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Barbara Seme
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Barbara Seme intro

Postby Barbara Seme » 14 Jun 2011, 20:56

How I got to desteni? Blaž my boyfriend/agreement partner introduced me to desteni about one year and a half ago. At first I didn't want to participate, neither hear about desteni, I actually tried to show Blaž that this is a scam. He did not accept that and continue to read and watch the material that desteni offered on the youtube and official page. One day Blaž told me, when I was emotionally possessed about something, that this can't go on like this, that he will not support and assist me if I will continue to be like that, that he wants to live by the principle of oneness and equality and can't be with me if I want him just for myself in some kind of ""intimate" ball of our space". I also decided that I don't want him any more if he wants to love everyone equally - I was like -!!!*?=)/- . But that night he came to me and I decided that I will look into desteni more closely and try to understand the message they are saying and Blaž decided to help me understand. Then we started to talk and he explained to me many things and I started getting it and I was like "wow, that's the shit man". I was searching for some kind of answers about humanity and world, afterlife etc. before and everything I found was cool, but I never wanted to get involved with any of organizations, because it still seemed to me like this is not it - lack of common sense in those organizations. Desteni is not like that, which I understood immediately when I stopped myself and really hear the words that people from desteni were saying. 7 months ago I also started with Desteni I process and right now I am studying lesson 7 of introduction to desteni course and I am participating within the desteni group as much as I can and planing to participate even more.

Equal money and world equality is the necessity we have to establish in this world. What is going on among the people, in nature, with animals right now has to be changed. All we can actually see in this world is abuse, suffering, destruction etc. - not life at all. Equality will bring life back to reality. But we have to build equality, it won't happen over night. People living equally with each other, with animals and plants - no-one being less or more, everyone gets a right to live - that is heaven on earth, no difference, no hiding and fear. That we can reach with establishing the equal money system with which everyone gets equal rights, equal life support, no-one will have to count money for bread anymore, no-one will starve to death anymore, people will do what they like to do, not what we have to so that we can survive in this world. I am one vote for equal money and world equality, because I don't want to watch news about killing each other, stealing, rape, destroying nature, abusing animals..., because I don't want to work in a sweat shop that I can buy myself books that I want to read, because I don't want to listen the police and ambulance siren everyday, because I don't want to teach children bullshit as a professor... What I really want is heaven on earth where I would see people walking together as they are, not have to pretend to each other, doing things they like and don't have to worry where they will get money so they will have something to eat or get education. Where animals won't be locked in cages so that people will be able to see them, but living in their natural environment, enjoying themselves. Where forests, water and air won't be polluted and destroyed, but free of filth and human irresponsibility. That is the world I would like to live in.

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Re: Barbara Seme intro

Postby Duška Maglica » 01 Aug 2011, 16:43

Thank you for sharing Barbara!

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Re: Barbara Seme intro

Postby Maya » 01 Aug 2011, 22:16

Cool intro Barb! enjoyed reading it

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