My introduction to Desteni forum

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My introduction to Desteni forum

Post by Matias »

How I got to Desteni?

Two years ago, when I was 15 I had problems with myself and this happens because I had an experience with the THC = marijuana.
In this experience, I was living in the present without trace of my mind in the sense that there was nothing to remember, something to "live" for, because I had forgotten all this interests for a moment...
After this experience: one day I was eating with my family and the food was so hot that I felt this experience again, the experience of no 'feel' a purpose for what he was doing and I was scared. I was afraid because I felt that if the thoughts were not coming alone, I feared for the physical, as if my movements were so free that I was afraid and I couldn't sleep because I thought that if I fell sleep, I would disappear, because my mind didn't react with thoughts like I wanted. so I didn't sleep for weeks (without sleep well).
I was online looking for a solution about this fear that I had to 'die' that I had, because I thought that I would die
if I fell asleep (but that only happens in thoughts, when I was at home).I had thought such as fear of death and
something happen, that take me to die because I wasn't moving with 'security', so, it was when I was looking for about
the positive thought, the death' thought and the mental disorder(which usually occurs at this age)
(which occurs at this age is a mental disorder, that's what I mean) at google.
When I was at school, there was the perfect place to sleep, everyone talking and feeling 'alive' because for me,
that was life, words and people who are in their thoughts and interests and they don't see or think about death.
One day, google took me to a video or rather to youtube's videos about desteni. The first video that I saw was "Date cuenta que: ¡El miedo apesta!" and when I watch it I realise that other being took possesion in her to explain the subjet matter. When I watch it, It meant security.
Since then I managed to overcome my fear and I saw some videos about thinking in desteni that helped me to stop this thoughts of fear that arose in my mind or rather disappear the creation that I did because I trusted desteni (I trust virtually everything outside).
At that age I didn't understand the desteni's message because the material was scarce and I understood what I wanted using it for being better with myself ('I understood what I wanted to understand / my thoughts'). This year I started watching all the videos because they had translated more videos and I understood the message and now I am taking responsibility for my creations and my dishonesty in my reality so I'm using the tools and have left many people behind why I was by self-interest and what we did together because I realized that I wasn't taking responsibility for my reality.

Why I stand with and for Equal-Money and World-Equality

I'm agree with equality of money because this world will change profoundly. Would eliminate social inequality, the money wouldn't separate the human beings.
Hunger would disappear because there are people who have more than they need and is due to the mind and the power of money can do it real this is allowed and accepted when the ego unites with money.
Improve education, the knowledge given is scarce due to the stress that causes hard work for much time to earn a 'decent' salary, so there aren't incentivized to teach in many cases.
It would be more uniform the stability of health / mental people.
I understand that not agreeing with equal money system (EMS) is because I am allowing and accepting that there is inequality between other human beings and I, because I want more like the ego that I allowed to exist as a personal interest.
I understand that if I agree to equal money is because I don't allow a human being to be less or more of what is like the life here in every breath, could respect each other as individuals who are supporting life equally and not raving through the mind like ego.

What I understand to be “Heaven on Earth” is.

I understand heaven to earth in this world and each being found in this world may be expressed individually without depending on anyone else who influncie, influences will not tell us how we have to experience / express after having the necessary education to know what is life. We can be free about to move on the earth, on how to live our life without the limitation of something such as money inequality and the fear that something external, and no more would damage us.
Heaven on earth is to live worthy to say I am life and I can be an expression of life without limitations. We can have everything we need to be life and not pain. No more pain.

10 Videos that you like the most / had the most impact on you
Date cuenta que: ¡El miedo apesta!
Introducción a Desteni en Español 1/2/3
Pensamiento como HERRAMIENTA
Sistema de flor de la Vida 1/2/3/4/5/6
001/002/003/004/005 Vida práctica con igualdad de dinero
21 días de perdón a uno mismo - HOM #121
¿Dónde comienza la honestidad propia?
1984 está Aquí - George Orwel 1/2/3
Confiar en el Movimiento de los ojos

(Thank Noe Bustos for adapt the text to my experience in the English language)

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Re: My introduction to Desteni forum

Post by Anna »

Hola Matias - Cool that you are Here and thank you for sharing yourself!

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Re: My introduction to Desteni forum

Post by Kristina »

Thanks for being Here Matias - and for Standing Up for Equality!

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Re: My introduction to Desteni forum

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Hola Matías, Thanks for Sharing your story and for being here assisting yourself! :D

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Re: My introduction to Desteni forum

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Hi Matías - thanks for the intro!

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Re: My introduction to Desteni forum

Post by Ann »

Welcome Matías, cool to read your story :)

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Re: My introduction to Desteni forum

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Cool Intro Matias! Welcome to the forum

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Re: My introduction to Desteni forum

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Cool Matias, Welcome

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Re: My introduction to Desteni forum

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Hola Matias!

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