Agreement Course - Now Launched!

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Agreement Course - Now Launched!

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Agreements: Re-Defining Relationships

* Tired of a stream of failed relationships?
* Experiencing internal and external conflict in yourself and your relationship?
* Exhausted all your options with finding The One?
* Do you blame yourself for failed relationships?
* Has your search for a twin-flame burned out?

Within This Course You'll Empower Yourself With—

* Being able to understand your past so that you can change your future in relationships.
* Stop ‘searching’ for relationships and learn how to ‘create’ a relationship.
* Develop effective practical skills for conflict-resolution.
* Develop effective communication skills.
* Develop skills for effective practical living together.
* Learn how to develop lasting intimacy with yourself and/or your partner.
* How to commit you to yourself and/or a partner in an agreement that supports growth, expansion and self-development.
* Utilise masturbation as a tool for compatibility and effective agreement alignment.
* Take sexual fulfillment to a whole new level of mutual exhilaration.

Agreement Course is Based on Developing an Effective Relationship with Self in Order to Develop an Effective Relationship with Another.

The basis of this course is to establish an effective self-agreement – to from here develop an effective agreement with another as self. Thus – the course ‘Agreements: Re-Defining Relationships’ is a process of living what it means to be equal and one with another as self.

Note: One does not require being in a relationship to walk this course. When walking this course alone you will be facilitated in preparing yourself to walk an effective relationship/agreement.

Lessons are structured over a period of 12 months, and are walked with a personal buddy.
Agreement Course Lessons Overview
Lesson 1: Who am I in this Course?

Here you will be introduced to the terminology and application of self-agreement, agreement with another in equality and oneness and the practical tools that will assist and support you to walk this process – such as: self-honesty, self-responsibility, self-commitment – and within that, understand the difference between relationships and agreements.
Lesson 2: Self-Sabotage

Here one discover the underlying causes, reasons and origins of failed relationships, conflict about relationships, comparison to other relationships, desire for relationships – and how to direct, correct and stop these points so as to not compromise one’s current and/or future relationship.
Lesson 3: Laying it out on the Table and Coming to a Conclusion

Here you will learn how to make an effective, self-directive decision within the question of entering a relationship or not.
Lesson 4 & 5: Structuring the Agreement

Here you will be going into practical equality and oneness through learning how to live words that assist and support with self-development, growth and expansion – as well as development, growth and expansion of an agreement.
Lesson 6: Communication

Here you will develop the communication skills to stop the secret mind.
Lesson 7: Challenges Faced in Agreements

Here you will acquire and utilize tools and skills to effectively manage internal conflict-experiences and external conflict-situations.
Lesson 8: Physical Practicality of Agreements

Here you will improve practical skills in how to share your space, environment and responsibilities.
Lesson 9: Internal Practicality of Agreements

Here you will learn how to take responsibility for yourselves, your life and each other.
Lesson 10: Over-All Course Assessment

Here you will do a review of your self-agreement and/or the agreement you are walking with another to establish where one is within oneself and/or the agreement, and from here continue walking one’s future in equality and oneness.

There are no prerequisites for the Agreement Course.
Completing the Agreement Course will give one access to the Structural Resonance Alignment Two: Muscle Communication course.


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Re: Agreement Course - Now Launched!

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Re: Agreement Course - Now Launched!

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Re: Agreement Course - Now Launched!

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Yes! Very Cool...

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Re: Agreement Course - Now Launched!

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Re: Agreement Course - Now Launched!

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This has been great. I started the course 5 days ago and since then I was asked by two people what an Agreement is. With the course, I finally took the stand and I dedicate my time in a more structured way to align myself in a self-agreement. I finally realised that is all about self --- the trick is to be able to apply the tools in my daily action.
I realised that because we got so used to relationships, in the beginning is quite "hard" to see that in fact relationships are not based in self-honesty. Relationships, including friendships, are pretty much based on memories and self-interest. Self-dishonesty is when one is trying to fit into that memory, as if one is too big to fit into the old clothes.
There are resistances and there are people who seem to not accept/like the change, but it is a mirror that can support oneself to become self-aware.
It is amazing to see the process of changing oneself and facing the points with people we know for a long time. Sooner or later people will see that each one is the solution and that we are much more than what we have been allowing ourselves to exist as.The self-agreement is very beneficial to establish self-trust which will definitely improve my communication and coexistence with everyone around me. Is a win-win situation. Self-self. Oneness and Equality.


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