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I welcome this initiative.
I encountered DesteniProductions on youtube in the first instance, I had ventured out into the world again after spending the previous 7 years seriously abusing myself, though, that was only the culmination of 15 years of self imposed sufferance that was the culmination of close to 30 years of avoiding my self responsibility.
I was introduced to youtube and did a search for David Icke videos, wondering what I might find having read all his books up till then, I came across "The History of Mankind" as it was being uploaded, that thereby started my 'fascination' with Jacks 'story', I was over joyed that here was someone revealing at last some commonsensical appraisal of how we had got here. I knew nothing of the portal and thought that it was some young boy named Jack rationalising what I knew as occult knowledge.
As I try to remember the experience I cannot recall when I found out that it wasn't a boy at all, in fact some of those I shared the find with who went away and watched for themselves tried to tell me it was a girl and I just shrugged it off stating "see a girl if you want, I see a boy", this retort came from a realisation in those times that whatever one believed would manifest as belief to the believer and I had no interest in influencing the beliefs of others having reached the conclusion that believing nothing was the best way to navigate the spurious belief systems that humans adopt to justify themselves, coupled with rejecting the influence of others having made my own realisations, primarily that all must consider all to enable us all to truly be free, my goal at that time.
I have no recollection of when I understood the real nature of what was occurring, a thing I just took in my stride whilst appreciating after years of searching something I could relate to from an experience perspective.
I found my way to the forum though had missed the point completely in my joyous appreciation of what I had found at youtube and when someone on the forum suggested that what was in front of us was a "task" I rejected the notion as I said having completely missed the point.
From my perspective I had encountered a chance to meet others who cared about the state of the world and had no understanding of the depth with which desteni had investigated existence and that a process of SELF REALISATION was provided for all to adopt.

In those early days I got banned from the forum for having multiple accounts and not applying myself in the way that was expected. It was only after returning to the forum by invite and then leaving again under my own volition did I start to understand that there was a thing called "process", I really did not understand what it was that desteni was about beyond demystifying what to me was 'occult' knowledge.
During that time on the forum I was introduced to SELF FORGIVENESS and again repelled the invite to participate believing myself to be aware of what was needed to coalesce the world and it's people to be able to live truly freely with one another, a rather simplistic view now aware of the nature of existence and in that I haven't read the material and don't understand the nature of existence beyond realising that my simplistic view not only fell short of actually realising the extent of the situation and my application of my own stated aims fell well short of REAL understandings.
I had experienced forgiveness and that it was an effective way of releasing oneself from binds that occur through blame and anger without realising that to forgive another rather than self is an invitation for that other to continue with whatever it is one is forgiving them for.
I have been forgiving myself ever since with practical actual experiences that have me applying self forgiveness with greater understanding the further I go with it, in fact that is my next step to dedicate one of my youtube channels to my own self forgiveness process to reach a full understanding of what it is that I am doing in that process, meaning that is where I am to start researching the desteni material proper, bringing my process right up to me so that I can totally understand what it is that desteni have shared and provided with the tools that will allow us to create a world where all life can live with dignity equally.

the EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM is the one way that existence can and will be effected and whilst I have done little research the basic proposition where each person is allocated an allowance to cover basic needs cost's from birth until death where all life can be then considered equally and a world where everything and everyone is considered from the principle "what's best for all" has my support, within that if all life is considered and what's best for all being the principle start point there can be no argument and whilst I intend to get involved in understanding the 'nitty gritty' of this proposal, what's best for all is best for all and so have no concerns with the proposal.
What does concern more at this point is that the population of this planet whilst objecting to the current financial system, oppose it fervently yet appear to believe that removing those that implement it and replacing them with what I am not sure, will address the problem and therefore my efforts will be utilised in pointing out that those who oppose the 'new world order' are therefore supporting the old world order which is managed by those who they believe are implementing a new world order and therefore are truly banging there heads against a brick wall in their back biting blame and anger at not taking responsibility themselves and therefore not needing to be controlled, the thing they appear to believe is what this 'new world order conspiracy' is about.

Heaven on Earth, they are just words that express a concept that we are supposed to understand as a consequence of our believing in some god that can redeem us in some afterlife and as such whilst I accept that they are terms that can be utilised I pre-fare the creation of a world where all life can live with dignity equally as my interpretation of what is meant by Heaven on Earth.
I did for many years express that I lived in paradise already and even when it was shown that this was not actually paradise how could it be with the suffering that occurs moment by moment, I would respond with the fact man chooses to turn his paradise into a place of suffering doesn't detract from it's nature and would leave any conversation with" ok it is a potential paradise that man has yet to realise".

My current favourite video is... .
SECRETS of the Sub Conscious
and whilst I believed that I understood what is being shared here, only in the last few days did I realise further how we deceive ourselves with perception, that had me realising further the nature of "mind".

for along time this was my favourite video.
3 - Portal History - Heaven and The Goddess of Creation
I could relate to it through my experiences with the occult and the practitioners therein.

The History of Mankind
I have still to watch the last 20 videos in this series.

watching Andrea share her story was interesting in that she revealed experiences I have had and never shared with anyone nor heard any one else share those experiences.
Andrea's story

This series is interesting and useful.
Alien Shi series

I enjoyed the Reptilian god videos, specifically Marduk's
though ANU's final 3 videos are remarkable and whilst at the time I had little time for Enki and Enlil's videos, I have since reappraised my appreciation.

There are so many videos that are appreciable, Alice Baileys, Portal history, History of Desteni, Audery Hepburn amongst my favourites, I would have to move to the Vlogs that the so called destonians themselves have made when listing effective influential videos, only refraining from listing them to avoid isolating individuals in what is an obvious joint effort at the "task" at hand.

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hello, and welcome :)

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hi there Anthony :D

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Postby Ann » 22 Jun 2011, 18:51

Hey Anthony! I really like your writing in "normal" English lol. Brings you more "down to earth" and makes what you say much more understandable. Thx

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Hey Anthony



Postby anthony » 22 Jun 2011, 21:28

. ... after spending the previous 7 years seriously abusing myself, though, that was only the culmination of 15 years of self imposed sufferance that was the culmination of close to 30 years of avoiding my self responsibility.
It was actually from a point of self pity and further burdening of myself so that I could pity myself further whilst seeking sympathetic attention, I am finding as I explore this.

Hi Ingrid, it's a pleasure, yes Ann, though what is "normal"? I prefare the word 'usual', though perhaps that wouldn't have flowed in your sentence, I appreciate your input as always.

Greetings, Paul and Zoltán, unsure if we have met, no less, pleased to greet you both.

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greets Anthony!

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Cool you're here Anthony. Thanks for sharing



Postby anthony » 23 Jun 2011, 00:21


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cool to see you here, anthony


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