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Hi From Adele

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Hi my name is Adele Caskey, and I joined the forum in Sep 13, 2007, I am 58yrs old. Before that I had pretty much had it with life. I lived a radical non-conformist life, but always in the back of my mind I wanted to know why we are here and why are we so abusive to each other. I could not believe we were still killing each other’s in wars. When Bush JR got elected, that is when all hope of humans doing anything for the good of life when out the door for me, and I started to give up within myself.
Way before that, some 30yrs ago I was also on a “spiritual” search, because I thought there had to be more than this abusiveness in the world and I wanted to know how to be happy and help others if I could find the “way” or truth. So while going down into depression, trying to keep my head above water, I was still searching on the Internet for something to make sense to me. A friend of mine, emailed me one of Sunettes videos. I was intrigued and watched more.
I found myself on the forum, a newbie, asking questions, as I never heard anyone talk or say the things the way they did. I wanted to try and learn about self-forgiveness and self-honesty. I did lots of research, watching videos and reading posts. They also started talking about an equal money system. Of course I loved the idea, it would solve all the fucked up shit going on. People could be happy! ALL people would treat other and themselves as equals. I always thought that this is way it should be.
When I was doing Advaita and other such light and love things, I felt something was missing. Why should I find happiness only for myself and not care about others. I just didn’t seem right. This is the point Desteni address where no one else does. Heaven is in our head - earth and, Us, you and me are HERE. Thus to bring the idea of heaven from the head to HERE, physical, is the only way to actually LIVE it.

Some of my favorites:
Why Changing the world Will not Last (Though this is not a video - this was very important for me because I was “hoping” for the Golden Age to come, and I saw that nothing is coming until we change ourselves)

Matrix 8 on Secret of Self Support

Matrix 9 on Secret of Self Direction
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLgCqJCX ... relatedMat

Anonymous: On the Death of Me Series
Playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?p=PL748006A4A67494CC

Emotions and the Law of One

The WORLD has gone MAD!!!! - DesteniProductions

The Secret of Humans: Playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?p=PLE4EA69FEF9F88CF4

Audrey Hepburn on Friends and Family 1/2

Audrey Hepburn Family and Friends 2/2 - How do I support ME?

Earth Youself - BirthYourself

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Re: Hi From Adele

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Thanks for sharing, Adele. All of my life I use to declare, "I wish everyone can be rich and happy at the same time". That was Before I found out about these "programs running" inside of us. To realize that we're all organic-robots is a hellofah wake-up call.
Equal Money for All
Equal Housing for All
Equal Everything for Everyone
Equality Equality Equality!!!

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