform our nature where we take Self Responsibility for ourselves and no more accept and allow ourselves to abuse and live in self interest.

The only think stopping us from creating heaven on earth is ourselves. Because we have never created it. Because we have believed we are not capable of it. But I see that we are able to create and express ourselves in ways we are not yet aware of, though we will get to that once the basic foundation of heaven on earth is in place. That being the common sense points that all beings should have access to food, shelter, education, and the basic developmental points required for the creation of effective human beings. This is Now being proposed by Desteni as the Equal Money System which is a Money System that Provide for ALL beings on Earth so that ALL can live in abundance. It is a Money System that we as humanity must decide if we want to go that route or not. Where we either go the route of the equal money system where ALL beings within an equal money system will live the lifestyles of millionaires and have all the necessities of life provided, and we can thus take on the practical process of creating our own heaven and continue existing here on earth as Equals and Begins that actually respect LIFE, or we can continue as we are going now with wars and abuse and likely end up destroying ourselves so that humans no longer exist on earth.

Obviously I stand in Support of an Equal Money System and World Equality. We fucked up and we must get back to square one and start over again with a system that take into consideration ALL Life equally so that we do not perpetuate a world/system leave millions neglected. But rather create a world/ system of equality that take into consideration as the starting point, ALL beings Equally. and thus in its functionality is able to Support ALL Beings Equally.

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Thanks for sharing, Andrew. I keep hearing about creating "heaven on earth". Why earth? We've been so ABUSED here. Why hasn't anyone considered to "remove the Crystal from the center of the earth and the 4 others at the corners of the earth"? Wouldn't everyone then be automacially interdimenional again and FREE AT LAST? Maybe I'm missing a point here or something.
Equal Money for All
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