Garid's inroduction

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Re: Garid's inroduction

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Hi Garid! Welcome to the forums

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Re: Garid's inroduction

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Garid wrote:Hello everyone ;)
I felt as i had to read and watch all the material presented by Desteni, so accumulation of knowledge and information began, without the most important part of the whole process: "knowledge and information without practical application is useless." I'm having most difficulties practically applying the self-corrective tools presented to me.
Exactly, everyone at the end must realize that knowledge without application is useless. this is why Desteni is the only Solution for this world because we provide solutions- in the Individual level - the Desteni I Process and in the Global level - the Equal Money System.
Though, to actually stand up and apply the tools of Self Honesty, Self Forgiveness, Self corrective actions and etc, one must make the decision to assist and support oneself within seeing and realzing what Self has accepted and allowed self to be and become and how SELF is the only solution - standing up for what is best for all and change self/world as within so without through walking as principles of Oneness and Equality.

Enjoy your Process!

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Re: Garid's inroduction

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Hi Garid, thanks for sharing

Yea it is interesting how inevitably we always will come back to the point of Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness -- because these are just part of who we are - we are each ourselves our own and only solution, lol


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Re: Garid's inroduction

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Hi Garid. Thank you for sharing.

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Re: Garid's inroduction

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Cool Garid! Welcome to the forum!

It's a process - Enjoy!

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