Gabriel's Introduction

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Gabriel's Introduction

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How I got to desteni

My name is Gabriël Zamora Moreno – I currently live in Belgium and have been with the process since 2007.

My journey with Desteni started when Leila – my younger sister showed us (me and Maite, my oldest sister) a desteni video which had made a deep impression on her. (A video in which Jack invites the viewer to do self-forgiveness out loud right there in front of the computer) I think the first portal interview I personally saw was the ‘design of truth’ where it was stated that ‘truth’ and ‘deception’ are one because they exist in one polarity and thus there is no truth. To me this made sense especially since by that time I had gotten into spirituality while before I had been more skeptical having a background in philosophy where I had extensively questioned the validity of ‘knowledge and truth’. However when starting the conspiracy research and through that route getting into the occult and spirituality, I lost that perspective and became a ‘believer’ – so that Desteni video was unusual from that perspective because it questioned everything again – I found the video very ‘mature’ and immediately had much ‘respect’ for the girl who was speaking.

However I remained still skeptical in the beginning and it took Maite and Leila some pushing to get me to actually consider the desteni message - because I had invested so much time and research in constructing my own version of what I believed ‘was really going on and what should be done about it’ – so when Maite had started watching the History of Man series we were discussing spiritualty and life after death and at one point Maite stated in a very concerned manner (regarding the soul) ‘but those are still only systems and you’re still trapped!’ And Leila added: ‘the point is, you cannot ignore these video’s.’

In that moment I decided I would investigate and I started reading all the material and watching all the video’s.

At that stage I had finished my studies and was jobless and spending much time alone at home – while everyone else was either at school or at work. I used that opportunity to walk around in the house downstairs and speak self-forgiveness out loud – this is was what really made me realize desteni is for real – as I spoke self-forgiveness I could hear the sound of my voice and I realized it was actually me speaking and that I was actually hearing myself and directing myself for the first time in my life.

Why I stand for an Equal Money system

I support an equal money system because I don’t want to be a slave – and I want freedom to exist for everyone.

I realize that I have the opportunity to have access to support in walking my process – that is only available to me because I have money – and in this world only a minority are in such a position – therefore for equality to ever become real all must be given an equal chance in fact at facing themselves and being empowered to take responsibility for themselves practically. This can only be done through financial and educational support – which is embodied by the equal money system: literally giving everyone the same chance at perfecting themselves and becoming equal as life.

I support equal Money because I support the End of all abuse.

What does “Heaven on Earth” mean to me?

To me Heaven on Earth means a world without fear – where human beings can look each other in the eyes without having secret thoughts about each other – seeing each other openly and vulnerably and speaking and communicating unconditionally – expressing themselves as who they really are as life; touching, feeling, understanding each other as self equal and one.

A selection of 10 video’s that I value a lot:

Lilly explaining the Interdimensiona portal
Structural resonance alignment Research Desteni Gabriel
Only the Physical is Real - Enlil
Reptillian God on Ascension, 2012 and the Future of the World
Future of Earth and Mater – Part 1 - 10
A new world Before 2012 is Possible – see How
Equality in Nature – Lifestyle Experiment
Poetry as Mental Masturbation
Equal Money & Desteni I process
Back-Chat Diaries as Effective self-Development

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