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Ann's intro :)

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My story on how i got to desteni

It was in 2007 and I was looking on youtube, to various videos and I suddenly saw a video of Sunette on the right side of the screen. The way it looked made me click it, like I thought it may be something intrested and I reacted to the visuals.
When I clicked it I saw her breath in and out and then I thought "this are little kids that are playing around". I found it funny and lol I thought she was a little boy. But I kept listening and then I realised that she wasn't joking or playing around. All what was being said was just common sense and it was the first time I heard someone speak about 2012 like that. Because it was a video about 2012. Before that video I was intrested in 2012, like I felt somehow connected to the maja's lol and I thought something special might happen in 2012. But then when I heard the video from Desteni about it, it was so cool to hear someone actually logicly explaining what we are actually doing by waiting or hoping for a date or a change or whatever.
Anyway, if you haven't watched that video I suggest you do, I will place it in my list of top 10 video's at the bottom of this post.

So after I saw it, I went to the forum, oblivious to what it really was about :P I read a few posts, like maybe 3 and then I introduced myself. After that I started to read more and more, and watch more video's. And damn so many things made sense! I mean there was also some stuff I didnt know about, like reptilians, but that didnt really bother me because I am not someone that discards something just because I dont have any knowledge or experience with it. So I sticked to all the things I could apply myself, and see for myself. Although my understanding developed over time. In the beginning I sometimes had misconceptions, but as you become self-honest, you start to see through all of those things within yourself.
I was at first very happy to have discovered Desteni, because before that I was depressed a lot. Sometimes I would go lie in the dark in my bad during the day because I felt so bad inside. And I could see my own thoughts and how self-pity it was so that made me hate myself even more. Like how fake can I be! I found it so fake what I was thinking, and then the self-pity. But I was totally subjective to it, like I didnt consider that I can be anything else then my thoughts. After finding Desteni I havent been depressed in 4 years now, because I applied the tools for myself. I dont allow myself to go into depression and it also doesn't come up. Also I told my mom in the beginning because I was so exited lol :P And she is also intrested. Now still, she supports us with equal money and what we want to do. She has her own reactions, but on general she is pretty cool with it. And she is also very happy that i wasnt depressed anymore, and how I have changed. So that is also one of the reasons why she is happy I found desteni. Some people in the family don't like it, because they want me to be like them (they literally said this lol). But I started changing myself also before desteni. Like when I became vegetarian and didnt want to talk bad anymore about people, I got lots of negative comments from my family. Not all, some. But I realised something was seriously fucked up with this world, like around age 16, started investigating religions and stuff. Overall I have been a pretty "decent" girl lol :mrgreen: no drugs, no alcohol, going to school, being nice to people. I always had a crazy side though, like I mean crazy in sometimes acting crazy :P For fun. I cant really explain it, but I sometimes really crack myself up :lol: .
Also I dont have a religious or spiritual background. I mean I have investigated it, and tried some stuff but never been hardcore, also my family is not religious or spiritual. My grandparents are catholic, but they are more from habbit, tradition, so they rarely speak about it and my grandpa doesn't even believe in a heaven . I started to be intrested in spirituality mostly because of the strange unexplainable experiences I had. But when I stopped putting so much attention on it, it went away.

Also lol, when I saw the shaved head in the beginning, and some members also daring to shave their head. I thought wow wtf I can never do that, nevveeeeerr. But now, after some years I was able to push through my fears and do something that I had never ever considered to be able to do. Which was an immense help for me, I mean for my own strenght and just for me, to know that I can go through my biggest fears. Without Desteni, I doubt I would have ever dared that.
There is soooo much to write lol, but I will keep it short because else this will turn into a book.

Why you stand with and for Equal-Money and World-Equality?

Because it is what I have wanted for years and years, that all abuse ends, that there is no more manipulation and exploitation and deliberate suffering. I always wanted it but never knew how it could work. I once had a plan when I was 17 to go start a self-sufficient village somewhere in a natural area. And I was researching it and contacting people for help. Lol but it didnt work very well and I soon found out how many money and work that would cost and take. I tried to find a place for free but that is virtually impossible in this world. So it was a little naieve from me, but I simply wanted things to change. And I thought about how all poor people would be invited to the new village, and how they could help out and see another way of life is possible and then we could expand and expand over the entire world. :mrgreen: . It sounds like a good plan, but at the time I didnt connect it to the practical steps it would take, and how a change of the internal state of humanity has to happen as well to have an equality system maintained and liveable for forever.

I stand for world equality because that is what is, inequality is a false creation, it is what we make through our judgements. Remove those judgements, and inequality is gone. There is still some forms of physical inequality, such as bugs that are easily trampled when we walk the grass. I once came upon that earlier in my life and thought about not walking on grass anymore. But it is impossible to not kill something in this existence. So I learned that we have to do whatever we can, as best as possible, considering our current limitations. That is what I learned during my years with the desteni group. And I have been with desteni for already a long time so I have seen it develop and got pushed into certain directions, and it is really cool. Some people question our motives, the "haters", but if they would have been with us for years and had actually taken the time to investigate and be part of what we do, they wouldnt be saying what they are today.

What you understand to be “Heaven on Earth”?

Heaven on earth , to me means that there is no abuse, thus: no one starves, no animal abuse, no prostitution or rape, no war, no crime, no violence, no ego, no specialness (ego), no gossip, no internal nasty thoughts about others, no more fear of each other (which is created by thoughts about each other), no more profit driven machine, no more exploitation of nature and pollution etc...
A planet where we live together as true equals. Some haters may say "to be like clones!!". But no, that is not what equality is. And even let"s say I would look the same as someone else, honestly I wouldnt give a shit. Because the desire to look different comes from a desire to be special, or to stand out, or to be distinguished or whatever. When I would live together with beings, in equality, non of such thoughts would come up in me and I would simply live amongst everyone else and do things I enjoy, and all the things we do and enjoy will not be based on a system that creates abuse. Because now we all abuse, wether we like it or not, because we are in this abusive system and support it.

10 Videos that you like the most / had the most impact on you

2012: ... ideo_title
The Key to Beauty - Is beauty Life? ... ideo_title
Family and Friends 1 / 2 - Who are You with Them
Family and Friends 2 2 - How do I support ME
What is possible on Earth? Can we create Heaven on Earth
How to STOP the END of the WORLD by YOURSELF
Self-Image and Fear of Others - Part 1 ... ideo_title
Science Fiction of Desteni Universe ... ideo_title
Animals Assisting Humans in Awareness
Self Discipline and Osho

Oh and these are videos you just HAVE to see because it is funny as hell!! LOL ... ideo_title

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Re: Ann's intro :)

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Thanks for sharing, Ann. You sound very happy with Desteni. Stay tuned. heehee.

Equal Money for All
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Equal Everything for Everyone
Equality Equality Equality!!!

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