Klausi´s Introduction

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Klausi´s Introduction

Postby KlausHoefler » 14 Jun 2011, 18:48

Hi all together,

I am Klaus, 29 years old and I live in Austria.
Here I will share some points with you how I get to Desteni and for what I stand.

How I got to "Desteni"
Few years ago, it was 2008 - I was very busy in self-study of Spirituality, New Age, Conspiracy theories and working with
some Psychics-Methodes I met Christian - he showed me the first Videos of Desteni.
We watched together some Videos on Youtube from the Desteniproductions-Channel and as I saw this it was very familiar to me and
I understood some of what was going on. In this time I believed that the Desteni-Message is similar to all other new-age stuff
and also my english wasn´t perfect to watch more Videos from Desteni and thus I followed again the german way of
spirituality, psychiscs and conspiracy theories for approx. one year. I was for a half year in India and when I came back -
in the meanwhile of my self-study I heared from the LOA - I so called prayed to the universe with my nonunderstanding of all these systems
because I was already tired from the search of myself that I am ready now for the highest truth. After 1-2 month I crossed Desteni again
and now I understood that Desteni is One & Equal to everything and supports only What is Best for All but it is in no way similar to any
of the New age stuff or any other Informations here on earth.
Slowly but surley I started to participate in the forum and making blogs & vlogs because of realizing what it means to stand One & Equal and
that I am a part of a world-solution for a better life for everybody.

Why do I stand for "Equal-Money" and "World-Equality"
I stand for Equal Money because our current handling of Money thus Life is obvious unaccaptable. From my perspective we do not need money - each one has just to realize & practice life as one & equal as an expression. Therefore Equal Money will for sure a transitional solution to stop all abuse like war, slavery, child-labour, poverty, starvation, child-prostitution, resource exploitation, common world-destruction, greed and so on and Equal Money will give everyone an equal opportunity to participate here on earth in Dignity. There will be no longer a reason to fight for survive because everybody has the same access to money. Equal Money will save our basic needs like clean water, food, housing, clothes and other stuff. Each Child can go to school and learn what is really necessery for life and it will be not prepared to work sufficient only for the economic-system. Within the Equal Money System each one will learn, understand what it means to be a living human being and not only a prepaired pre-programmed organic robot. It will bring real freedom and real life. What is required to understand is that the EQUAL MONEY has not really to do with money as we current now. It has soley to do with self-change. Change yourself and you change the World. It shows that each one is Self-Responsible for our current World-Situation and that each one is the Solution. After all if every single human being understand & practice the life as all as one as equals so called World-Equality we will no longer need money. But until then I will use my Common Sense and work for what is necessary/required to bring forth an Equal Money System and thus a world where everybody can live a Life in Dignity.

My understanding of "Heaven on Earth"
When an Equal Money System is established.
When everybody live the principle of Oneness & Equality - what is best for all.
When there no longer abuse exist in any way whatsoever.
When no one needs unnecessary to suffer.
When each and every single being will be treated & honored each other equally.
When you can stand in front of everybodys eyes without any backchat/thoughts/judgments neither negative nor positive.
When real peace is lived from all.
When all life is lived as a self-directive principle.
When the statement "Love thy neighbar as thyself" is practiced & lived from all.

Here are some Videos which supported me during my process.

350 Billion Years ago - Man existed

Each Person is important in the Universe

Breath in every Moment

Judgment - The Good AND the Bad

Fear of the Future create the Future

The Observer never sees what is real

Practical Living with Equal Money & the Social Changes to come

Heaven on Earth predicted through EqualMoney 2020

Kingdom of Heaven is Equal Money for all

It´s not my problem is a Statement of Abuse

Thank you

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