Cathy Krafft's Intro - Greetings!

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Cathy Krafft's Intro - Greetings!

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Hello All,

Sharing how I got to Desteni Universe and/or the Desteni I Process. I was beginning to question my belief in a God, especially after my mother's death. Then I watched 'the secret', where I heard about Ramtha, so I began reading and watching his videos. During those months, I spent 2 weeks in jail for unpaid traffic violations and failing to complete 8 remaining hours of community service. Two and a half days in solitary confinement brought me face to face with my mind of thoughts which raced and raced in fear, hopelessness and depression. A few months later I read about David Icke on the internet, who was talking a lot about reptilians - so I watched some of his interviews, which scared the hell out of me, and I pretty much was at the point of realizing how we're all screwed so what the hell do we do now!

I was very depressed and I slept alot and/or gambled when I could sneak some money without Randy (my husband) noticing and/or when I could talk him into going gambling with me. Then in November of 2007, Randy stumbled upon a Desteni video on you tube and we both began to hear the common sense. After a couple of months of listening to Desteni and studying the material, and after 10 years of taking anti-depressants daily - I walked myself off of them little by little and, after 2 months through self-forgiveness, I was finally off of them. I heard recently from an old acquaintance that the doctor that I had at the time, still talks about how virtually impossible it is to stop anti-depressants after the length of time I was on them. However, I was able to through the tools from Desteni that I had begun applying.

Since the first day we began watching the videos from Desteni Universe, with the exception of a couple of days when I didn't have internet access, I have not missed a day of watching the Desteni videos as well as reading the material - almost four years now. Through the common sense message provided and the tools and assistance - I have accumulated an education for and of self like nothing that has never been offered to me before. I am now comprehending what it means to be self-responsible, self-accountable, self-honest and self-willed. I have stopped a multitude of addictions and behaviors through applying the tools and the material, as well as all depression has stopped. It's been a fascinating process of which I continue to walk.

I completely agreed with World-Equality from the moment I heard the message. When I was a child, I thought everyone should be treated the same - mostly because I wanted to be treated the same and so I was willing for everyone to be treated the same as long as we could all be treated equal. Though, my idea of equality then, was not in self-awareness. Initially, I wasn't really that interested in hearing about Equal-Money. That was because I didn't see it as something that was ever possible. I see now how the direction of my mind and pre-programming was preventing me from fully comprehending such a reality. Fortunately, the Desteni message has always presented common sense in a way which allows one to discover themself within the message.

I discovered myself in self honesty as I applied self-forgiveness and, that's when I begin to see all that I had been accepting and allowing of who had become - I was quite pissed off at myself. Often, I wanted to throw a big fit, lol, like a 'pity party' and, I did. I would cry and write, cry and write. I begin to write every evening in paper notebooks and was astonished when I began to see through my own words how fearful of a person I really was. After a few months of writing myself to freedom and applying self-forgiveness, I began to see how it is not only possible to implement an Equal Money System but, that it is inevitable.

I stand for Equal-Money and World-Equality because I know that it is truly the only way in which we can all begin to see and hear each other as we have always been - as all as one as equal. To remove the fear of survival that exists amongst us will be possible with Equal Money. I no longer accept, nor am I willing to participate in, nor allow and/or watch the suffering that exists here to continue. The only matter that is important is to stand up as One Vote, so that all living beings will be able to live a life in dignity.

Equality and Oneness, and what that means to me, is something that Desteni has assisted me to see for myself as everyone will have to. It's not something that can be taught and/or proved because, Equality and Oneness and the meaning therein comes from within self through consistent proven daily application and self-direction - where self releases self-interest and greed - and through self-forgiveness lives life as a Self-Willed Equal.

Equal and One to and as all living beings, comes from within self and begins as natural as breath within every moment where you realize yourself within all that is here. And when life on earth provides equally for every single baby that is born, every moment of their life - birth til death - where suffering ends and the world exists according to what is best for all. That's when 'Heaven on Earth' will be here.

Sharing here a list of the video's that have assisted me to accept and forgive myself and, to allow myself to reveal an understanding within myself in self-honesty, to walk as me here, through breathing in and as self-forgiveness within and as 'The Principle of Equality'.
Desteni Universe - they had me at, 'Hi, this is Jack'.

Introduction to Desteni

Introduction to Desteni part 1 - DesteniProductions - Annotations added Dec 2010

Introduction to Desteni part 2 - DesteniProductions - Annotations added Dec 2010

Introduction to Desteni part 3 - DesteniProductions - Annotations added Dec 2010

Matrix - The SECRET of Humans: Suggest hearing All of the series - Here are the first three

Matrix 1 - The SECRET of Humans

Matrix 2 - The Secret of the MIND

Matrix 3- The Secret of Relationships

This is a quote by Bernard from the series: Experienc Living and Principled Living

"Practically when are you directive principle? When you are stopping the consequence in the act- and until you have done this for all of what you have allowed, things will happen - and remember all the past lives that you have been here is within the unified field, is within consciousness - waiting it's turn to come and visit you again. There is no way out of that, you created it, you must stop it and your creation point and your stopping point must be equal and one - must be the same point." Bernard Poolman

One - Experience Living and Principled Living

Two - Experiece Living and Principled Living

Three - Experience Living and Principled living

Four - Experience Living and Principled Living

Five - Experience Living and Principled Living

Six - Experience and Principled Living

Seven - Experience Living and Principled Living

This is some of the text by Bernard Poolman from the series: The Decision

"So- to ‘try’ and-‘find’ a ‘Reason’ to Make a ‘Decision’ is already an ‘Observation’= it’s already Not-‘Real’. It’s ‘Impossible’ thus to ‘Find the Reason’. A ‘Decision’ is Not-’Reason’ - A ‘Decision’ is an ‘Understanding’-of the ‘Context’-of ‘What is ‘Reality’’ and ‘What is ‘Illusion’’ – and that I’ve just Explained. Then the ‘Context’-of obviously ‘Where’ you ‘Place’-yourself within-that, is Simply a ‘Self-Honest’ ‘Decision’- You can either ‘Do’-it or You Can’t.

Understand that ‘Reality’ ‘Supports’-you through ‘that’ of-you what is ‘Real’-which is Not Your-‘Thinking’, it is Not Your-‘Observation’ – it is Your-‘Physical’ within-which and ‘with’-which you have No-‘Communication’ currently -The ‘Only’ Communication you can have it currently, have ‘with’ Your Physical’ currently is ‘Pain’. It is a ‘Signal’-‘System’ that ‘Indicate’ to you – ‘Pain’ or ‘Discomfort’ that ‘Indicates’ to you: you have to look at-your ‘Participation’. And that ‘Pain’ is Not-something You ‘Observe’= it’s Fucking-‘Real’. The ‘Discomfort’ is Not-‘Something’ You ‘Observe’ = it ‘Overpowers’-you. The ‘Resonance’ isn’t ‘Something’-that ‘You Observe’ = it ‘Happens’ to-you – It is ‘Real’.

What you are then ‘Experiencing’ is something you can’t ‘Direct’ because: it’s got ‘Power’ ‘over’-you – that’s ‘Real’. That’s why we use ‘that’-which is ‘Real’ to ‘Assist’ Everyone-with. Then obviously ‘How’ do you ‘Suppress’-it? You ‘Observe’-it, you make a ‘Value’-Judgment about-it and in-that, you ‘cycle’-it, so that you end-up in ‘Observer’-mode again and then, Never-take ‘Action’, so now it gets ‘worse’ – every ‘cycle’. This is been going-on for ‘Millions’ of-years.

So- back to ‘what’? The ‘Decision’ - I mean have a-look at the Fascinating thing: the World ‘Exist’ as ‘Systems’, ‘Systems’ that ‘Manage’ the ‘Interaction’-of People. That ‘Systems’ is ‘Real’– they are having an ‘Effect’ ‘On’-you and they have ‘Power’ ‘Over’-you = They are ‘Real’ because, you have to ‘Act’ ‘according’-to them in ‘Participation’- it’s Not an ‘Observation’. You Have No-‘Choice’ in-that.
The Question then is ‘Is these ‘Systems’- or ‘Are these ‘Systems’ that ‘Exist’ in this World ‘Managing’ the Relationships between the ‘Living Beings’ on this Planet, are they ‘Managing’ the ‘Relationships’ between People in-a ‘way’ that is ‘Equal for All’ and ‘Best for All’ – they are Not. So, Our ‘Participation’ is then in these ‘Systems’ to ‘Change’-them to ‘Equality’ and ‘Oneness’. ‘That’ you Cannot-‘Do’ as an ‘Observation’ or Using ‘Knowledge’ or, anything-else but: Having to ‘Actually’ ‘Participate’ in-them.

‘Desteni Farm’ is simply the Place where we ‘Train’ ‘Participants’ to go-back into the ‘System’ and to Start taking ‘Directive Principle’ of-them and bring some ‘Common Sense’ to ‘Reality’, so that what we end-up-with at this stage – over a very-long period of time – we end-up in a ‘Reality’ where Children can be ‘Born’-into and be ‘taken care’-of – that’s just one simple-point.
Now One must Decide whether One want to ‘Participate’ in something like that. The ‘Context’ of-that obviously is ‘Where’ and ‘How’. Within-that you have to Obviously look-at your ‘Effectiveness’ and ‘Potential’ as ‘Participant’ –‘How far’ are you going to-go? ‘How far are you ‘Willing’ to-go?’ – Which is ‘Self-Willed’ in getting this ‘Reality’ ‘sorted’-out." Bernard Poolman



3 THE DECISION for Self Honesty

Compassion of the Light is a video that I have heard over and over and still, it's one of my favorite's

Compassion of the Light

Living Self-Forgiveness and Writing, Self-Directive vs Mind-Regurgitation, Hearing Words Here Equally : These video's are vital and assisting.

Living Self-Forgiveness

Self-directive Writing vs Mind Regurgitation

Hearing Words Here Equally

Revenge of the Ego and Violation of Trust, and The Innocence of a Child : Also a must hear! More than once!

Revenge of the Ego

Violation of Trust

The Innocence of a Child

The Observer never sees what is real

The Resonant Seed series: Amazing support!

The Resonant Seed 1

The Resonant Seed 2

The Resonant Seed 3

The Resonant Seed 4

The Resonant Seed Part 5

Silently we Suffer

There are plenty more that I could add but, I will stop here.



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Re: Cathy Krafft's Intro - Greetings!

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I have accumulated an education for and of self like nothing that has never been offered to me before. I am now comprehending what it means to be self-responsible, self-accountable, self-honest and self-willed. I have stopped a multitude of addictions and behaviors through applying the tools and the material, as well as all depression has stopped. It's been a fascinating process of which I continue to walk.

Thanks Cathy!

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Re: Cathy Krafft's Intro - Greetings!



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