Introduction to Desteni and Me

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Introduction to Desteni and Me

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1. How I got to Desteni

During high-school – nearing the end of high-school, we had University representatives from various Universities in South-Africa come and give talks regarding fields of professions one can consider going into. I looked at the various options, but nothing really enticed me – I couldn’t ‘see myself’ in any particular profession at that stage; I mean – I was only 16/17 and now I have to make a decision that will affect the rest of my life – lol; it was quite daunting thinking that I’d have to commit to a profession, a 9 – 5 job that I’ll be doing for the rest of my life. When I looked at a profession within that context – I couldn’t find anything that I’d like/enjoy doing for the rest of my life. Then, another point that ‘pressured’ me was money, as my father at that stage said that I’d have to decide what to study and make that decision with certainty, and be absolutely sure that that’s what I want to do/study cause he’s only going to be able to pay for one decision of studies, and with that – I’d better be certain of passing/making it through university, cause if I fail a year, I’d have to pay my own way. So – within all these points – I couldn’t stand within a definitive decision and so decided to “take a year off”; after high-school and not study; to first explore/see ‘who / how I am’ outside of school. Even this caused some eyebrows to be raised with some people, through them saying things like: “But all your friends will be studying and you’ll be left behind” or “Your life will be over before you know it, get studying immediately, the younger the better” etc. But – there was literally nothing of interest to me at that stage, so – I took a year “off’ to decide who I am and/or what I want to do with the rest of my life.

I then went and experienced the world/matrix within the context of earning money, being independent and responsible for myself through providing for myself with my own income, along with partying, meeting various types/kinds of people and being exposed to a reality that I’ve always been protected from to a certain degree while/when I was living with family and going to school. So, my world expanded and I was exposed to people and things for which I had no background/support or comprehension – which momentarily lead me down a road/path of compromise.

Then, while I was waitressing and au pairing for income – I met Bernard and Esteni at the coffee shop where I was working at that stage.
(Here is an interview-series I did giving an ‘overall’ perspective of and sharing the process of meeting Bernard and Esteni, how I started walking with them and in essence ‘Desteni’ as it is and has become now and within that my becoming of/as The Portal:

I grew up in a Christian-home; though – that was it: I grew up in a Christian home. Looking back now – I wouldn’t define me as a ‘devout Christian’. Yes – I did the praying, reading the Bible (occasionally, though actually only when we went to church on Sundays) and going to Church. But, that was the presence of religion in my world – when we went to church on Sundays and when I occasionally prayed – lol, which was mostly when I felt guilty about something, wanted something or was sad/upset about something. Though, interestingly enough, if you would have challenged me then regarding religion (before I left high-school) I would’ve defended it, even though it wasn’t a major part of my world. I would’ve defended it within obligation and fear – obligation to family and friends and fear of who I’d be / what others would think/do if I said otherwise.
Though – after high-school and living on my own (meaning not with family); took me from that whole social-matrix I was intertwined into and as, and had me standing alone, with myself in the world – resonantly/physically a “blank slate” which in a sense gave me the opportunity to find out or at least explore; who I am without those that defined me for all those years as friends and family.

So – taking myself out of that matrix/world for a moment, allowed me to explore ‘me’. Lol – and this ‘me’ turned out to be quite a fuck-up; which could be seen in relation to what I accepted and allowed myself to become involved in, the people I participated/interacted with, the situations I got myself into. I was literally headed towards a deep, dark hole internally and externally and it was spiralling out of control with me shattered all over the place as all the programmes/designs that defined me and that I had become attempted/tried to take directive-control of me and my world.

Then – I met Bernard and Esteni and everything changed.
Because Bernard and Esteni had started walking the process of/as Desteni before they met me, both played an integral role in me and my world in changing/developing this ‘me’ from a fucked-up conglomeration of insecurities, naiveties, desires, emotional-turmoil’s, depression, attention/love-seeking mind-puppet – to an strong-standing, stable person with a directive-principled living motivation to do something more with herself, and her world than she could ever have thought/imagined/conceived herself to be capable of doing/living. For this – I am always grateful, because my life began when I met Bernard and Esteni, and in that – when I started living Desteni.

So – what/who is Desteni?

Desteni is the potential of who you can be/become/live.
Therefore – Desteni stands as the potential for each one in this World, Equally to realise, see and understand for themselves that you can be/become ‘more’ than you have, through the Mind and through the System of oppression, control and separation – accepted and allowed yourself to be/become/live.

Desteni is your beginning.
Through living the tools of Desteni as self honesty, self-forgiveness, self-application, self-writing through blogging and self-expression through vlogging – you start the process of, for the first time; seeing, realising and understanding ‘who you are’ as you walk-through and peel off the layers of self-programmed suppression as the Mind-System/Constructs and see, realise and understand for you, yourself that you are in fact ‘more’ and capable/able of ‘more’ than what you have always accepted and allowed yourself to be/become/live.

Desteni is Change.
Through walking the tools of Desteni – you will change. Obviously, the tools themselves won’t change you, you’ve got to change with the assistance and support of/as the tools. Therefore, you’ve in fact got to participate in your own change.
But know – that this change will stand for eternity. That you walk a change of a lifelong commitment – not only to yourself, but to and for all as one as equal. That we’re walking a process of change for self, as for all – equal and one and this; walking and living Desteni is in fact a life-long commitment to self, and to all as self.

Desteni is the process of Equality and Oneness.
We’re walking the process of establishing equality and oneness, first with self through walking the Tools and then through assisting and supporting others as self – to assist and support others as self to stand with self in a starting-point living of what’s best for all, and simultaneously preparing ourselves to position ourselves within the world-system effectively to change the world-system to what’s best for all, equal and one. To practical-methods in walking this process of equality and oneness is established within the DIP (Desteni I Process) Course and the Equal-Money System – to assist/support oneself and others as individuals in establishing equality and oneness, we walk the DIP-Course and establishing equality and oneness in world, for all – we walk the Equal Money System.

Therefore, through Desteni – I could see and position myself in a long-term, life-long commitment and have since known exactly what it is that I would like to do with the rest of my life, which is what I can and have seen / positioned myself as doing and living for the rest of my life: Changing me into a living-example of a directive-principle of/as what’s best for all, equal and one and assisting and supporting others to walk and change with me – to change ourselves and the world as a whole.
Within this, I have decided – to study Psychology; to understand/see how the system of the mind currently function in the psyche of the human being, to utilize the knowledge and information of the current-existence of the mind/system and change it into a practise / solution that is best for all, equal and one.
Therefore, we can ‘use what is here’ as and within the current system – to assist and support ourselves and the rest of the world in the process of change, of equality and oneness to an establishment of a better human being and world.

2. Why I stand with and for Equal-Money and World-Equality

World-Equality and Equal-Money originate from a mathematic-principle, referred to as “The Equality Equation” – which works as follows:
1 + 1 = 2 / 1 + 1 + 1 + 1....each 1 (One/Individual) standing together (+) as equals (1 1 1 1 1 1) manifests (=) everyone coming-together which creates an accumulation, an accumulation of many 1’s (One’s) as individuals standing-together within a principle of/as what’s best for all, equal and one and accumulating themselves and so change into and as a manifestation that’s best for all, equal and one.

Therefore, we establish World-Equality through the accumulation effect of the Equality-Equation – we establish a world where all are in fact equal – both in ‘who we are’ and ‘how we live’ and so become as ‘one’ within and as this world/reality. This done through individual’s participation within the Equality-Equation as assisting and supporting self to stand and live within the principle of what’s best for all to change self through the Tools into and as a living-example; we start the process of establishing World-Equality through each one standing with/together as one, as equal.

Then, to establish World-Equality within ‘how we live’ on/in this Earth – we establish an Equal Money System; which in essence mean that each one get equal opportunity of what this Earth/World has to offer and so a chance at in fact experiencing themselves and life.
Equal-Money is essentially the change of the current world-system to a money-system where each individual human being is included and so provided for within this world/reality. Through an equal money system, human beings will be equally taken care of and provided for and so in fact have an opportunity to explore, experience and realise ‘who we are’ through living together within an existence where all are equal, internally and externally.

This why, I stand with and for an Equal-Money System and World-Equality, established through and as the participation and application of the Equality-Equation with the Desteni-Tools – as this is path to eternal change, for me and the world as me.
I do realise, that implementing this change will take courage, dedication, discipline, patience with a lot of considerations that will come through in fact implementing an Equal Money System, but I know that those that walk with in the Equality-Equation and live/apply the tools of Desteni that in fact Change for self and for all; the implementation of the Equal Money System will be a practical process that will be done together, for all for eternal change, once and for All.

Therefore I walk the equality-equation, live the Desteni-Tools and participate in DIP-Course and push at implementing the Equal-Money System; as it is the only solutions to changing self, the individual as humanity and this world to a reality that is in fact equal and one and that can eternally stand so.

Desteni I Process:
The Equal Money System:
The Equal Money Book:

3. What I understand “Heaven on Earth” to be

At Desteni – we emphasize practicality, ‘sticking to reality’, the physical – remaining/being in, as and with the physical and breath/breathing.
And so, within that – Heaven on Earth is a practical, physical manifestation that can be realised / manifested into a reality through and as the participation/application of individual human beings within the equality equation in living/applying the Desteni-Tools and establishing an Equal-Money System.

The emphasis on practicality, walking with the physical and breath is done within and due to the understanding of how we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to separate ourselves from what is real, into a delusional illusion that is/has become the Mind Consciousness System into and as which we’ve separated and fragmented ourselves through which we’ve created the current idea of self and so our world-view, through and as which we currently function and exist that has created how we currently live/exist – towards ourselves, others and the world as a whole.
Obviously, commonsensically – the ‘problem’ in the world, internally – is ourselves as ‘who we are/have become’ as individuals-defined and, externally – the money-system that is currently accepting and allowing the condition of the earth and humanity as a whole to continue suffering within supporting the polarity of the have’s and have-not’s. Thus - the factors contributing to the existence of this world, is us as individuals as how we’re accepting and allowing ourselves to exist within and as ‘who we are’ and the world-system as how we’re currently accepting and allowing the world as a whole to function within the current economic-systems.

Therefore – Heaven on Earth is a practical, tangible manifestation that can only exist/come into being through Human Beings.
We’ve created this Hell that has become this world, that has become ourselves – each one going through their own degree/extent of self-created hell, internally and/or externally; and we’re the only one’s that can save-ourselves, each-other and all from our own damnation as we’ve damned ourselves into self-proclaimed suffering through accepted and allowed separation from what is real, here as the physical. And in so-doing, created manifested consequence as inflicting, validating and sanctioning suffering in this world, equal to and one with how we’ve inflicted and validated suffering unto ourselves. We’ve become suffering and so created suffering and now exist within and experience the consequence thereof, individually and existentially.

Therefore, Heaven on Earth is:
Where we live in, as and with the physical, this physical-reality; where each one, each individual human being has an intimate relationship with each part/particle/being of/within this physical-manifested existence/reality within the self-realisation that it is in fact a part of self, and so in fact self = and will so within the actual realisation live in honour, respect and dignity with self as all parts of self – as the living existence/reality of/as equality and oneness.

To manifest such a existence/experience into and as a reality – obviously this self-realisation requires to exist, as the actual in fact realisation that all is self; which will/can be done through the DIP-Process, through first walking out of the Mind and into the Physical, and from the Physical establishing a self that is “Here” as equal and one in living-existence/expression.
To enable such a process, is the manifestation of the Equal-Money System – where all are practically taken care of and provided for and we can walk the final phases of the process of changing this existence into and as equality and oneness in fact, where each as all in fact become the living-reality of equality and oneness within the realisation that all that exist is in fact ‘me’.

4. Conclusion

What I have discussed within the above-points is an overview of what we walk and live with/within Desteni – and the How and Why thereof.
Obviously, the ‘nitty-gritty’ of the process as the fine tunings and detail will be experienced/walked by each one individually, because the process in essence starts with self, within self – to realise there’s more to self than what one experience oneself to be within the conscious-mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions as I have realised when I started walking Desteni, as the Tools of self-honesty, self-forgiveness, writing and self-application in participating in the Equality Equation and establishing an Equal-Money System.

We’ve walked a long process – from Earth, through the Interdimensional-Existence, with the Interdimensional Existence and Earth, to bring-forth and establish what we walk now as Desteni – thus, all the material and videos that has been placed; is the actual real-time process that has been walked these past eight years in manifesting a practical process for all to walk in establishing Heaven on Earth in fact.

Therefore, open your eyes and see yourself, cause – it’s about self-realising you, you’re the Key to a new you and a new world; and Desteni is the door that’ll assist/support you into and as the reality of self and existence.

The decision of life for self, as for all – is in your hands.

Videos that I suggest watching/listening as self-support and self-assistance:

This One Life – This One Opportunity

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The Solution Series

How the Human-Mind creates the World

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Testimonials from Desteni Equals

The Credibility of Desteni

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Re: Introduction to Desteni and Me

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Enjoyed this. Thank you

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Re: Introduction to Desteni and Me

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Gidday Sunnette,

That was good. Precision in your language.

See ya 'round, like a rissole !

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Re: Introduction to Desteni and Me

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Thanks Sunette :)

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Re: Introduction to Desteni and Me

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it’s about self-realising you, you’re the Key to a new you and a new world; and Desteni is the door that’ll assist/support you into and as the reality of self and existence.

The decision of life for self, as for all – is in your hands.
Yes - this is IT - Thank you Sunette!

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Re: Introduction to Desteni and Me

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Reading Esteni's and then yours I see how if came together.
enjoyed it. thanks

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