Hello (again) This is Amanda Richert.

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Hello (again) This is Amanda Richert.

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Hi Destonians. First I want to say thank you all for making a real change, and for all the former support. I wrote on the forum a few times before, and was kicked off due to not writing enough. I seem to struggle with writing, even though I feel soooo much better when I do. I just have a hard time concentrating, with distractions from my children. My husband (Josh Richert) and I have recently thought of a plan to take turns writing early in the morning, and getting our 1st grader ready for school. So I am much more "optimistic"about finding the time to write.
I was introduced to desteni by Josh about 4 yrs ago, but I was so stuck in my christian delusional belief world, that I wanted nothing to do with Desteni. I wanted to believe in God. I finally really sat down to watch the videos, in attempt to strengthen our relationship, by doing something Josh enjoyed. It began to "sink in". I cannot deny the truth of desteni. I am sick of living in delusion. Sick of being "controlled" by my ego, controlled by vanity, by what other's think about me. I can no longer allow the world to be the way it is. I can no longer pretend that everyone and everything is ok the way it is. I don't want to buy stuff that "slaves" made for me if it supports the system of slave labor. I cannot ignore the starving, just because of my comfort, and the beLIEf that I cannot do anything about it. I am ready to find out who I really am behind all the shit that has built up. I am ready to stop reacting. I no longer want to be controlled by fear. I no longer want to be in competition.
So I am here, ready to fix myself, fix the world, and stand equal, as one as all.

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Re: Hello (again) This is Amanda Richert.

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Awesome to see you here Amanda - it's fascinating that the points which we are aware assist and support us, such as writing, are the points we resist the most - our ego knows this as well, that's why we as the ego will fight tooth and nail to drum up any excuse so as to ensure we don't stop giving into the energy which our ego requires to thrive - for myself, when I experience resistance to writing, I first write about that = what is here as the resistance, so as to dis-cover why I am trying to sabotage supporting myself - then I can forgive those points and correct myself. I've found that once I get all that preliminary 'junk' out of the way, then I'm able to write much more effectively, fluidly, expressively.

Glad you're here to support yourself - enjoy!

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Re: Hello (again) This is Amanda Richert.

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Hi Amanda, cool you're here - awesome that you've decided to walk along with Josh which can be of great support when living together.

We're also sick of all the delusions and want to create a change in this world, so this is the place where we begin with ourselves.


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Re: Hello (again) This is Amanda Richert.

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Hey Amanda! Welcome!

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Re: Hello (again) This is Amanda Richert.

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Cool Amanda :mrgreen: Hi!

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Re: Hello (again) This is Amanda Richert.

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Re: Hello (again) This is Amanda Richert.

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cool,and Welcome Amanda.

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