Greg Klette's Introduction

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Greg Klette
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Greg Klette's Introduction

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Hi to all fellow Destonians,this is my personal intro by Greg Klette

How i got to Desteni

Well it was back in 2003/2004 when I first met Bernard and Esteni .I was at a loose end and I was invited by a friend, Ceanlia Vermeulen to a demonstration of the educational software programme that Bernard and his gang had developed. The demonstration took place back at his house in kloof, durban.I was suitably impressed by the software and its possible benefits to learners .At the time I was selling computers and cctv cameras, so this really sounded like a new and interesting challenge to market the product to schools and to then follow up and sell the packages to the students/learners.
At the same time I was also exposed to Bernard’s work and research on mind constructs, it was all new to me, very interesting but quite scary as I was not ready for it ,so I didn’t get involved.
However at the very same meeting I met estenis sister Dina and we immediately hit it off, she was much younger than me, attractive, sexy, free spirited, and extremely creative. Our brief relationship of about 4 months was like a honeymoon whirlwind, the relationship was based on partying, seriously abusing drugs and alcohol, and a lot of sex.
Dina stroked my fragile ego ,and made a huge impression on me ,but she was on the rebound, and had just broken up with her fiance,jaco .In short she went back to him and got married ,had a child Bernard was very involved and instrumental in Dina and her fiancés Jaco, getting back together and at the time I took it personally ,and was resentful ,little did I know he did me a huge favour as it could never work.
Bernard was busy researching, certain aspects of the mind / life and having various experimental sessions with a number of people, so a lot of ill-informed had bad opinions and a lot of negative comments on the whole situation. I even heard some people calling him the devil himself.
The only thing I could say about Bernard was that he only pushed your buttons which was uncomfortable, but he gave you the opportunity to face your truths /demons and your choice to ignore or work on them.
Anyways, I worked at selling the educational software in fits and start for a while, but was never really committed and moved on to run a guest house and Quad tours business, in the drakensberg.
However Bernard and his work had made a huge impression on me and I often thought about it.
Many years passed, and Dina and I remained in contact and on three different occasions we all went down to my beach cottage on the wild coast, Transkei and always had a blast. It was through my relationship with Dina that I met her parents, her father Frans dewet and mother Ronel .They were very hospital and always treated me with generosity and we got on well.
And it is through this association that I discovered Desteni and came back to Bernard’s and Estenis fold.
Recently I was communicating with Ronel and Dina on face book and they had told me that Frans had moved onto the Desteni farm. I contacted Frans, visited the farm, met up with Bernard and Esteni they showed me all info on the equal money system and the Desteni I process and everything that they were working on. I then met all the fantastic people on the farm.
I asked how I could add value and where I could help on the farm, they said they needed someone to prepare and cater for meals for them, so I joined them immediately and have been on the wonderful farm for over a month now. We all live on the farm and all contribute in various ways and we live and co- exist in harmony ,because we always do what’s best for all, by taking responsibility for ourselves and our lives.
And that’s how I ended up walking this fantastic road with Desteni, and living on the Desteni farm.
Why I stand with and for the equal money system and world equality
For a number of years now I had been working on myself, firstly by giving up drugs and have stopped abusing alcohol, and was searching for some place where I could make the world a better place for all. I have always felt the abuse and injustices of this fucked up world, that we have created and permitted, finally I am now in a place and a space where I can stand with and for world equality and a new equal money system. We can make the difference. We fucked up the world ,so we can fix it.

What i understand to be heaven on earth is
It is pure common sense ,that if we don’t all put our hands together and work towards creating a new world ,where we treat all life as equal ,a world where everyone has the same wealth,a home ,roof over their head ,food ,running water. Toilets, education and a safe environment where they can live an abundant life, do what they want or were meant to do, and bring up their children in a in a safe, happy and healthy environment. What more can we ask for.
Surely this would be true heaven on earth

Each video is unique in its own right,and so beneficial to adding value and insight in our long road ahead with the Desteni I process .
I am currently walking through the Introduction to Desteni Course and will post a reply to this post in the future with my suggested videos.

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Re: Greg Klette's Introduction

Post by Maya »

Hey Greg! nice meeting you.
lol - all ways turns back to Desteni. enjoyed reading your story.
C U soon

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Re: Greg Klette's Introduction

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Hi Greg! thanks for your intro :)

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Re: Greg Klette's Introduction

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Hi Greg welcome to the forum!

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Re: Greg Klette's Introduction

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We can make the difference. We fucked up the world ,so we can fix it.
Definitely! Cool you're here Greg. Enjoy

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Re: Greg Klette's Introduction

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Cool share Greg - looking forward to hearing more from you!

Welcome to the forum.

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Re: Greg Klette's Introduction

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Cool Greg! Thanks for sharing and Welcome to the forum!

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Re: Greg Klette's Introduction

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Welcome Greg,

Enjoyed reading your intro. Looking forward to more writings.

Thanks for sharing

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Re: Greg Klette's Introduction

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hey Greg Welcome! :) Saw you on some of the pics from the farm when you guys went bowling.

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Re: Greg Klette's Introduction

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Cool greg!

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